Do It Again: Appalachians 9, Coast Range 8

On this evening Braves went gunning for a brand new batting order.
But they fumbled at the start and were 6 runs under water.
Mike Foltynewicz was struggling while Hibernation Mode set in.
The most certain thing about this game was that the Giants would win.

But Braves came back, Jack. Did it again. Runners going round the bases.
We came back, Jack. Giants planted faces.

Five and a half were in the books, and Matt Cain stood on the mound.
But ageless A. J. Pierzinski and connecting Cameron Maybin,
Were on base when Jace Peterson, strode forward toward home plate.
But Cain was not long smiling, as the baseball cleared the fence.

Braves started to come back, Matt, they singed you this time.
Complete come back? Can win again?

Chris Johnson brought in two more and now it was seven – five.
But Norichi Aoki got in one, and down two going to inning nine.
So, A. J. homers, and we go to extra innings.
In 12 Adonis Garcia homers, and once more we are winning.

Braves came back, Jack, did it again.
Runners going round and round.
We came back, Jack, did it again.

49 thoughts on “Do It Again: Appalachians 9, Coast Range 8”

  1. We’re on a winning streak, guys. Break up the Braves!

    A.J. trying to frame that breaking ball that bounced in front of the plate was pretty funny. And CJ getting a base hit off of a righty in the 9th with two outs was very unexpected, but set things up nicely for A.J.’s game tying homer. And Jace with a 3-hit, 3-RBI night after the offensive woes he’s been experiencing…that game was just full of nice things.

    Edit: There was also that not nice thing of Freddie leaving the game injured. The Braves Iron Man certainly picked a good season to get all of these nagging injuries, though. Hopefully he’ll go back to being made of iron once the Braves are in a position to contend again.

  2. @2 I absolutely don’t and I am confused about that because I usually remember every name… WHat’s his story?

  3. Hee-hee.

    The rats are leaving the ship. Tom Boswell wrote a column over the weekend, mildly criticizing the Nats for being overly confident, perhaps even arrogant. Where in the world would they get that attitude? Lemme think….it’s coming to me. Could it be…..FROM READING TOM BOSWELL? He’s maybe the biggest Nats toady of them all, and he’s been writing columns for the past three years telling us that the Nats are the best team in baseball and that we should definitely plan some October. (For example, Boswell tweeted on July 30, after the Met’s disastrous rain delay ninth inning, 2 out loss: “RIP Mets….. -3 games. Fun team. Ain’t gonna happen. Don’t trade away good future. There is no “present.” ) The Mets, who don’t read Boswell apparently, then proceeded to sweep the Best Team in Baseball and are now in first place in the division.

  4. It’s Zack Bird, Smitty, not to be confused with Zach Byrd of the Poughkeepsie Muffin Men of the independent leagues.

  5. I’m pretty sure that if the Mets beat out the Nats for the division, it’ll be the most sports-related glee I’ve ever derived from something that has nothing to do with my team whatsoever. I’m quite sure it’ll be the most I’ve derived from a rival.

  6. It’s funny how narratives apply or don’t apply based on expectations. For example, if this team were expected to compete this year we’d hear a lot of talk about how last night’s GRITTY COMEBACK WIN was just the type of thing that TURNS A SEASON AROUND!!

  7. Agreed, Sam. “30 year old journeyman hits walk-off home run in irrelevant game” doesn’t have quite the same ring, huh?

    I know Garcia has had some big hits, but I just don’t get why he’s getting ABs over CJ. If we’ve determined CJ is sunk cost then just release him. Or I’m forced to conclude they think he can either retain or increase value by not playing him vs. letting him play out the string. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  8. Yes, Jason Perry was Francoeur’s “replacement” during his brief demotion to AA in 2008. Perry hit a triple in his first major league AB on July 4, traveled with the team to LA, and then was shipped out after Francoeur was “promoted”–lol–back to the big club. I just find it fascinating that he never had another MLB appearance after those four games in 2008.

  9. I agree about the really odd treatment of CJ. The only possible hope the Braves have of trading him and getting someone to pick up any of his salary is to play him and let him mash vs. lefties. I could almost see just letting him ride the bench and play out his contract if it expired after this season, but that’s not the case.

    I feel like there’s got to be something personality related or behind the scenes going on that Fredi’s playing career minor leaguers over him now that KJ and Uribe are gone. If I recall correctly, one of the knocks against Wren was that he’d try to meddle in player playing time, which tells me The Johns will let Fredi skate with his heart on this. If they’re that desperate to get rid of him without having to eat his contract, though, the current setup is not doing the team any favors.

  10. Last night’s game might be one of the most enjoyable games of the past few years. Not because it meant anything, but rather it was 3+ hours of great entertainment. It’s kinda why we all watch, even when we know we suck.

  11. Managing tonight’s game makes Fredi the longest tenured Atlanta Braves manager not named Bobby Cox!
    Fredi will pass Luman Harris. Harris managed the ’69 Braves to the first division championship but finished 379-373-2 overall as manager.

    For the franchise, Frank Selee, Bill McKechnie, George Stallings, Casey Stengel and Billy Southworth stand between Gonzalez and Cox. Fredi will pass Southworth before the end of this season.

  12. I’d say there’s zero mystery about Chris Johnson and the range of performance of which he’s capable, and we’re probably more interested in seeing what the new faces can do at the major league level. CJ is available, everyone knows it.

  13. Somehow I knew that returning to NYC yesterday would mean endless Subway Series talk.

    Sorry, I hate the Mets more than I’ll ever hate the Nationals, even this entitled bunch.

  14. I’m pulling for the Mets to beat out the Nationals and then fall victim to an 0-3 sweep, myself. Let’s make this as ignominious as possible for everyone involved.

    I’m also perfectly fine with Freeman taking the rest of the season if necessary to get himself healthy again. This team doesn’t gain anything from him rushing back, and they’ll need him at full next year.

  15. two observations during this game:

    1. Does anyone else think Eury Perez is kinda a reincarnation of Greg White?
    2. Chris Johnson is not smart.

  16. You guys keep on with your irrational CJ hatred. The rest of us know Shelby just doesn’t know how to win

  17. pedro Ciriaco looked about as bad as you can on the first two pitches and then gets a 2 strike hit. Wow.

  18. Yesterday Aardsma posted a video on Twitter of advice his son gave him, when he asked his son to give him some motivating words. His son responded, “don’t pitch bad like you did on Saturday.” Maybe his son should have repeated that advice today.

  19. “Sorry, Shelbs, but it’s not like we should be in Major League Baseball anyway.” — CJ, Ross and Aardvark

  20. His religion belonged to women: the dying of Adonis was fully developed in the circle of young girls around the poet Sappho from the island of Lesbos, about 600 BC, as revealed in a fragment of Sappho’s surviving poetry.

    So at least Adonis has that to fall back on.

  21. @46, I have it on good authority that Adrian Adonis faked his death and is alive and well in Sheboygan.

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