Giants 4, Braves Present (I think)

Yesterday was, apparently, Tuesday, and not Monday, which means I was supposed to recap the game. The Braves were, apparently, playing the Giants, and not the Marlins, which means they were supposed to lose the game. The Braves held up their end of the bargain, but I, alas, failed to live up to mine.

The game was quite the pitchers’ duel until the 8th inning, with Jake Peavy throwing a one-hitter against the Braves and Matt Wisler countering with a three-hitter of his own. Through seven innings, the only runner to cross the plate was Peavy, who made it home in the 6th on a Denard Span triple.

Wisler came out to start the 8th, but a walk and a double to the first two batters ended his night. Three pitchers and runs later, the inning finally came to a close. The last inning and a half were a mere formality, as was, quite frankly, the bottom of every inning before that. To compete in a sporting event, a team has to show up. Last night it seemed as though the Braves showed up just long enough to vote “present”, then skipped out before the vote was done, leaving Wisler to find out the result on his own.

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The DLed Aybar delenda est.

57 thoughts on “Giants 4, Braves Present (I think)”

  1. I didn’t watch the game, but it seemed like the hook for Wisler was a little late. In a rebuilding year where wins and losses aren’t quite as important, it’s kinda hard to evaluate in-game decisions on Snitker or Fredi or whomever. I wouldn’t know whether or not it’s good for their development to let pitchers pitch into the 8th, but if it is, and these things happen, it’s hard to fault the manager. Looks like I didn’t missed much on the offensive side. Really unlucky how Peavvy all of a sudden righted the ship, huh? /sarcasm

  2. @2, his pitch count was pretty low at only 79 pitches when he was taken out.

    I’m with you, I don’t know anything about development, but I remember thinking that Wisler’s 80th pitch is probably better than O’Flaherty’s 1st…..but no matter, he pitched really well, the win/loss doesn’t really matter so much.

  3. @2, Wisler was dealing and his pitch count was low. If anything he was pulled too early, if you are judging things from a “we really need to win this game” standpoint. Since we don’t need to win any of these games, pulling him after a certain number of pitches seems fine.

  4. Yeah. We need a better caliber of reliever in the 8th inning of a one-run game than Hunter Cervenka and Eric O’Flaherty.

    But when the offense is busy getting itself one-hit by a guy with an ERA near 8.00, it doesn’t matter what buttons you push.

  5. I suggest a new term for the Braves glossary. My initially suggested acronym is BHPP. This is short for Braves Hitting Pitching Phenomenon. The definition is:

    The mysterious hot streak that a pitcher often goes on when facing the Braves.

    Sometimes it may only be one game. Pitchers can be doing terrible just before they face the Braves, but during that one game, they look like Cy Young. Of course, the Braves hitters have no control over this phenomenon.

  6. Reports of Marlon Byrd getting popped with a 162 game suspension for second failed drug test.

  7. @12: Hmmm…. So Julio gets to be Pedro Martinez for the Red Sox. Who does Swihart get to be for us? Eli Marrero?

  8. Do you need a catcher, by rule? What would happen if we took the field with an extra outfielder and just had Folty throwing straight into the umpire?

  9. Probably a lot easier to call balls and strikes if you don’t have to peer over the shoulder of a stocky catcher.

  10. Once the count gets to two strikes we could move the roving fielder to the backstop so he could throw out the batter on strike three.

    Of course he’d have to take his normal catching position with runners on.

    If this is within the rules then I think it’s the new market inefficiency.

  11. Wisler was efficient for sure. I guess Folty was. I don’t really remember. Julio and Bills seem to throw lots of pitches. Better?

  12. @32- I think he was making, and assumed you were making, a Williams/plural joke.

  13. 16—Right. Swihart would not be the only player coming to the Braves in such a trade. That would be absurd. But he’s a promising young hitter at a position of great organizational need, so he’d be the main target.

  14. AJP is a poor receiver and this home plate ump appears to be partially blind also. The combination is not fun to watch.

  15. Dodgers just tweeted this….

    Alex Wood’s MRI revealed a posterior impingement in his elbow requiring approximately 4 weeks of rest. He will be re-evaluated at that time.

  16. 39 – It’s hard seeing strikes when the ump is basically standing behind the LH’rs batting box

  17. @33, 34, My joke had to be explained. Therefore it’s not funny. I take full responsibility.

  18. Aside from the cash and the blight of a woman abuser, the Olivera trade will be a wash.

  19. @42: once jj explained it to me, I thought it was hilarious and felt dumb as a stump for having to have it explained. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.

  20. Unbelievable, BRAVES WIN on a walk off HR from Freeman! I haven’t seen the team or the announcers anywhere near this happy all season long.

    (Savor the feeling guys, there are sure to be many more low points in store this season…)

  21. @53
    Me too. I think Snit actually managed it great. He forced Bochy to give him the matchup the wanted in the 8th.

  22. Bumgarner vs Blair tomorrow in an early afternoon game. What are the Vegas odds for a Braves win?

  23. I see that Matusz was released. Why wouldn’t the Braves keep him in the minors? They are paying him about $ 3mm. Did he refuse a ML assignment?

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