The Giants’ experience last night, in a small way over a much shorter time, was quite the same as the experience of the defenders of the Pas de Calais. The Giants put out a good defense (Johnny Cueto compared to the Atlantic Wall). They defended well for the most part (a radar station raided at Bruneval and some air raids compared to trailing 2 to 0, as in significant, but not conclusive). And then, after a long time (7 innings compared to a couple of years), in a short time (less than an inning compared to 6 weeks) they were overwhelmed and overrun.

R. A. Dickey brought the good knuckleball. In the first, 2 fairly well hit balls had it 1st and third with no outs. After that, Dickey shut them down. 8 strikeouts and no walks in 7 innings. Only question was should Snit have sent him back out for inning 8 (he was at 86 or so pitches).

Johan Camargo and Ender Inciarte got us 1 in the 3rd to make it 1 to nothing. Call that Bruneval. Then Matt Adams made like the 8th Air Force during “P – 51 week” and obliterated the building known as the Chop House from the air. Thus it stayed for quite a while.

After the Braves slugged through the hedgerow country for inning after inning, the breakout happened in inning 8. The rapid infusion of 7 runs was kind of like the British advance from the Seine to Brussels and Antwerp in 7 or so days. Just as that advance rendered irrelevant the defenders of the Pas de Calais, so were the Giants chances of victory eliminated.