155 thoughts on “Friday Night’s Alright Game Thread”

  1. Salcedo has been well below age for every level so far, and only been asked to repeat once and is still just 22. He may never amount to anything, but he’ll be back next season in the Braves system.

  2. Anyone have a progress report on Lucas Sims’ season so far in Lynchburg? Going by the numbers it doesn’t look all that great.

  3. @2 Yeah, I don’t know if our ownership of the Nationals can overcome the free mlb.tv game curse. Why did MLB have to do this to us?

  4. Can always count on two of those when Mikey’s on the hill. That’s one.

  5. Because what could be better than having your worst everyday player rank third on the team in plate appearances?

  6. Hey I wonder if bj upton could consider not wagging that bat before swinging at a 98 mph fastball.

  7. Okay, how do we go about starting an official petition to Bud Selig to let the Braves play the Nationals every day?

  8. BJ in this series: 0 for 9 with 5 Ks. Yikes. Business as usual, I guess, but again he did not complain about a strike three right down the middle so I’m really feeling good about him right now.

  9. BJ Upton with his 90th K. Congrats BJ. Keep winding up, taking a huge stride, and swinging for the fences. It has helped you so much thus far

  10. BJ’s seriously got to go. You might as well bat the pitcher second if you’re okay with a 30+% strikeout rate.

  11. @37- Shit, that would be preferable over taking yet another fastball on the outside half for strike three.

  12. 40-players strike out looking when their swing requires them to make a decision early. BJ’s swing takes 4 seconds to get going

  13. I forget who it was that wrote the excellent series about why they hate the Nats, but I wanted to mention that when Minor gave up his first hit and the announcer said “There goes the no-hitter,” I chuckled at the memory. It really is an asshole thing to say.

  14. @39 BJ’s strikeout rate is now over 34% but who is counting. He is so overmatched, which would not be so bad if he was not making over 15M per year.

  15. Um, why is Varvaro pitching with a two-run lead in the 8th against the heart of their lineup?

  16. You can’t leave Varvaro out there for a PA that could result in a blown lead. You just can’t. He is not a high-leverage pitcher.

  17. I hope the Nats don’t see the Schafer/Doumit/Pena 9th the Braves just had and suddenly realize how bad we are.

  18. Our offense is going to kill our bullpen again. Stranding leadoff doubles, going extras.

  19. Leadoff walks in the 9th always come back to bite you. Now the Nats might dare to think they can beat us.

  20. His mojo isn’t what it was because of his fastball location or lack there of. U can’t walk Nate McOut and expect to win

  21. He has no clue where the ball is going. I expect this from Carpenter.

  22. That inning probably got us out of their heads. Stupid free mlb.tv game. C’est la vie.

    Let’s win this thing anyway.

  23. @65 Fortunately we’re on the road, so if it gets to that point, it’s physically impossible for Hale to give up 5. The silver lining…

  24. A player to keep on the radar should Chris Johnson start struggling again: Kyle Kubitza. He’s got an .845 OPS at AA, which is like a .900 OPS anywhere else. His OBP is over .400.

  25. Regarding B.J.: If Fredi doesn’t permanently remove him from the 2nd spot of the order after today, I’ll be calling for both their heads.

  26. 82 — Sounds like a decent platoon partner. I don’t think Fredi likes platoons though. Is his defense major league caliber?

  27. @86
    He’s athletic, but he’s error-prone. Interviewed him in April and seems to be a great guy with a complete understanding of his strengths as a player.

  28. Well, let’s hope Jaime has something. But Rendon’s smash will be the turning point in this rivalry.

  29. This is the kind of inning Jaime should do quite well in. However, he’s really prone to strings of walks.

  30. I admire Paul Byrd’s optimism on Uggla, despite all evidence to the contrary.

  31. I root for Dan uggla to fail, because I’m scared that a modicum of success will delude the braves into keeping him.

  32. Having our last 18 batters retired is pretty wretched. That’s Hibernation Mode at its finest. This one’s on our offense, even more than on Kimbrel.

  33. @103 A guy making his major league debut against the heart of the Nats’ lineup in the bottom of the 12th inning…what could possibly go wrong?

  34. Three extra-inning games in seven days for a team that is probably least equipped to handle them.

    And if Fredi sends David Hale out there for the 13th, he ought to be sent to Bethesda Naval Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

  35. Walking BJ is as bad as walking McLouth. But somehow I doubt the Braves can capitalize like the Nats did.

  36. Think about what a gut punch this could be for the Nats if they can’t finish the job tonight. We’ll be right back in their heads.

  37. There’s no doubt I’d be bringing in Shae Simmons for the bottom 13, but I suspect it’ll be Walden, which scares the shit outta me.

  38. IBB one GIDP machine to get to another. Come on, Andrelton … just think of this as Coors Field in the top of the first with the bases loaded.

  39. The Nats are playing like the Braves right now. It’s nice to be on the other side of this.

  40. Should’ve been another GIDP for Andrelton, the answer to the #2 spot in the batting order. Sorry, I’m in that kind of mood. hehe

  41. There’s a reason why Andrelton’s bobbleheads in ATL, Mississippi and Lynchburg have all shown him with his glove.

    And Jordan Schafer tonight at the plate … 0-for-6, 3 Ks, 6 LOB. Woof.

  42. @115- There’s something about that faux crow hop that Walden takes which bugs me to no end. I can’t stand watching the dude pitch even when he is effective.

  43. It’s not that Andrelton reliable generates doubleplays… It’s that he jumps out of his shoes at the first pitch to do it. How could someone who seems to be a step ahead of the game in the field, be absolutely brain dead once he steps in to the box?

  44. Hopefully the Nats have learned their lesson. Trying to come from behind and win against the Braves. Really.

  45. Before this afternoon, I had forgotten that Ryan Buchter existed. And he goes home with the win tonight. That’s baseball for you.

    Not to be outdone, Juan Jaime trended on Twitter tonight, so I’d say the evening was very successful for both of those guys.

  46. 124-I know it’s an unpopular theory, but the last two barves hitting coaches have taught an “aggressive” approach.

  47. Interesting that we got to see Juan and Buchter in this huge extra inning game and not Simmons.

  48. I’m predicting Upton will be replaced with Upton tomorrow in the 2-spot.

    And while I was happy to see Schafer get some at-bats the last few days, I feel confident now that that experiment can come to rest. Man, we’re really stuck with BJ, arent we?

  49. @133

    I like that order better than what we have been putting out there. To be honest, I will be happy with anything involving a change with who is batting 2nd. B.J. is just not a viable option. I do not see how Fredi can defend leaving B.J. in there anymore.

    Also, why does he keep pulling La Stella so early for defensive replacement? I haven’t seen La Stella mess up bad enough to call for that kind of treatment thus far in his short tenure in the big leagues. Plus, it leaves us losing his bat when games like this happen.

  50. I think we will also see justin in the 2 spot but CJ Simmons BJ pitcher is going to make for some quick innings.

  51. @135

    I agree with your assessment on Schafer at this point. He is a great tool off the bench for defense and baserunning, but he is not a viable platoon option for CF. I think we really are stuck with B.J.

    Also, I would like to see J. Upton in the 2-hole. I think it best to keep C.J. where he is at the moment cause he seems comfortable there. He really has been hitting well lately, so why mess with his head? He seems a bit mentally fragile.

  52. @137
    Ah, you continue to believe that Fredi “thinks”. Oh…. No. He reacts and goes with the gut

  53. If you all haven’t noticed, CJ is regressing again. Regressing upward I mean.

    There is no way I would bat justin anywhere below #5. Putting justin in the second spot with CJ sixth look good to me. Seems like Jason is liking the fifth hole.

  54. @142 and @143

    I agree with the both of you. There is one problem though. I just got done reading an article on ESPN. After complaining of dizziness again prior to the game, they are going to get J. Upton a full evaluation now. So, we might be without him a little bit longer. I hope this is not true, but I would figure that this full evaluation would put a holt to seeing J. Upton play this weekend.

  55. @144. I don’t think so. It’s not like Jason is an established .300-30-100 guy which is worth that kind of respect.

  56. 142 — You’re right. His batting average is over .280 and his OBP is finally over .300. I would like the OBP to get at least to a .315.

  57. Meanwhile, Evan Gattis leads the regulars with a .298 BA. Eat ’em up, White Bear!

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