I stopped watching and went to sleep when it was 3-3, so I can’t positively confirm that this is what happened, but I am fairly sure that the Braves performed an unholy ritual and summoned a demon spirit of unspeakable horror whose very existence profanes the earth by invoking each of the seven names that were lost in antiquity by a civilization that crumbled into dust the last time those words were spoken, because the 2016 Braves scored one run in the top of the ninth and another in the top of the 11th and beat the 2016 Cubs, and I’m fairly sure that’s the only way that could happen.

Want more proof?

Lucas Harrell not only pitched the game of his life, he pitched the fourteenth-best game by a Braves pitcher this year. (He had a game score of 70. The only pitchers who have exceeded that have been Teheran six times, Wisler once, Perez twice, Norris twice, and Folty once. Chacin also had a 70 game score once.) The journeyman 31-year old from the Ozarks with a 4.72 career ERA who hadn’t been in the majors in two years — and who led the majors in walks in 2013, his last full season — went 7 2/3 innings and allowed just four hits and a single run to the best team in baseball.

Mauricio Cabrera, the man who couldn’t find the plate with a map and flashlight, came in with two on and no one out in the 11th inning and induced a double play and a groundout for the first perfect inning of his major league career.

Nick Markakis hit two home runs for the second two-homer game of his 11-year career, and the first since September 14, 2008, the last year that he ever hit 20 home runs in a season.

Jeff Francoeur drew two walks for his first multiwalk game since April 18, 2015 and the 24th multiwalk game of his 12-year career.

In a few candlebreaths’ time, the Braves may have hell to pay. But for now, the Braves beat the damn Cubs in Wrigley Field. And that’s alright with me.