You might be tempted to blame last night’s game on Phil Gosselin, whose butcher job on a potential double-play ball opened the floodgates for the Mets’ four-run fifth inning, knocking the wind out of Trevor Cahill’s sails and transforming him from a guy who was cruising into the bag of slop that got the snot kicked out of him last week.

But you shouldn’t. You should blame the stinking offense, which managed four whole hits against Jon Niese, and which — despite four walks and an error by the Other Eric Campbell — couldn’t push anything across the plate other than a Cameron Maybin solo homer. If Trevor Cahill had continued pitching the way he had been before the error, we would have lost 2-1.

Tonight, we’ll face Dillon Gee, who would probably win the Cy Young Award if he faced the Braves 30 times a year, so it’s just as well that we’re throwing Eric Stults to the slaughter.