Marlins 11, How are we still in this? 3

After THAT performance, there’s no much to say. Aaron Harang continues his post-ball pumpkin regression, with the Braves now having lost 190 of the last 10 games he has started (numbers approximate). Big Handsome Ugly gave up 6 runs in 3 2/3 innings to fall to 10-10 on the year. Marcell Ozuna and Donovan Solano had four hits each.

The lone highlight for the Good Guys was Freddie Freeman finally getting off the schneid with his 18th home run. With the Brewers winning last night, the Braves are back to being one game behind in the race for the last wild card spot. The Pirates game was suspended in the 7th tied 3-3 with the Cubs, so at the moment, we’re one up on the Buccos. Time is definitely running out and the Braves better get on the stick.

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  1. Wonderful lineup today. Best defense on the field (except Gattis) and people who can hit righties.


  2. Disappointment is watching Clemson dismantle South Carolina, then realizing it’s South Carolina State. Oh, woe.

  3. Hey, what happened to my satirical riposte to the multiple racial wisecracks about “New Cracker Stadium at White Flight Field” in the previous thread? (@44, 46, 47, 48)

    It’s gone, expunged, sent down the memory hole, with not even a public rebuke from a moderator to lend it a trace of significance. (Am I next? Hmmm…) Meanwhile, all four exultations of the racialist statements are still there. They have a right to exist. They get a voice, I guess.

    So please enlighten us on the rules so we can all make choices that don’t involve tears: I don’t like racialism where it’s publicly said that there ought not be any. Racial slanders are frowned upon, and rightly so. I have a good habit of not making them. They’re frowned upon, yes, UNLESS…they’re aimed at Cobb County, and by extension all “white people”, I suppose?

    Are those the default settings around here? Racial outbursts are bad unless they’re from the demographic of self-loathing white people? Hand-wringing and invective about our team’s name, mascots, insignia, etc., that’s all okay and withstands the scrutiny of the moderators. Defense of those things by fellow Braves Journal members whose thinking isn’t in perfect alignment with the right-thinking people…that’s not allowed, right?

    Crude jokes that spell out the racial hatred clear as day surrounding the Braves move 12 miles up the road? That’s not only okay but encouraged. Four posts and not a problem! Those who seek a less toxic atmosphere as a home for their Braves communion with fellow fans by making a satirical, in-kind joke, they’re out of line? One such comment and we have a problem with the discourse, eh? Can’t we all just get along?

    So let me know if I have all this right, and if so I have a simple request: can we enshrine this hypocrisy formally in the rules? Let’s spell it all out. If that’s the way y’all want it to be, and I am outvoted, or don’t have a vote, that’s perfectly fine and I’ll be on my way, with a tip of the hat to ol’ Mac for leaving behind such a fun place to talk about Braves baseball.

  4. If all of the Braves pitchers can just contribute the offense along with the pitching, we might be okay.

  5. Also, holding out hope for theclassical’s prediction: Coca-Cola Field at Lockheed Martin Yards Brought To You By TBS Very Funny

  6. Fire Fredi and replace him with someone who isn’t married to the save statistic.

  7. Milwaukee lost, so if we manage to win, we’re back to tied. If we lose, we’re still just a game back, but also a half-game back of Pittsburgh, as well.

  8. LOL…why is that yellow line below the top of the wall out there? That’s ridiculous! Oh well…a stupid ballpark quirk goes in our favor, for once.

  9. John makes a good point. I don’t understand why one post is acceptable and the other is not. Both of the two types are offensive.

  10. @26 Yeah, that is the most rediculous line across an outfield wall that I’ve ever seen. At least it worked out in the Braves favor.

  11. @28

    I’m suspecting we’re gonna tune into tomorrow’s game and find that they’ve ripped that yellow line off the wall out there overnight.

  12. @5, crude jokes are fine. The word “negro” was problematic. The fact that the comment referred to African-Americans using an outdated and offensive word, and in an offensive way, regardless of whether it was satirical, made it a candidate for deletion. I’m sorry if that was in any way unclear.

  13. The Atlanta Crackers were the local minor league club from 1901 thru 1965. They disbanded when the Braves arrived in ’66.

    White flight, the process by which white Atlantans exited the downtown core for the suburbs, specifically Cobb County, is part and parcel to the city’s 20th century history.

    New Crackers Stadium at White Flight Field is doubly referencing the city’s baseball and civic history. It’s also hilarious.

  14. So Gattis has more homeruns that Posey (who was out).

    I think we rid ourselves of the White Bear at our deep peril.

  15. Are there any circumstances under which McGuirk doesn’t fire Wren?

    World Series appearance. Maybe.

    Not crazy about the manager but that’s a decision for the new GM.

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