Giants 6, Braves 3

The Braves and Julio Teheran were rolling merrily along, until suddenly they weren’t. An 8th inning reality check brought them plummeting back to earth, and gave the Giants a lead they would not relinquish.

The Braves offense squeezed out two runs in the 3rd inning to give Julio a slim lead, and he was in command for seven innings, allowing only three Giants hits and no runs. Just as a victory was looking possible, the Barve bug struck and put an end to that dream.

If you should get a major leaguer out two times in an inning and fail to do so both times, there is an unwritten rule that he is guaranteed to score. It’s also a good indication that the other team will put a crooked number up on the board, and that is just what Hunter Pence and the Giants did in the 8th. Pence reached on an infield hit to lead off the inning when Johan Camargo could not field his grounder cleanly, and made it to 2nd when Dansby Swanson bobbled what should have been a double play. What should have been bases cleared, two outs for Julio thus turned into two on, no outs, and the writing was on the wall. An Austin Slater home run put the Giants up and gave them a lead they held on to. For good measure, they tacked two more runs on that inning with some assistance from two Braves throwing errors, and a final run on in the 9th. Bad defense is contagious with this Atlanta team.

The Braves offense threatened a bit in the bottom of the 8th, when they had the go-ahead run at the plate with men on 2nd and 3rd, one out. The Barve bug was still biting bad, though, and they couldn’t capitalize on the situation.

The first 7 innings of the game were brilliant. If we could just strike the final two form the record book, this would have been quite the satisfactory win. It’s a shame we can’t do that.

Natspos delenda est. And the Giants too, for that matter. They have become a rather annoying team.

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  1. From the last thread…

    Blazon, it certainly looked to me like you were entertaining the trade Freeman / keep Adams idea, through the following exchange @25,26 in the Braves 5 – Marlins 4 thread:

    Sam Hutcheson: “If you don’t want to trade [Adams], or use him as a PH (and then lose him to free agency), then you should ask yourself if you REALLY believe he’s become a reasonable facscimile [sic] of Freeman. If so, then see what you can get for Freddie. There’s only one guy allowed to play and bat as the 1B per game.”
    Blazon: “Yes i could believe there’s a real chance of that. But it would be a false equivalence to treat them both just as hitters which Freddie is. Adams offers more flexibility in two positions and ,salary wise, might likely agree to an Ender type extension.We want both of them, of course.”

  2. I was in a bar last night (up here in NY) watching the game on my phone. People asked me if I was following the contest in the GA 6th. I said, “Almost, but SunTrust is just barely in the 11th.” I realized I was in the wrong bar.

  3. At this point I don’t care if they play Freddie at 3B or a meteor strikes the earth and cleanses the planet of every life form more advanced than amoebas. Clearly this whole human being experiment has failed.

  4. Tomahawk Take had a good article on valuing Matt Adams and who might be a trade partner.
    For me, unless Freeman gets gangrene, you start working to make a trade for the post ASB period and move Adams. He is low dollar cost, so that keeps small and mid market teams in. He is not a pure rental, so a team potentially solves next year. However, he is not a long term obligation (no danger of a massive sunk cost like with Pujols, now) The acquiring team gets some shot at a draft pick (and slot money) in the new system in the 2019 draft.
    Even if Matt Adams is exactly what he looked like before this year, you can get near elite production in a platoon at first or at DH. And, the righthanded platoon partners are cheap and easy to find. Yankees already have one.
    So, “ask” is to get paid for 4 WAR Matt, and “target” if you don’t seem in the ballpark there is 2.5 WAR Matt.

  5. @1

    If that is your interpretation so be it. It was not/is not mine. Trading Freddie/playing him at third, are equally ludicrous to me. But thank you for responding.


    In your excellent recap of our latest defensive nonsense it was good to see you use the ‘c’ word, something to which, for whatever reason, we are apparently vulnerable. What started off as mildly poor judgment by a rookie which was not even called an error escalated in minutes to Keystone Cops farce, see Anaheim. 5 runs in both cases i believe.

    Contagion. I tried to look back at it afterwards through the eyes of Matt Adams, much in the news lately. He has been playing an excellent first base. His bat has been extraordinary, he must be feeling on top of the world. Then he has to watch the Camargo/Swanson misunderstanding. Then Swanson can’t pick another up, then he performs a total nonsense at second.

    Our man at first is apparently thunderstruck watching all this and makes a total cuckoo throw to second for a double play. Right. But what happens to him next(arguably) takes contagion to a new level.

    It’s been a long time since i can remember watching a bad Adams at bat. We sure got one here after two of our guys had got on base and, suddenly, a hope for redemption. He did not look or swing the same hitter.

    Errors are one thing, mass infield idiocy another. What is it in us that leaves us so lacking in fiber when one thing goes wrong. I think i know but i don’t want to say it. Who. Someone say it! Anyway, again thanks for your recap.

  6. I loved the “DansbE6” post. In his defense (chuckle), he hasn’t kicked many of late. I’d like to see him at second when Ozzie finally supplants dat dude. I still feel Albies’s a more natural fit at short, but what do I know?

    You can still bring it, ‘Rissa. Thank you for the perfect recap.

  7. @3

    Yes, I understand. But remember: “Walt Whitman once said, ‘I see great things in baseball. It’s our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.’

  8. Bill James shedding a little light on Braves history today, and on Rangers history. In a conversation on spitballs he writes:

    “It is my usual policy not to make or comment on or support in any way unproven allegations, so I hope God will forgive me for this one, but the last guy I saw who I thought was doing something funny to the baseball was Ben Sheets. But that was just my observation, just my own thought. On the other hand, there is NO doubt, no doubt, that Nolan Ryan was doing something to the ball the last ten years of his career. Everybody who was in baseball in that time absolutely knows that that is true, and we talk about it among ourselves, but for some reason it never becomes public.”

    Don’t know if he meant the end of Sheets’s career when he was with us or the beginning of Sheets’s career when he destroyed us for a start–just before or just after the Randy Johnson perfect game, if I recall correctly–but either way it’s a pretty interesting note. Anyone here ever suspect Sheets of messing with the ball a little?

  9. I would suppose that the reason nobody squealed on Nolan Ryan is because they remember what happened to Robin Ventura.

  10. “I’ve never seen Albies make an error, he must be better at short than Dansby.”


    “The Braves would never move their franchise player off his natural position to one he’s never played in the majors.”


    “Damn you, Walt Whitman! I! Hate! You! Walt! Freaking! Whitman! ‘Leaves of Grass,’ my ass!”

  11. What about this report that Jaime Garcia has come out to say he is very happy here and wants an extension?

    I’d be perfectly happy with that, like his attitude and his effectiveness in the first half of a game. His limit seems to be around the 5 inning mark. Till we grow a proven one of our own from the left side he seems to suit us well.


    Mercy! We must assume/hope this was arranged by his therapists and not the Front Office.

  12. Jaime is smart to say that. He wants a guaranteed contract while he’s healthy. Id be tempted to offer a 2-3yr club friendly deal.

  13. Isn’t starts the only qualifier for a pitcher? If he signed a 2-3 year deal with options based on starts, then that would be pretty good. Remember, we have a $130M payroll with only about $75M dedicated to long-term controlled players. There is definitely money to spend.

  14. Since this is Freddie’s idea and he seems pretty gung ho about it, then I’m fine with it. What the hell. If Matt Adams bat turns into a broomstick or if Freddie looks like a sieve at third, then we must certainly revisit.

  15. Besides Rio and Adonis, I’d think everyone else would be of that same opinion – why the hell not, let’s try it. 1B is more dangerous anyways. The only risk is that he sucks there. The guys we have kinda already suck there, so yeah, let’s do this.

  16. To be clear, Freddie Freeman played 3B all the way through his senior year in high school and was drafted at that position. He moved to 1B his first year in the Braves system. So it’s not like he has no idea whatsoever goes on over on the other side of the field.

    That said, fuck Walt Whitman. And everyone else too. Humanity should be razed.

  17. Can you imagine the kind of value/rebuild-accelerator into which we will have stumbled if Freeman is remotely competent at third?

    Not expecting it or counting on it, but if you wanted to dream a little…

  18. I would bet a zillion dollars Ron Washington has told Freddie that playing third is incredibly hard.

  19. Seems these are our eventualities:

    1. Freddie is a disaster at third, Matt’s bat goes cold.
    2. Freddie holds his own at third, Matt’s bat goes cold.
    3. Freddie is a disaster at third, Matt continues to swing an All-Star bat.
    4. Freddie holds his own at third, Matt continues to swing an All-Star bat.

    1 would suck.
    2 would suck, but open up interesting possibilities for FF.
    3 would be fine. We’d trade our found money like we always thought we would.
    4…is anyone even thinking 4?

  20. @27

    Right. To have no 3B in the near future to having one of the best hitters in the league playing a passable 3B would be such a huge jump.


    My fear is that there’s a middle ground between #1 and #2 where Freddie is neither holding his own or a disaster, and Adams’ bat becomes his career average (.273/.318/.467). It’s not so bad that it’s this glaring weakness a la Uggla or Upton or even Garcia, but not good enough to put you over the top into being a contender.

  21. @30, I think that middle ground isn’t that big of a deal. I think Matt Adams only works if his bat is demonstrably better than anything we could replace it with. When that’s no longer the case, we can just move passable Freddie back to first.

    Of course at that stage Matt Adams’ trade value has likely disappeared. That’s my major fear in this. The guy looks like a big trade chip right now. Who knows how long that will last?

  22. With that said, I watched this highlight video:

    Obviously the majority are hitting highlights, but this shows his reactions, his range, arm, and hands. Obviously this is the best of the best, but he looks athletic enough to maybe be able to handle it. He also was on pace for the most SBs of his career this year. I mean, he’s not a statue at first, and his across the diamond throws have been really strong for a 1B.

    This shows him flat footed throwing across the diamond effortlessly.

    And there’s the straight footage of him taking groundballs at 3B today. Washington hasn’t let us down yet. I’m starting to dream a little bit, and this isn’t good. Rob, the Braves will always let you down. Suppress these feelings deep down into your soul…

  23. I had no idea..

    that Freddie was drafted as a third baseman…and this is his idea…changes a lot, doesn’t it…amazin’

  24. Assuming you get this crazy plan working (or even, in its initial stages when it’s not working but not yet abundantly clear that it’s not working), a L-R lineup might see Markakis pushed down to seven in the order.

  25. If Freddie were to be competent at 3rd base, whoever shifted him from 3rd to 1st in rookie ball is an idiot.

  26. All he has to do is be good enough defensively to have the equation ((Freeman oWAR + Freeman dWAR) + (Adams oWAR + Adams dWAR)) > ((Freeman oWAR + Freeman dWAR) + (Ruiz/Garcia/Carmago oWAR + Ruiz/Garcia/Carmago dWAR))

  27. The team isn’t exactly in the hunt. All he has to do is not hurt himself for it to be a success in my book.

  28. If Freddie were to be competent at 3rd base, whoever shifted him from 3rd to 1st in rookie ball is an idiot.

    Freeman was drafted in 2007. In 2007 the Braves had Chipper Jones at 3rd, as a 35 year old HOF track fixture. They had Kelly Johnson and Martin Prado, 25 and 23 respectively, having just matriculated to the big league club. 2007 was also more or less peak Eric-Campbell-mania (he was routinely listed as a top 3 Braves prospect around that time.)

    At 1B, they had Mark Texieria and Scotty Thorman. Even if he might have stuck (he made 3 errors in 5 innings in rookie ball as a 3B), the obvious need in Atlanta was at first.

  29. @36 – this is the most entertaining story out of the Braves in 5 years. Put his ass over there and let us be entertained.

  30. I don’t think I’ve seen an issue go from “you must be smoking something to think this could ever happen” to “eh, ok, let’s give it a try and see what happens.” 24 hours ago, this was the worst idea ever proposed and it was laughable to suggest that it was serious.

  31. If Freeman can pull it off, the front office owes it to Freeman to go get a top of the rotation pitcher

  32. How many bonus points does Freddie get in the next 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves list just for taking this batshit crazy idea this far?

  33. This is not *that* crazy. I mean, compared to trading a young cost-controlled pitcher and tons of cash for a Cuban player of indeterminate age and health that had been out of baseball for a couple years, this is downright tame.

  34. I doubt Freeman is any good at third base, but the point is it doesn’t matter. What is competence? Adonis Garcia has been -1.0 dWAR over his major league career. Freddie will probably be even worse but with superstar offensive stats. It will be an interesting experiment, and our lineup would actually become scary for a change.

  35. It’s possible I’m misremembering, but I don’t think it’s true that Freeman was drafted as a third baseman. My recollection is that he was drafted as a 1B with an outside shot to play RF due to the arm and some scouts preferring him on the mound for the same reason.

  36. Matt Wisler pitched his ass off today: 6 ip, 0 ER, 1 bb, 6K

    Drew Harrington gave up a 10-spot in just over an inning for the fire frogs

  37. Trade Wisler now, before his next start. Freeman’s arm won’t be the problem. Different spin on the ball from 3rd and his range will be the issue. Let’s be honest here, he’s not a great defensive 1B anyways.

  38. Shockingly, I’m OK with it. Sports should be fun!

    I doubt it works long term. I would like to see Adams traded for a #4 SP type, or a 2.5 WAR corner OF and a top 10 org prospect, though.

  39. Freeman’s move will also include added pressure on the shortstop. DANSBE6, you might wanna grow that flow a little bit longer.

  40. @48

    Was at the Fire Frogs game. What a blood bath. But left RIGHT before AJ Minter came into pitch. I should have my fan card revoked.

  41. UZR/150: 16th among MLB shortstops
    DRS: T11th

    Poor MLB-average Dans is stuck with a group of fans spoiled by the GOAT.

  42. @52

    Interesting. I didn’t realize he graded out ok on those defensive measurements. I still have confidence he’ll turn out fine, and feel better now.

  43. I don’t know if talk of Freeman moving to third will enhance Big City’s trade value, but hitting like this can’t hurt.

  44. Range at 3B isn’t hugely important, it’s a reflex position. Just make the routine plays and it’s a win.

    It’s been a while since this org gave us something fun. This would be fun.

  45. I know it’s a very small sample size but so far in his three starts Newcomb is very impressive. Excellent stuff, as we all knew, but his command has been much better than his minor league numbers.

  46. Why in hell u remove Newcomb at 80 pitches .. 13 in a row retired .. Well Snitker blown another one .

  47. Newcomb had retired 13 straight and had thrown only 80 pitches through 6 innings. Seems odd to remove him. They probably have him on an innings limit for the season, but do they take that into account in situations like this? Is there a reason to limit him to 80 pitches for the game? Or is it best for him not to face Posey and Pence for a third time?

  48. You know, Adams is hitting a good deal better than his career numbers, but the biggest surprise continues to be Flowers. His career OPS before coming to ATL was below .700; last year was far and away his best offensive season and this year he has taken it up a couple of more notches.

  49. I hear some genuine humility and leadership from Freeman in that interview today. We’re fortunate to have a player like him to watch. He’s the new Chipper, if he wasn’t already.

  50. If this was a good team, five blown saves in 18 chances would get you reassigned to an eighth-inning role.

  51. If Freddie can play 3B as well as Adonis Garcia, even if Matt Adams regresses to “Matt Adams” you still have the option of a corner infield platoon that bounces Freddie across the diamond depending on the handedness of the pitcher, with Adams and Carmago flipping in and out for RH/LH options.

  52. Hitting coaches, I’m told, don’t mean all that much. Ours seems to matter at least a little bit. Our guys can hit.

    Good game. Newk’s three starts in; but boy, the kid looks good.

  53. Charlie Freeman
    aka the little lefty daemon
    has made it known
    in the K1 draft every position is his to own.

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