[The selection of this movie is a tribute to Brian Snitker. He has taken what appeared to be a useless and woebegone team and it appears as if they are now merely “not good enough to contend.” The overarching reason for the “fit” is that good motivation from a manager can make a team a better team, but in the end, that is not enough.]

Billy Heywood inherits his grandfather’s baseball team (insert Schuerholz, Bobby Cox, and even Fredi who is actually younger than Snit). He changes the clubhouse culture. The team seems now to enjoy playing. They seem to put out effort.

Our Billy Heywood has turned the previously “burned toast” Erick Aybar into a somewhat competent hitter and fielder. Not good, but no longer historically awful. Erick pays back the confidence with a first inning solo homer. (Yes, Aybar batted second, and it didn’t seem totally insane. Way to go Snit!!!)

But on July 4, Billy runs out of Major League talent at pitcher. So, he throws Joel De La Cruz against the wall. The fireworks erupt in the second, leading to 7 runs. But our Billy Heywood leaves De La Cruz in (why change up at that point) and he pitches 4 scoreless innings. And, our Billy Heywood doesn’t burn down his bullpen.

After the second, each side scores a run. That gives our final score.