ESPN Box Score

I didn’t watch most of this one — I was at the new X-Men movie, which is good. Went to a bar afterwards and managed to catch the last few innings.

The good: Gavin Floyd pitched a very good game, 6 2/3 innings, no runs, 7 strikeouts against no walks, 72 strikes in 102 pitches. B.J. Upton was 2-3 with a walk, and he was 1-3 with a walk yesterday, so in a two-game sample size he’s hitting well in the second slot in the batting order. And Jason Heyward went 2-4 with a pair of singles; he’s batting .303 in the month of May and has raised his average to .247, which is a damn sight higher above the Mendoza line than he was a few weeks ago.

The less good: we got 10 hits and 2 walks and only scored three runs. We left at least one man in scoring position in every inning but the fourth, and in the seventh they managed to load the bases with one out and couldn’t scratch across a run. Chris Johnson had to be yanked out of the game after throwing yet another dugout tantrum. Fortunately, he was appropriately apologetic after the game and said that he agreed with Fredi for taking him out. He’s having a bad year. So is Dan Uggla, who was at second, which meant that Ramiro Pena was free to sub in for Johnson — but Uggla threw in another ohfer at the plate with a hat trick of strikeouts.

It’s fortunate that we’re catching these guys in Atlanta instead of their home field, which is on the moon. The Rockies always have a pretty wide home-road split, but: this year, they have a +53 run differential in 23 games at home, where they’re 16-7 and averaging 7.0 runs a game. They have a-6 run differential on the road, where they’re 10-15 and averaging 3.9 runs a game.

Craig Kimbrel nailed down the win by striking out the side on 13 pitches. It didn’t seem like much, but it’s his second lowest pitch total of the season, and in 14 of his 19 appearances he’s thrown more. There was a telling on-screen graphic that displayed one way in which he hasn’t been quite as sharp this year as in years previous: in 2012, he averaged 14.9 pitches per appearance. In 2013, it was 15.3. This year, it’s 17.5. To the naked eye it has appeared that he’s been battling a bit more, and the numbers bear that out. However, he may be settling down. It was good to see.