Well, the same result but by a different route. That book title came to mind last night watching the dispiriting performance we put up and being unable to see how we could avoid a repetition 24 hours later. We couldn’t as it turned out but at least we gave them a competitive game,  leading all evening and taking it into the ninth.

Our downfall tonight was hitting, specifically with RISP and,  more so, with the bases loaded and, yet again, with bases loaded in two of those, and nobody out. Three measly singles was all…

‘I wonder, wonder who

wonder who

who wrote the book of love’      Tonight, not me.


but what about tomorrow?



Will we?

The positives. A good outing from Sean Newcomb, walk free until he started to tire in the 4th carrying on into the 5th which he still completed with a 3-1 lead and standing to be the winning pitcher, his first. It took a protracted hour or so of mild agony before he sadly lost that status. 5IP 1R 1ER 3BB 4K. Hey, I was proud of him. Bullpen problems again followed – Ramirez was fine for the 6th and 7th, Vizcaino and Johnson each gave up the crucial single runs that tied it in the 9th. After Freeman pitched an excellent blank 10th Brothers have up 3 hits in the 11th, the last being the winning walk off one that counted. A very mixed bag of pitching then but that wasn’t why we lost the game.

Here’s some numbers for our hitters. 1 for 14, RISP. We left 10 men in scoring position, Sean R 4 of them. He, Freddie and Matt Adams were 0 for 13 between them. Ender, Phillips, Flowers and Markakis both had good games at the plate. Defensively Ender made one marvelous, long crossfield run to catch a big ball. And we got a most unexpected bonus for the future – two terrific picks by Freddie at the hot corner, one of which produced the solitary double play.

But here’s the single play that likely cost us the game – from the dugout. Markakis gets on base with one out in the top of the tenth with his third hit of the night. And stands there. Start screaming at the TV – LANE ADAMS, LANE ADAMS, FFS. Repeat many times over, to no avail. Eventually Sean R gets to a full count with Markakis still at 1st , one out, and Snit puts on the hit and run. Sean strikes out, they get Nick at 2nd, DP. It should have been Lane Adams on base in this spot not Nick.  Adams is a disrupter par excellence first, and a hit or miss slugger a poor second. He is a menace on the bases. Particularly with no one out .. When Snit finally acceded to bring him on it was as a pinch hitter, later, and of course if you do it that way he has to hit himself on. Which he failed to do. 3 pitches, K.

We will reverse the flow of the Dodger series and sweep the final two, afternoon, games. We better.


This book of short stories is by the Eastern Kentucky writer Chris Offutt who was born and raised there, left three times, came back twice.