Miami Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 01, 2015 – ESPN

Hector Olivera made his debut and did absolutely nothing of note, which means he is already more competent than the average Braves player, these days. Banuelos wasn’t good, but at least he’s back on the mound. Some other guys did some stuff. The team lost again.

(Full disclosure: Before tonight’s game, I hadn’t watched a single live pitch this year. Additional, equally-full disclosure: After tonight’s game, I still haven’t watched a single live pitch this year. The Internet, and occasionally Jim and Don, keep me updated.)

So, you know, whatever. Anyway! I’m pretty excited about the 2016 chapter of The Great Farm System Rebuild, so I’m just going to ramble on a bit about that.

At this juncture, it’s hard to imagine the Braves not finishing with a bottom-five record (and top-five pick). It’s early, but while the upcoming draft class appears to have good depth, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a David Price/Stephen Strasburg/Bryce Harper type at the top — I think that’s a good thing for the Braves. As with this past draft, the teams with the top few picks are going to be able to save a million or two on signing bonuses in those top slots. So, given the aforementioned draft-class depth and the probable savings on their first pick, the Braves should be able to add a second elite talent with that supplemental pick they acquired in the Wood, Olivera, et al. deal.

(Way-too-early favorite pitcher for the Braves’ first pick: AJ Puk, power lefty from – gross – the University of Florida. Way-too-early favorite hitter for the Braves’ first pick: Kyle Lewis, power-hitting corner outfielder from Mercer. [It’s a miracle that I’m not mentioning anyone with any ties to Vanderbilt in this paragraph.])

And then, beyond the draft, there’s the whole July 2nd period, which looks . . . promising.

I’m also still foolishly hoping for a David Price signing to speed up the rebuild — and even more foolishly hoping for a Yoenis Cespedes signing to really speed up the rebuild — but those are major-leaguers and therefore not part of what I said I was going to talk about, so I’ll stop.