Randall Simon Game Thread

The Milwaukee Brewers moved to the National League in 1998, and there haven’t been a whole lot of memorable moments for the franchise since then. Perhaps the most memorable of all came in 2003, courtesy of a former Brave, Randall Simon:

Disclaimer: Braves Journal does not endorse swinging bats at mascots.

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  1. Four hours after the event = “Breaking News.” The obligatory “no one’s laughing now” lede. The faux seriousness of Randall Simon being “interviewed” for possible “assault.”

    Don’t ever change hackeneyed local newscasts. Don’t ever change.

  2. Not to say that I’m essentially opposed to assaulting mascots, but I always preferred Bernie Brewer to the racing sausages. Any mascot wearing lederhosen wins me over every time.

  3. I don’t know Alex, I’ve seen Uggla toss his bat into the stands way too many times on his follow through.

  4. Today’s lineup is the same as yesterday, why mess with what’s working I guess? I know it’s incredibly early and I get why Fredi’s doing it (though I don’t agree with it), but if I have to see BUpton come up in a big spot too many times this April I may lose it.

  5. So I’m thinking that this is a must win game. I think a loss and the resulting negaitve momentum could cost us at least two places in the standings at the end of the year. Anyone else have the same feeling? In other words, if we lose, we’re dooooooooooooooooomed!!!!

  6. If BJ and Uggla get 5 hits or so between them, the team scores 4 and they lose, it’s not a bad day per se. It’s a bad day, yes. Losing is bad. But the big deal is getting BJ Upton away from the black hole that lurks beneath his feet if he starts slow.

  7. As for mascots, my favorite was when Randall Simon snuck out and broke Don Baylor’s leg.

  8. Wait, there is a game today? I had just assumed that today would be the obligatory day-off-after-game-one thing.


    We’re batting a thousand the second time through the order.

  10. BJ… Geez. He may have even regressed from last year. Let’s keep batting him second, or better yet, lead off

  11. Wait a minute, Regression is hitting cleanup? How did I miss this? I mean not that it matters much, but that’s not what I’d have expected.

  12. Who’s the third base coach now? That is not a real auspicious way to start your major-league coaching career.

  13. Is this real?? Well I guess the way the offense is hitting that’s the only way to score.

  14. Segura really didnt even make a strong throw either. Freddie was even in the picture when the catcher caught it. Worst 3b coaching decision I’ve ever seen. Snitker didn’t sniff that one.

  15. The shortstop literally had the ball in position to throw as Freedie was rounding third base. Mike freaking Piazza would’ve thrown him out from the shortstop position on that.

  16. Freeman rounds second…here’s the throw to the plate…Freenans getting the green light

  17. I can’t believe there’s a worse bunting team than ours. The whole staff looks pathetic.

  18. JASON!!

    You’ll need to hit a couple hundred more of those for this offense to be respectable, though.

  19. what was that! he hit that ball out of the park! is that even allowed?

  20. Well there’s your runs Mr. Wood, that’s probably all you’ll get so time to bear down.

  21. Thankfully that’s the last we’ll have to hear from krussell and Chief about how we’re not going to score a run all year.

  22. By the way, would it be possible to try and keep those types of posts (the ones mentioned @54) down to like one a game for each of you or something? I promise I’ll seriously consider offing myself every time we strike out if it’ll help.

  23. Dascenzo was trying to hold Freddie at 3rd on that homer… he trotted through the stop sign.

  24. Wow, got away for a moment when we scored. Maybe I should not follow the game after all.

  25. He doesn’t have a lot to show for it, but Uggnutz is really slaughtering the ball right now.

    BTW, McCann just got his first AL RBI.

  26. Still talking about Francoeur? That’s like 4 RFs ago. They remember him like he was Hank Aaron. Hey Jeff, how’s El Passo?

  27. Forgive my ignorance, but I didn’t pay attention to spring training at all. Is Carpenter still our theoretical setup guy or did Walden get it back from him?

  28. I think the number one, single stupidest reason to bat BJ Upton second is this: It is the ONLY mismatch opportunity we’re going to get with this lineup. The only lefties we have in the lineup bat 1 and 3. After a LOOGY gets through Freeman, it’s all righties.

    So why waste the only booby-trap in your lineup on a guy who sucks?

  29. Gonna be a long time before I stop getting the shakes when Carpenter comes into the game.

  30. Nice to see Dan’s line drives falling in. I’m sure he’ll hit a little better now that he’s not looking at that .167 average every day.

  31. @93 – Show me the inaccuracy in what I said. He threw 4 breaking balls, and three bounced in front of the plate, one behind it.

  32. We will look back on this win at the end of the year and say this is when we turned the season around. (-;

  33. @98

    For the record, you’re right. Kimbrel’s slider was garbage today. He threw it three times and brained some poor guy in the front row with two of them. Didn’t matter today, though, because no one could catch up to his fastball. That happens to him occasionally, though, I’m sure he’ll get it worked out.

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