The Braves once again got a very good performance from a starter, and once again did not support that starter with any offense whatsoever, because Barves, and fell to the Royals 5-1.

Julio Teheran was the latest starter to fall victim to a bad case of Shelbyitis last night. Julio surrendered an unearned run in the first when Jeff Francoeur misplayed an Alcides Escobar lead-off single into a two base error (props to Mallex Smith for hustling to back up the play), who came in to
score on a Lorenzo Cain ground out (props to Eric Aybar for making the routine throw to first).

In the bottom of the second Cheslor Cuthbert doubled with one out and came around to score one out later when Escobar singled him home. At that point, every Braves fan was expecting one of those 4 2/3, 6 runs, five earned lines from Julio, but he put on his big boy pitching pants, and stoned the Royals for the next 5 innings. The only hiccup was a pair of walks to lead off the bottom of the 6th, but after a fly ball advanced the runner to third with one out, Julio struck out the next two batters to end the threat.

But, of course, that was about as useful as tits on a boar hog, because other than an Kelly Johnson double off the top of the wall in the second, which was inches away from a homer, and a one out Aybar sac fly in the 7th, the Barves didn’t seriously threaten to score.

Hunter Cervenka had his first bad outing in the 8th, and Alexi Ogando completed the bed pooping for the final score.

I think it’s appropriate now to resurrect the first great tag line in Braves Journal history.

Francoeur delenda est.