Braves Sweep the Worst Team in Baseball in a Doubleheader and It Actually Feels Like An Accomplishment!

The Braves haven’t won on a Wednesday in 4 weeks. So what do they do? They win 2. Against the Phillies. Hey, works for me!

Plenty to say, surprisingly, about two wins in August against a terrible team. Considering how bad we’ve played against the Phillies, you might be surprised to find out that this was the second 8+ run win against those clowns this year. Game One was highlighted by a 8 inning performance by RA Dickey, Team ERA Leader. The wind was working, so he was working, and he punched out 9 and scattered 8 baserunners around while giving up a run. AJ Minter got in his second game and pitched another scoreless inning. One would assume they’ll continue to ease him along, with good reason. If he challenges that Texan aggression into the strike zone, he’ll be unbeatable for a while.

Really, though, everybody got in on the action as the offense pumped out 15 hits together. Ender Inciarte contributed 5 of his own, just one shy of Atlanta’s hits in a game record. He also walked in the ninth. Freddie Freeman, Matt Adams (getting the start in left and successfully avoiding embarrassing himself), and Ozzie Albies all contributed two more hits apiece. Dansby Swanson got himself a hit too, and in the last 18 games, he rocks close to a .500 OBP. Good for that guy.

And hey, play two! Perhaps you shouldn’t push your luck if you sneak one past the vaunted Phillies, but the Braves decided to double their win total against these juggernauts. This time it was Julio Teheran pitching another strong outing. This’ll never get old. He went 6 2/3, but got pulled after a double. Sam Freeman finished that inning, Jose Ramirez tried and failed to get through the 8th (issuing 3 walks), and Arodys Vizcaino registered the technical save by entering the game during a save situation even though the game ended with it being out of a save situation. All told, the Freeman-to-Ramirez-to-Vizcaino has been gaining some momentum over the past few weeks. Not quite O’Ventbrel, but Freeramino is not bad.

Ender Inciarte, once again, bought the pain, hitting three more hits in this one, and going 8-10 with a triple and a walk in the doubleheader. What a man, what a man. Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis, and the Dans all tallied a couple hits as well. I tell you, Markakis’ power and lack thereof really stands out in the middle of this current order. All that guy does is lack a flaw in his game, and the dude can’t get no respect.

When they’re getting their brains beat in by the worst team in baseball, a doubleheader sweep is about as smooth as Crown and Coke.

23 thoughts on “Braves Sweep the Worst Team in Baseball in a Doubleheader and It Actually Feels Like An Accomplishment!”

  1. If I read correctly, the Cubs now have 5 players age 26 or under with 20 or more home runs. Kind of lessens my excitement for the Camargo/Ruiz platoon.

  2. Who has the best hair…Dansby/Ozzie?

    They’re both HOF but Ozzie has the edge due to superior speed down below.

    Rounding first off comes the helmet, and at 38 mph the hair streams back like a virago.

    It is a sight worthy of exultation for those who can watch. I would pay to watch it – come to think of it I do.

    Dansby’s, OTOH, would draw admiring gasps at your pretentious neighbor’s cocktail party.

    Happy days to both.

  3. Luis ‘Scarlett’ O’Ghara
    is digitally weighed by Doctors at Tara
    loaded each morning on the Gwinnett bus
    he doesn’t really see the need for all this fuss.

  4. Said Scarlett to Rhett are you sure
    your feelings for me will endure?
    He replied I sure am
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  5. From Klaw today


    1:06 Scouts are reportedly concerned with how quickly Kevin Maitan has matured physically. Is it really that worrisome considering the successes of huskier prospects like Devers and Vlad Jr, or does the concern have more to do with his conditioning?

    Keith Law

    1:06 I haven’t heard that from any actual scouts, and I think it’s funny that everyone comped him to Miggy when he was 14 and now they’re upset that he (allegedly) has a mature body … like Miggy did even when fairly young. There’s some weird shit going around with people taking oblique shots at Atlanta and I don’t get it.



    1:48 So, I’m not trying to name names….but, it sure sounds like that Rosenthal article had the Wren family(Frank or Jeff) written all over it. Okay – so there are some names.

    Keith Law

    1:49 That was my immediate assumption too. Atlanta promoted and reassigned a bunch of people, like every team does every fall. The rest sounded like bullshit.

  6. Also:

    1:47 I’m an Atlanta fan terrified about rebuilding around pitching. Why is the next group of pitchers different from Blair, Wisler, Newcomb, Sims?
    Keith Law
    1:47 The next wave is better across the board – better stuff, better athletes, more command.

  7. Really, Adam, how could you have forgotten those lesser Wrens?
    Seriously, though, your list of conspirators is brilliant.

  8. I’m with AAR–I don’t usually care for players once they leave the Braves, but I just reallly like El Oso Blanco. Great photo, Rob (except for the shirt you’re wearing).

  9. Phillips apparently scratched due to trade to the Angels? Isn’t their farm system pretty lean? Must be another cash deal then…

  10. I don’t know much about the Angels farm system, but I’m sure they have a teenage pitcher who either throws hard but can’t throw strikes or has just had Tommy John surgery (or both)

  11. In the top of the first, CB Bucknor was calling a very small strike zone. That’s an ominous sign for Newk.

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