Well, THAT sucked. I watched most of the game and wish I hadn’t. It was unbearably long. The two teams threw 350 pitches between them, and the 9-inning game lasted three hours and 46 minutes without a rain delay, which meant that the West Coast game ended around 2 am. And with Big Handsome against the 34-year old version of Josh Beckett, nothing about this game was going to win a beauty contest.

It started out well enough. Beckett simply didn’t have it: he threw 105 pitches in 4 1/3 innings, only 60 of them strikes, walking four men and giving up nine hits and four runs. But then the Dodgers brought in the immortal Jamey Wright — he may literally be immortal, because I don’t know what else could possibly explain the fact that he’s still in baseball — and he lulled the bats into a permanent nap. Harang let the Dodgers tie the game after six innings of his usual high-wire act, and then Anthony Varvaro brought his gasoline can, and Matt Kemp hit the second of two two-run homers to put the game out of reach.

Hating the Dodgers is natural and proper.