That was the most interesting game of the Braves rebuild, one would think. After the Braves gave the Blue Jays a drubbing for two games in Toronto, they came down to Atlanta to finish the job. The Braves jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead mostly because the Jays’ starter couldn’t throw a strike, but also because Nick Markakis hit a 2-run double, and Kurt Suzuki hit a 3-run homer. But some issues had been developing over the previous two games, and this is how things developed:

-The Braves had been beating the Jays like a drum for 2+ games.
-The Braves had been hit a total of 7 times in 3 games. None of them appeared intentional, but it was getting out of hand.
Freddie Freeman got nailed with an errant pitch on his left wrist. He immediately left the game, and as of the morning on Thursday, X-Rays have been inconclusive.
Kevin Pillar felt like Jason Motte quick-pitched him, and yelled something at him that caused the benches to clear. Some are speculated it was a homophobic slur.
Eric O’Flaherty gave up a home run to Jose Bautista, who bat flipped and slowly rounded the bases. Jace Peterson said something to him rounding first, Joey Bats hitched his step a little bit, and then was met at home plate by an angry Kurt Suzuki. Benches cleared again, and temperatures had certainly been risen to a point we hadn’t seen by the Braves since their encounter with the late Jose Fernandez in 2013.

There’s been lots of news articles, mostly stemming from a scoop by Peter Gammons, that the Braves are very frustrated, want to brawl, and even Eric O’Flaherty had a humorous quote about Joey Bats wanting to avoid what happened to him last year.

Let’s see if our prized possession Freddie isn’t significantly injured, and let’s see if the Braves decide to hold the Jays accountable to their inability to put the ball over the plate.