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  1. The Braves have now surpassed the four wins I expected them to end the season with. They have exceeded my wildest expectations. I am so proud of them.

  2. I could do a recap, but it would mostly be about the polka gig I did last night. It was pretty funny though actually.

  3. 9- You might as well. It’s not like there’s a baseball team we’re here to discuss. There really isn’t.

    And the Georgia Bulldogs are going to be the SEC’s representative in the playoff this year.

  4. The Braves will need 4 wins to avoid losing 100 games, and this is their lot: today against the Phils, 3 @Mets, 3 @Marlins, and 3 at home against the Nats. I’m not real optimistic. Maybe the Nats will be resting their starters and throw three cupcakes at us.

    We may not like what we’ve learning, but we are learning a lot about the 2016 club. Guys that could be on the roster next season (or be good trading chips) are getting a lot of playing time, and guys on the 40-man that don’t factor into the team’s plans at all aren’t sniffing the field (like Eury Perez and Ryan Lavarnway).

    In other news, Melvin Upton Jr. has a .737 OPS for the Pads and Chris Johnson is at .840. Life is not just.

  5. @15. It tells me that neither BJ nor CJ can handle the “big contract expectation”. They can only perform when nobody expects anything from them.

  6. @16

    If that is indeed true, and I think it is, then why are we so bad at identifying who those guys are, and other teams are not?

  7. Sorry, but Joe Simpson is such a dick. Due to time difference, I cannot watch the Braves often enough. But he is just spoiling a perfectly… good game today with his ignorance.

  8. No argument here. Getting the Braves on TV this summer has cured me of ever wanting to listen to the tv audio again.

  9. #11
    Appreciate the sentiment, but anyone wearing Red & Black knows that it’s a little early to dream that big. As rousing as that win was last night & as fun as it was to stick it to Spurrier, it must be noted that UGA really hasn’t played a quality opponent yet.

    Yes, the high-expectation schools have stumbled a bit, but that doesn’t automatically make UGA any better. The remaining regular-season schedule includes Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Auburn & Georgia Tech. No walk in the park.

    And yes, I’m channeling my inner-Dooley…

  10. 2/3 of a perfect game and a walk-off win is quite a nice way to celebrate a birthday in an otherwise awful season. Thanks, Braves.

    It’s amazing how evenly matched the Braves are with the Phillies, but this month the Phils have definitely earned the “worst team” label.

  11. Alex, please check you e-mail. Thank you for all you do.

    Happy birthday, ‘Rissa. Keep having them. Life gets even better the older you get.

  12. Big comeback and big win for the Falcons! Enjoy the whinging of the Giants fans on sports talk this week, ububba, I’m guessing it’ll be epic after that disaster.

    Also, hooray for probably not finishing as the worst team in baseball!

  13. @19- If you’ve seen the Braves one time or less over the second half of the season, that is often enough considering how they’ve been playing.

  14. Please let me know when the technical difficulties are resolved. I keep reading that the Braves have won 3 in a row.

  15. #26
    The reactions to last week’s Giants/Dallas game were all-time shrill. The Giants lost that game out of sheer stupidity, so the fans were right to be pissed.

    But this time, I’ll be more interested. I’m not really a Giants-hater — trust me, compared to other fans in this town, they aren’t so bad — but it’s always nice whenever my team beats the New York team. Makes for a fun listen.

    Not me. I took the 2.5 points both times.

  16. Falcons are a different team than they were the last 2 seasons. And by that I mean they can get a defensive stop here and there and occasionally convert on third and one.

  17. This has been an encouraging end of the season for Teheran. He’s 3-1 with a 1.93 ERA in September. I’d love to see him ride one more strong start into the offseason. He’s still only 24, after all.


    If you throw out Olivera’s first week in the big leagues, he’s had a .275/.341/.425 line since. Far from ideal, but much better than what his overall line has shown, and the OPS is third among regulars. I wonder if the Braves could ever slide him into 2B and get a better 3B. It wouldn’t break my heart to package Peterson in a deal for a 3B.

    I really wish we could see, at this point, how our regular lineup stacks up against our division’s. There’s so much noise in the numbers with all the players we’ve ran through the organization this season. A Markakis/Olivera/Freeman/AJP/Swisher/Garcia/Maybin/Simmons lineup, from an OPS perspective, is not competely different from the Nats’ lineup of Span/Escobar/Harper/Zimmerman/Espinosa/Taylor/Ramos/Desmond lineup they’ve been trotting out there. I wouldn’t dare do the numbers, and I don’t know of a site that lets you add specific player’s numbers together. One could argue our bench is already better.

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