So, it’s easy to forget, but they’re still playing baseball games. No one really knows why. It’s almost certainly just a scam to suck in money from losers who cheer for other teams. Nonetheless, they’re out there. Playing the “postseason.” First game up tonight is apparently the “Oakland Athletics” against…seriously, it’s hard to write this, but they honestly tell me it’s a team from Kansas City.” Dude, don’t ask. I have no idea.

Anywho. This being the first baseball postseason since 1989 to not include one of the Braves, Yankees or Red Sox it’s likely the case that many of you will not understand this set up. Having no one to cheer for and no obvious evil empire(s) to root against (barring STL later this week, of course), I put together a simple decision tree to try and make sense of things. I hope it helps.