Pirates 5, Braves 6

I might have to forgive Matt Adams for being a Cardinal. Three games into his Braves career, he’s already becoming a bit of a folk hero. If he keeps this up, he’ll start encroaching onto Brooks Conrad territory.

This game had a bit of everything in it. Lots of hits, a few runs, a Braves bullpen that faltered for the first time in a long time, a rain delay that lasted longer than many games do, two blown saves, and a walkoff hit in the wee hours of the morning.

R.A. Dickey started the game on short rest, but gave his team a solid effort over six innings. He gave up solo runs in the 1st, 3rd, and 6th innings and left trailing 3-1. That was, quite frankly, fairly impressive, considering he gave up 11 hits and 3 walks in those six innings. He managed to wriggle out of jam after jam and keep his team in the ballgame. The Braves picked up their second run in the bottom of the 6th on Matt Adams‘ second home run in a Braves uniform to inch closer, and Dickey might have come out again to start the 7th, but rain forced the game into a delay. When play resumed three hours and twelve minutes later, both starting pitchers were ancient history.

Kurt Suzuki got the Braves on the board in the 4th inning when he singled to drive home Matt Adams, who had led off the inning with a double. Suzuki finished the game going 3-for-4 to raise his average to .266. The Braves catchers have literally been something else this year.

The 7th inning finally got started around 1 am, and Sam Freeman was the first Brave out of the bullpen. With two outs, he allowed a single to Alen Hanson, breaking the streak of 56 consecutive batters the bullpen had faced without allowing a hit. I never would have guessed this motley crew would have set that franchise record this year. By the time the bottom of the 7th rolled around, the Braves bats were the only thing still awake in the city of Atlanta. They put up two runs on three hits, with RBI singles by Brandon Phillips and Matt Kemp, to take a 4-3 lead.

Jim Johnson tried to preserve that lead and nail down the save in the 9th, but he gave up a bases-loaded single to Jordy Mercer, surrendering the lead and ending the Braves bullpen’s scoreless streak at 23 innings. The Braves entered the bottom of the 9th down by one again, but the offense decided they hadn’t stuck around the ballpark for over six hours to just lose. To the great delight of the 87 fans who were still in attendance, Nick Markakis doubled with two outs to score Ender Inciarte and tie the game. After an intentional walk to Kemp, Matt Adams decided the game had gone on quite long enough, far too long for extra innings, and he hit a ball down the left field line that would have been an easy double under normal circumstances. Markakis jogged home to give the Braves the walkoff win.

As blazon noted in the previous thread, Tony Watson, the Pirates closer, who entered last night 10-for-11 in save opportunities, is a tough LHP, and all three of the Braves hits in the 9th that won the game came from lefties. What an amazing, and unlikely, victory.

Both teams had fifteen hits on the evening, and five Braves collected multiple hits. Inciarte followed up his 5-for-5 performance on Monday with a 3-for-4 game Tuesday. He refuses to let Matt Adams, who has gone 5-for-13 with 3 runs and 4 RBI in a Braves uniform, have all the fun.
The Braves are only three games under .500 now, and in sole possession of 2nd place in the division. While any ranking in the NL East is pretty unimpressive this year, it is a head scratching mystery as to how the Braves have managed to get where they are.

These two teams square off again tonight, same bat time, same bat channel. With a noon start tomorrow and a short night last night, I am sure everyone is hoping for a fast contest tonight. Jome Julio will toe the rubber for the Bravos. Viewer discretion is advised.

Natspos delenda est.

48 thoughts on “Pirates 5, Braves 6”

  1. Your recap was Mac-like. 87 remaining fans was reminiscent of Mac in all his glory. Well done.

  2. Mattie Freedams, the statistical concoction of Freddie’s numbers and Matt’s numbers as a Brave, is leading the league in HRs and OPS. I think Freedams has a legitimate shot at the MVP this year.

    I’ve created a picture of this gentleman for your enjoyment.

  3. “It is a head scratching mystery..”

    That was a good line, Rissa.

    Was there a fan from Lawrenceville? Skip would have known.

  4. @2


    This is a brilliant creation, inspired, well executed and put in play.

    I had been wondering after last night how we could play them both every night(Freddie at second? nah)

    You’ve gone right to the crux of the problem and come up with a Frankenstein type creation which even if MLB finally rumble it will scare them to death.

    Love it.

  5. The Cumberland Gap

    A catcher has recently said
    my chances of getting ahead
    are helped by contusions
    creating illusions
    on base all the time but in bed.

  6. This would be as good a time as any to say goodbye to Jace Peterson. As long as we were a bad team he could be tolerated as an all round defensive player who came in handy.

    We are no longer a bad team and we cannot justify him being here. He may be versatile but defensively he does nothing well, i.e. to ML standard. Has poor lateral movement, both sides, at second and certainly is no short stop. We have young kids here now and others due.The need to give Dansby a break a couple of times a month can be better met within our new framework.

    Trade him, someone will want him. He no longer looks the part, we have moved on.

  7. Teheran has made some awful pitches and pitch selections. He’s thrown four 0-2 fastballs tonight. Does he not trust his offspeed stuff?

  8. Make that six 0-2 fastballs now. At least the last few haven’t been belt high and down the middle

  9. The Matt Adams Era includes triples off the right field wall. He’s doing yoga, I understand.

  10. HIS NAME IS JACE!!!!

    (Can we delay that trip out of town a little while, blazon??)

  11. Just a little John R.

    You saved me from a mea culpa. Please note in my original i did not touch on his hitting which in reality is pretty thin. Nice to see that tonight though!

  12. Good stuff out of MS tonight: Ron Acuna, 2 for 3 with a homer (his third in 54 ABs), Demeritte hit another homer (his 7th), and Mike Soroka went 5.2, 5 baserunners, 10 Ks.

    In Gwinnett, Carlos Franco hit a homer and Patrick Weigel pitched a decent game.

    In Rome, Cristian Pache had a couple hits. After a lousy start to the season he has really picked it up. He’s now hitting .299. Brett Cumberland hit another homer.

  13. When Danny Santana has a big hit to drive in the insurance run, you know this team is on a roll.

  14. Feels like we’ve had a few 9th inning issues this season. Let’s hope they have another walk-off in them.

  15. Better win this one in the bottom of the ninth. If Johnson and Viz are not available tonight, I don’t like our chances in extras with EOF and Collmenter.

  16. Seems like it would be hard to get major league hitters out consistently with an 84 mph fastball

  17. There has to be somebody, somewhere, better than Collmenter. He is a human white flag.

  18. @22 EOF is on the DL. I think Sam Freeman is the only guy left, though Collmenter has solved that dilemma.

  19. It seems Collmenter isn’t being used right (17 IP in 11 appearances), and he really should be used as a just a long man and spot starter, but I would think he should be nearing his end soon.

  20. I will be in San Francisco to see the Braves play this weekend. I hope that Josh Collmenter is nowhere to be seen.

  21. Collmenter needs to go. Colon to the pen. Bonifacio and Santana DFA

    You also can’t rest your closer and your backup closer on the same night

  22. This is a bad, bad place to be. The pitcher doesn’t have anything, but this is a blowout, the last pitcher of the game, and they’re going to keep riding him until he gets that last out. Josh Collmenter is not best used in this situation.

  23. It was the perfect situation for Collmenter once we were down 3 runs–mop-up duty. Only problem is Collmenter made us get down 3 runs.

  24. Now that Collmenter will be cut, anyone know the scoop on Rhiner Cruz or Caleb Dirks at Gwinnett?

  25. Was just looking at the box score on MLB.com and it has Teheran as giving up no earned runs but it also has him giving up a home run. Can someone explain that or is that a mistake?

  26. Joel,
    I think that happens when the first guy on base should have been the third out in the inning but he got on because of an error. At that point anything that happens after is “unearned” because they would have gotten out of the inning with no runs scored. If I’m wrong (and there’s a better than average chance I am) then someone on here will surely correct me.

  27. There should have been three outs, with Frazier (who homered) never getting a chance to bat that inning, but Jace booted a grounder. Whenever there’s an error, all runs that score after the second out are “unearned.”

    It’s pretty dumb…

  28. Anyone else think pinch-hitting for Julio was dumb? We just took the lead so it’s not like the guy on 2nd was absolutely critical, but more importantly Emilio Fucking Bonifacio is our PH and a guaranteed out anyway…why not leave Julio in there and save a bullpen arm?

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