Nationals 3, Braves 0, apparently

I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t watch the game. And while I’m in the confessional, I’ll own up to something else: I have absolutely no idea who Ryan Weber is. But he went seven innings last night, giving up just five hits and one run with 10 strikeouts against no walks, and that’s kind of eye-popping, even though IWOTN. That was good for a Game Score of 73, his second game in his last three starts with a game score above 70; though he got shelled in his last start, the one before that he gave up only two hits and one run in seven innings, while striking out five and walking two. So who is this guy?

We drafted him in the 22nd round in 2009, out of St. Petersburg College, a decent baseball school whose most famous alum is Howard Johnson of the Mets. It was a weird situation, though; he was drafted in the 12th round out of high school in 2008, said no, went to college, and then signed with the Braves a year later when they drafted him 10 spots lower. (They signed him for the approximate slot money of a 9th-rounder, so he may have made slightly more money than he would a year later. Still, it was a strange turn of events.)

Weber has a career minor league ERA of 3.89, and a career minor league K/9 of 6.6. He has been used as a swingman, making almost twice as many relief appearances as starts. Last night was literally the first time in his seven-year professional career, as far as I can see, that he got 10 strikeouts, and only the third time that he had gotten more than seven. His previous career high was 9, achieved exactly once, on August 1 of 2010 in his last start for Danville in rookie league. And he recorded 8 strikeouts on the last start of the year in 2013, pitching for Lynchburg in High-A.

He’s 25 years old, a 6-foot tall righthander with an average fastball just under 90 miles an hour, the very epitome of an organizational player made good. And yet, quietly, he had an incredible start. Good for him.

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  1. Great write up on Weber. I’d love to know why he’s pitching so well, and whether or not there’s any reason to believe this could continue. We’re slowly adding some pitching depth that can provide some spot starts or long relief in the event we actually have a decent rotation.

    Man, bring on the Hot Stove.

  2. The one thing Weber has had is that great K / BB ratio. It says he might make it as a 4 or 5. More than that is very unlikely.

  3. Went to the game last night. Weber changes speeds nicely and had them off balance a lot. Our guys with better stuff could learn a thing or two from him.

    Otherwise that was as an unremarkable 9 innings as you’ll ever see. I’m not sure we got a guy to second base on offense? If we did I missed it because I think I dozed off for a bit. Two fantastic plays at SS were the highlights, one by each team.

  4. Actually, we had runners at first and second twice last night with a batter at the plate. Can’t remember when, so obviously it was memorable. One time Swisher made the out.

  5. Fire up the stove indeed. Even the radio broadcasts are becoming unbearable. They started whining about the WaPo series and just would not shut up about it for the third straight day. Between that and the fellating of the Johns because they have vowed not to let this happen agiin, I had to turn the damn thing off.

  6. For those so inclined there are 7 new clerihews at the end of the previous thread – all free agents.

  7. @10

    Okay, which of you chumps asked to fire up the hot stove? See what happens to the Braves during hot stove season?

  8. Kinda crazy to consider that 2 of the biggest college-football games of the year (Bama/UGA & Notre Dame/Clemson) could be played in serious quagmires.

    Been keeping an eye on UGA tickets & prices have dropped dramatically in the past day or two. Would still love to be there, but the couch is going to be pretty comfy tomorrow.

  9. I’ll go UGA 23-20 (of course), but it’s a genuine toss-up in my mind. These teams are too similar, certainly in approach.

    Even though the ball’s been pretty slippery so far for Bama (without rain), I don’t think I’m making any news by saying, rain or not, UGA’s veteran o-line vs. Bama’s ultra-stout d-line may determine the game. Who wins that one? Hard to say. Irresistible force/immovable object.

    Wind may play a bigger factor, mainly because Bama’s secondary hasn’t been as outstanding the past 2 years, and it may limit the ability to pass. Could be a break for Bama in 2 ways (if you know what I mean). Bama fans have been squalling about ramping up the run & quitting the Kiffin cute stuff — they might get their wish tomorrow.

    UGA will need Lambert to make some plays because Bama will dare him to do it. They’re going to do everything to stop the run & they’ll probably succeed to some degree. If nobody can really execute a forward pass, this could get all-time ugly. But in games like those, both defensive squads tend to tire in the 2nd half & I’ll take my chances from there.

  10. Every game on is free this weekend, so if you haven’t seen the Braves play this year and are dying to before the season ends, now’s your big chance.

  11. Who are these guys the Cardinals are playing?

    And have any of you music mavens ever listened to Joshua Nelson? I don’t even know if he’s still alive, but I do like his music.

  12. @15

    Rain favors Bama IMO due to the d-line going 10 deep and the aforementioned Kiffin cute stuff getting cut out. I think the matchup is about as good as it can be for what we try to do and the rain really helps, but I don’t trust anyone to not fumble or miss field goals or Coker to not throw interceptions so we’ll see.


    Hilarious because as some have posited on this very forum, one of the reasons for trading Wood was he may blow his arm out again and then the guy we got for him goes and does it anyway. Awesome trade Coppy. Really excited about this era.

  13. I, too, am disappointed that the precog doctors who foresaw Wood’s future arm troubles didn’t check out Paco before the trade.

    21-17 Bama in the slop. I’m really looking forward to this game from an aesthetic perspective. No sarcasm. Should be some old man football.

  14. Sutton just commented on the JD Drew and Eli Marrero acquisition that “neither one flourished here”. Oy.

  15. It’s hard to overstate just how bad the weather is forecast to be at those two games. Athens is currently forecast to get 5-7 inches of rain between now and Monday morning and Clemson is even worse at 7-10 inches.

  16. Can confirm. Live right outside of Clemson. Grad student there. I’m ready with my coffee for a day on the couch.

  17. Daniel Castro has been fun to watch. I wouldn’t mind if he makes it into the roster next year as a utility bench player.

  18. I’m getting up at 7 am to drive from Atlanta to Athens. Wish me luck. Hopefully my car doesn’t float away during the game.

  19. 1-2-3-4! 1-2-3-4! C-L-I-M-P-S-O-N! T-I-G-E-RRRRRR-S! Fight Tigers, Fight Tigers, Fight, Fight, Fight!

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