This Braves team seems to suffer from a mental disease or defect. I am not sure if it is Multiple Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia. Whatever it is, it seems as if a different team shows up every few days and replaces the other team. Perhaps it is an alien visitation. Well, not alien, undocumented space travelers.

With only a few hours to experience the second hand smoke, maybe the Braves didn’t get too spaced out. Except for their rookie starter, Christian Bergman, the Rockies kind of seem like they had spent some time taking advantage of the marketplace in the Mile High State. Maybe Gavin Floyd was just that good over his first 6 innings, but I don’t know.

Braves took a lead after B.J. Upton (and, he really has played better lately. Not like superstar, maybe not even like good, but at least not historically awful) led off with an infield single and Braves got 2 in the 4th. Stayed that way until the 7th.

In the Colorado 7th, Chris Dickerson took Floyd deep. And Luis Avilan came in and everybody cringed. But, 2 more outs, and that ended the threat.

In the Atlanta 8th, Justin Upton, the younger, scored on a Chris Johnson hit (what? A “whose” hit?). Actually Johnson had 3 on the night. I wish my Johnson still could have 3 hits in it in a night.

So, with the bullpen a little shaky, Fredi goes to Shae Simmons. He isn’t money like Kimbrel, but he is at least an upper middle class man’s Craig Kimbrel. Then, Kimbrel was his usual Kraken self, and one win in the books.

If we can just stay out of the marketplace this week, maybe it will all work.