Well, I started off the season with a running diary, so I thought I would finish the season off with
one. All times approximate.

6:15 – The daughters go off to dance class, so Mrs. Painter and I head out to a quick salad and
soup at the a deli. It’s raining.

6:25 – The Savannah Chopped Salad at McAlistair’s is quite tasty, and the company is delightful,
even after 22 years. It’s raining.

6:50 – We dodge the rain to head back home to find something to do before the girls get back
around 8:15. It’s become really nice to have another driver in the house. It’s raining.

7:00 – We find something to do. It’s raining.

7:04 – We need to find something else to do. It’s raining.

7:12 – I suggest to Mrs. Painter that once the girls get back we have a family game night. She
thinks that’s a fun idea. It’s raining.

7:25 – I teach Mrs. P how to play Roll For the Galaxy – a dice game based on exploration and
colonization of, well, the galaxy. I play a LOT of boardgames. If you’ve ever seen Tabletop, Wil
Wheaton’s Youtube series, then you’ll know the type of games I like to play. Mrs. P is NOT a gamer,
but she humors me, and actually picks up the idea of the game relatively quickly. It’s raining.

8:15 – The girls get back. Daughter #1 isn’t interested in RFtG, but daughter number 2 is, so a quick
three player game breaks out. I get an early development lead, and ride that to a 43-35-29 win
over the other two. Mrs. P, although coming in last, has a good time. It’s raining.

8:50 – We break out Dixit, which is similar to Apples to Apples, but with pictures instead of phrases
as the story idea. Mrs. P gets some revenge, nipping me by a point on the last play of the game.
The girls look to be enjoying themselves, amazingly enough. It’s raining.

9:45 – Oh crap, wasn’t I supposed to be recapping the game? It’s raining.

9:50 – I run upstairs to find it is the bottom of the eighth, and Daniel Castro, has hit a home run,
his second of the season. Jonathon Broxton is pitching, and the first pitch I see is cued down the
right field line by Castro, and Freddie Freeman chugs around from first to make it 3-0. It’s raining.

9:53 – Nick Markakis continues his season-long journey of not sucking terribly, and singles Castro
home from third through a drawn-in infield. It’s raining.

9:54 – Todd Cunningham with the 4-6-3. It’s raining.

9:57 – Arodys Vizcaino on for the non-save. Mark Reynolds fouls out to Freeman on the first pitch.
It’s raining.

10:00 – Vizcaino walks Brandon Moss after getting ahead 0-2. This makes him mad, because he
Hulks up and hits 101 on the gun to Kolten Wong, who lines out to Freeman. It’s raining.

10:03 – Pete Kozma is overmatched, as Vizcaino takes a bit off, and fans him on a 99 mph heater.
It’s raining.

Well, it’s been fun doing the Friday night recaps, and thanks to all you guys for the encouragement
and for sticking with the team. And for all you young’uns out there, now you know how we felt back
in 1988. But, I’m cautiously optimistic for the future. Now let’s get Shelby Miller a win tonight. It’s