There was a baseball game played in Atlanta today. However, all Braves fans’s hearts, minds, thoughts and attention was in a little town in New York. As you know, today was induction day. (Here is the Box Score)

Growing up in the south you gravitate towards your closest SEC team and the Atlanta Braves. I was fortunate enough to have been 10 years old in 1991 when the Braves went from worst to first and started this great stretch of baseball.

In late August of 1991, my then step father and I went to see the Braves take on the Phillies at the old Fulton County Stadium. At the time, while I loved David Justice, Dale Murphy was still my favorite player. That would change by the end of the day.

My step father bought me a Braves baseball and an ink pen. We walked to an area where Francisco Cabrera was signing baseballs. There was this obnoxious adult yelling for Cabrera to sign something for him. Cabrera was joking around and kept passing him up. Eventually this guy went too far, bumped into me knocked me into the wall and I dropped my ball onto the field.

I heard this voice yell, “Hey man! Come on!” I looked up and Tom Glavine was picking my ball up (in the process of signing it) and handing it to Cabrera. He asked if I was okay. I nodded and said I was. He didn’t stay and sign for anyone else and soon the crowd was broken up.

At age 33, Glavine remains my all time favorite player.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing Greg Maddux and Bobby Cox on the stage today gave me chills. But seeing a guy who was nice to me 23 years ago was special.

I still have the ball.