So it turns out we got some extra cable channels just for the heck of it — well actually because my kid wanted to see a movie on Disney and we were able to badger the cable company in the giving us a bunch of stuff for a limited time. As a result I finally got to see the Braves in living color and live in the comfort of my own home for the first time in a few seasons.

I really don’t see how you guys do it. I made it through a few innings and had to go to a bar, where I made it through a couple more and had to go back to my porch and the radio. I suppose I should be more charitable – facing a murderers row of Odubel Herrera, Freddy Galvis and Cameron Rupp what can you really hope for? Did you know that Ryan Howard’s OPS is 300 points higher against Atlanta than the rest of the league? I’ll bet you do now! Now if somebody would tell Fredi and alert our pitching staff that would be very handy.

Oh well, I think in our hearts we all knew that the illusion of competitiveness that early timely hitting and unexpected performances created would not continue for the entire season. The roof has officially caved in now, and it ain’t going to be put back anytime soon.