A Monday afternoon affair. Well not really as torrid as one of those, not that I would really know, I just know they are always called torrid. I saw a snippet here and there on GameDay. Otherwise, like Sergeant Schulz, “I know nothing.” I can’t tell you if they “looked good” or if the pitch “looked like a strike.” So, this is much like a term paper. Relying on other sources for info and stringing it together.

Ervin Santana took the hill again for our side. He is now in “good Ervin” mode. Maybe we won’t see “bad Ervin” again. If we don’t, we might play postseason ball. If we do see “bad Ervin” again, we probably won’t play postseason ball this year. This team should be renamed “Apollo 13” as in “no remaining margin for error.”

The Braves once again faced that towering giant of legend, Jason Lane. When last we faced Mr. Lane he looked like and up and coming outfielder for the Astros in 2005. He was up, but he was going, rather than coming. Which means he did not have the more pleasurable experience. Now, he returned from AAA as a starting pitcher for his first major league start. And, as all are seemingly wont to do since the mid 90’s, he obviously held the Braves lineup in check.

But, Ervin was smelling. 8 IP, 102 pitches, 11 K’s. Yes, “good Ervin” showed up.

And finally, after 7 innings of predominant offensive futility and no runs, Evan Gattis stepped up to the plate again. El Oso Blanco Grande, el Salvador por los Bravos (my Spanish isn’t too good, but you get the gist). Line drive home run. That’s one.

A lot of hub bub behind that leading to one out and LaStella pinch hitting for Gosselin with the bases loaded (it worked, but why do you walk Jordan Schafer intentionally to load the bases). Yes, it worked for the other guys. 1 to 0 after 7.

Bottom of 8, Justin Upton walks. And again, with Upton now on second, the mighty bear steps up. single, 2 to 0.

Craig Kimbrel finished it strong.

It is on to Los Angeles (also Spanish, I get that). So does El Oso Blanco devour the denizens of Chavez Ravine? Tune in next time.