The game itself is worthy of one paragraph only – there were amazingly several individual highlights for us which i’ll bring up thereafter to cheer us all up.

If you break the scoring down to the first three innings/the middle three/the final three it’s interesting. We shared 2 runs in the first 3, 12 runs in the final three. The problem came 4 through 6 with Reds ahead 4 to 1. That was when Julio tired and Wojo didn’t which is not that much of an over simplification. JJ was left in to ‘mop up’ in the ninth which we entered 3 runs down and Snit left him there to give up another 4 on top of that. Hindsight is a terrible thing. We came back of course, we usually do, but lately not enough. Still, it was a stirring finish (Inciarte apart who made a minimal effort and couldn’t wait to get back in the dugout – embarrassing.)

So enough of that. Here’s some special things we Bravos did…
I recently had a remote exit velocity meter installed on my 80 inch home TV which gave an immediate reading of 109.The special rays emitted by this meter follow the ball to its destination and then displays speed at time of impact, in this case 133. You didn’t know acceleration was possible? You simply must keep up with the latest Quantum Physics. Even if you don’t you will have taken note of the judder that section of the left wall gave on impact and the small cloud of red dust that appeared as it settled back down in its foundation. We didn’t get him in of course. So later he did it all on his own, off the aforementioned Wojo. What a swing Kurt has, it’s all in the sushi if you didn’t know. Love the guy. Extend.


Clearly decided ahead of time to put on a show for his old team mates(Billy Hamilton in particular apparently who i would like to nominate as the ugliest player in the Major Leagues). He started with an early homer and in the middle innings made two fabulous bare handed plays at third at least one of which might have been redundant but who cared. Ooohs and Ahhhhs time, he got their and our attention. Overall 3 hits for Brandon, 6 total bases, lots of effort, lovely smiles. What are we going to do about him since he is now reborn at third? Extend.


It was simply good enough just to see him back behind Freddie. He didn’t quite have it yet but he’s not far off. He will make as much of a difference for us as he did at this time last year. He did single off the first swing and nearly had another. That damn dive in Pittsburgh. And did you see that table the Reds put up in their broadcast showing he had the BEST fielding percentage of an left fielder in the Majors? Extend? A trifle rich already i hear you say.


2 hits, a walk and a deep fly ball. He’s been hitting the ball harder these last 2 weeks or so. Still admire his professionalism. Extend? No, likely enough already. We need the room they tell me.

DANSBY.   It’s coming, slowly but it’s there.   OZZIE ..I am out of my depth – ground/air etc.


Yes, both. As i mentioned last week something very strange that happened when Freddie was moved back has still not been explained and it needs to be. TC picked up on this earlier in the week, hope somebody can dig it out. Don’t give me your Matt snark please…2 in 2 days and a third that was way deep and just missed last night tying the game. Wayne i just like and respect having him there(stop biting your nails).


Just had to end with his hilarious first pitch. He have up nothing serious tonight but that curve ball was sumptuous. Fat, fatter, fattest. Hanger city. But, hey, HANG in there.


With thanks to all that got this far. There is no charge, Alex won’t allow it, I tried.

We’ll get ’em tomorrow.,game_tab=,game=491930