“Braves take rare victory over Nationals, 7-3,” went the AP headline. That’s a real blow, considering how we owned them in 2013-2014, say, with a 24-14 record and that satisfying consternation when a team knows that another team has their number. As a matter of fact, entering 2016, the Braves’ record against the Washington baseball squad was 101-101.

This year, counting today, it is 3-15. That’s what makes it rare, I guess. Ugh.

Anyway, we won because Gio Gonzalez coughed up a bunch of runs as per usual, and Josh Collmenter managed to keep the score manageable, despite throwing an 84-mile-an-hour fastball that all but wore a Kick Me sign.

Ender Inciarte went 3-4 and is now batting .293. He’s really good.