I don’t care what the records are. Or whether either team still has games left that matter. Or who is on the mound. Beating the Nationals never gets old. Shutting them out is just icing on the cake.

It has definitely been more fun recently to talk about the Nats’ implosion than to talk about the Braves second half, and now that the Chosen Ones have missed out on the playoffs entirely, they’ve added insult to injury by coming to Atlanta and losing a series against these guys. I love it.

On the heels of a 2-1 victory, the Braves managed to scrape across two more runs tonight against Jordan Zimmermann and hang him with a loss in what was, in all likelihood, his last start for everybody’s favorite non-World Series Champs. Amazingly, the Braves pitching combo of the Dynamic Duo, Atlanta’s favorite Aussie, a-Cub-no-longer, and our Closer 3.0 combined to keep the Nats off the board and our favorite villain hitless. The guys in the bullpen have been making the most of their time in the big leagues recently. As much as this has been a summer for the fans to forget, it has been one to remember for many of these guys who will probably never get the chance to be in the big leagues again. I’m glad they are making some good memories to take with them.

The Braves picked up runs in the first two innings and then rode the cruise control to victory. A.J. Pierzynski has 3/4 of the Braves RBIs in the series and more than the Nats have combined. I was not thrilled when the Braves signed him, but he has definitely proven my misgivings were groundless and he’s been fun to watch this year. I liked him as a rookie with the Twins, and I’m glad I have been able to come full circle with him and root for him in the twilight of his career. Michael Bourn drove in the Braves second run, and has an outside chance of getting to double digit RBIs in his second stint with the Braves.

A Nationals loss/Braves win is automatically a good night, even in a wretched season. Let’s go for the sweep tomorrow. Why not? There is literally nothing else left to play for. Natspos delenda est.

And, in case anyone needed a reminder of how awesome Andrelton Simmons is, he did this tonight. And if that was not enough, he also did this. There is just nothing more fun than watching Simmons get Nationals players out. Nothing.