Rockies 7, Bad Team is Bad

I didn’t watch this game and I’m not sorry. The Braves dropped their third game to the Rockies in less than a week — the Rockies, a franchise that hasn’t finished above .500 in six years and which recently traded Troy Tulowitzki for Jose Reyes. The Rockies are a bad, bad team. Over the last week, they’ve gone 3-1 against the Braves while outscoring them 22 to 9.

So, last night, in the game I didn’t watch, Mike Foltynewicz struggled with his control and the homer bug, Aybad committed a truly devastating interference that led to two “unearned” runs being charged to Mauricio Cabrera, and the bats were largely silent, other than a two-hit night from Ender Inciarte (his 15th multihit game in a Braves uniform) and a pinch-hit RBI double by Anthony Recker, who I’m ready to have as the starting catcher.

Here’s what happened on that interference call: there was a groundball single to left, and Aybar was moving toward it, then slowed his jog as it went past him, not realizing that he was directly in the basepath as a runner from second was heading towards home. So instead of that runner being called out on a nice throw by Jace Peterson (playing left field rather nicely but going 0-5 as the leadoff man), he was declared safe and the Rockies had a fourth out in the inning. Not only have his skills eroded; so, apparently, have his instincts.

Aybar delenda est.

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  1. Wait…did I read this correctly? Is it implied that Jace Peterson threw a ball to home plate and AJP actually caught the ball and applied a tag and got the out? That really happened? And then because of a boneheaded play by Aybad, the ball might as well have bounced off AJP’s glove like it has millions of times before?

  2. Why do the Braves continue to run the guy out there? Do the coaches or front office see signs of improvement, or is this full tank mode?

    If he starts at short in the next Folty start, the Braves should ensure Mike is not packing.

  3. …and which recently traded Troy Tulowitzki for Jose Reyes.

    Well, and they got Jeff Hoffman, who’s looking pretty good. And they saved money. And Troy Tulowitzki’s body is falling apart.

    I grant your general point, but that trade was, IMO, a win for the Rockies.

  4. @2, The only way to up Aybar’s trade value is to play him. They realize that at this rate they’ll just end up cutting him after the deadline.

  5. Just checking back in on our worst players in baseball where things have randomly shaken up since last I checked:

    Anyway, it’s interesting that Gerardo Parra is #8 on this list, since some folks on here were clamoring to sign him before the season. Boy, we could have 4 out of the worst 10. Another notable name is Brandon Drury, who is #12–we could have him too! I suspect Brandon will find his way off this list by next year.

  6. I just hope they don’t play Aybad through August thinking they can still trade him.

    Royals are still interested in Neck. Get it done, Coppy!

  7. The Rockies also had Story knocking on the door. Not to mention Brendon Rodgers, who is a top 10 prospect in all of baseball down on the farm.

  8. @2, it’s got to be a combination of being cheap plus full-tank-mode. Basically we’re paying him to finish last, and it’s working out perfectly.

  9. Kolby Allard starts tonight for the Rome Braves and they are giving away Ozzie Albies bobbleheads at the game. Man, that’s a good ticket.

    Joey Wentz starts for Danville, looking to improve on his 0.00 ERA posted through 12 innings, in which he has struck out 18.

    Small sample, but AJ Puk has struck out 0 batters in his first 3.1 innings of pro ball. He is starting for the Vermont Lake Monsters tonight.

  10. I’d release Aybar. Someone will pick him up for the minimum, and I’d consider that a great deal for the Braves.

  11. So. Who are we moving to get Gattis? Time’s a-wasting.

    @13, Just so everyone knows, the lake monster’s name is Champ. He’s a sort of poor-man’s Nessie.

  12. Looks like Andrew Thurman got demoted to Carolina and has an 81.00 ERA through his first third an inning

  13. Thurman has been the lone implosion of the pitching prospects. Zach Byrd maybe too. But it’s unfortunate for Thurman. Good thing about 12 other pitchers have appreciated in value, which is nice.

  14. A fine outing for Allard at Rome with 1 run in 5. Joey Wentz got hammered, just hammered, but he still struck out 5 in 2.2. On the plus side, Cumberland is hitting–another 2 doubles for him.

    Lights out for Whalen at Gwinnett with a 7 inning 3-hitter.

  15. Nice to see a good outing out of Gwinnett from a guy who might have a future with the team.

  16. MLB Trade Rumors notes we’ve been acquiring “veteran catchers” to stash in the minors. Of the gents, Michael McKenry, is described thusly: “He owns a useful .238/.318/.406 slash in his 953 big league plate appearances, but evaluators don’t love his work behind the dish.” Talk about a perfect replacement for AJP!

    In a related story, another headline says “Padres Say Nearing Melvin Upton Trade”.

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