48 thoughts on “Good Team 15, Not So Much 4”

  1. Didn’t know the Braves hadn’t employed a position player on the mound since ’89. I witnessed Oddibe McDowell warming up in the bullpen at this game in 1990:


    The ghastliest of all Ghastly Boys games — Russ Nixon had worked through most of them already, then sent Large Charles Kerfeld out for the ninth. He was getting absolutely smoked (5 hits, one out recorded), and we were all cheering for Oddibe to come in. Then Will Clark hit a screamer to Blauser, might have been the hardest hit ball of the inning, but Blauser turned two and we went home deprived.

    That game was also notable as one of Murph’s last big performances in a Braves uni — his last multi-run, multi-RBI game for us.

  2. I’m seeing there’s a replay of this game on in 5 min on FSSO for those who want to see Gomes pitch

  3. Rio Ruiz hit a 3-run homer to extend his hitting streak to 13 games, while Lucas Sims pitched a dandy, allowing 0 ER in 6.1 innings against 5K and 2BB. Those two guys are the pleasant surprises of the late minor league season for Mississippi.

    Also Austin Riley homered again!

  4. Probably too early for scoreboard watching, but last night was productive for us. We’re just 3.5 games back of the Phillies.

  5. It’s one thing to bring a guy in to start an inning and save the bullpen, but how would you like to be the guy that got pulled in the middle of an inning for Oddibe McDowell?

  6. Does anyone have any idea how much the Braves will have to spend this offseason? And do you think they will be contenders at all in 2016?

  7. @4, it’s probably a pretty shitty season when the recap of last night’s minor league action is more fun than checking how the MLB team has fared…

  8. That Gomes video pisses me off so much. Is this how far we’ve fallen? That’s just pathetic.

  9. I’d like to have seen Simmons pitch, but it’s a virtual certainty that he would bean someone. Doesn’t strike me as one to allow a batter to crowd the plate.

    Freeman or Bethancourt would also have been more fun. I suppose all these guys weren’t allowed in case of a freak accident.

    @10 Isn’t Gomes captain of the fun police?

  10. @10

    I do understand where you’re coming from, Rob, but rather than being pissed off at the sideshow, I’d suggest it’s probably better just to laugh at it for what it was and move on. After all, if you’re going to follow this team the rest of the way, you’re going to have to find something positive to make it worthwhile, even though we all know this season is already in the toilet. It’s a legitimately amusing thing that happened and I don’t think everyone should necessarily be required to stew over how crappy this team is and not derive any enjoyment out of little things like that.

    (Note: I say this as someone who didn’t watch any of yesterday’s game, didn’t know that happened, and went back and watched the video today. If you sat through all 3+ hours of that debacle YMMV.)

  11. @9, tonight promises more of the same. I’m more interested to see how John Gant fares in his start for Miss tonight than watching Wisler get embarrassed. It seems like the MLB club is tanking for the #1 pick at this point.

  12. Jonny Gomes
    in the outfield he roams
    but in a debacle
    it’s his fastball that must sparkle.

  13. Gomes, Jonny
    Boy that was fonny
    The time that he took the hill
    To swallow that bitter pill

  14. Williams sent down. Assuming they’re carrying an extra reliever right now, and someone will take his rotation spot once the rosters expand. Who is it going to be?

  15. Banuelos’s rehab just advanced to Gwinnett last week. I’d guess he’ll be up when William’s spot comes around again.

  16. @8, I’d estimate the Braves are currently committed to around $80M in payroll for next season. How much that leaves for acquisitions is going to depend on our budget and whether we make any further trades. There’s room for a big move, or a couple of smaller moves…

    The other issue is how the free-agent class looks for next year versus the year after. We’ll have more money in the offseason before the new stadium, but will the players available be any good?

  17. I’d imagine that if they like a free-agent this off-season, they will get him a year early.

  18. At 17, I knew you would get that. I started to put in “the John’s” but I’m not sure I’m ready to go that far yet.

  19. I don’t know if the TV guys are on it, but the radio guy say a fan fell right in front of them on his way down. They seem to be very concerned.

  20. @32 They talked about it briefly. Doesn’t look like McAlpin, DOB, Bowman, or Gondeee are aware.

    Taken away by paramedics, they just said.

    EDIT: Everyone’s on it now. The fact that they’re still playing is a very good sign.

  21. Powell is seriously freaked out. Apparently the fan fell from a level above them. They think he landed in an aisle

    Like a 20 foot drop or more. They said he I’m assuming he, struck a guy wire on the way down and they’re hoping that maybe that broke his fall a little.

  22. #34
    Second that. Was in a store listening to the game on MLB app & Powell downshifted so quickly you just knew it was bad. His tone said everything. Rough stuff.

  23. Good question. Maybe because Gwinnett still has a shot at the playoffs and he can get a start in while down there? That’s all I can think of. We can’t keep running him out there less we be accused of tanking…

  24. It’s been about two months since the last time the Braves were at .500 (June 21st). Since that time we’ve gone 19 – 40, which I’m almost positive is the worst record in baseball. The dogs days of summer, they are upon us.

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