Braves 5

Andrelton hit a HR. Justin hit a HR. Carlos Gomez hit a small child in the face. Julio threw 6000 pitches or something like that. None of which hit a small child in the face.

Carlos Gomez assaults small children.

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  1. @55 on the previous thread: that description is horrible. They obviously didn’t show anything on TV, but judging from the players’ reactions, I thought whoever had gotten hit might have been killed. What a scary moment.

  2. Found this in an article: “Just went to see the young fan that was hit by my foul ball last night,” Gomez wrote Wednesday on Twitter. “He was in great spirits and I had a chance to sign the ball.” So apparently the kid is ok although I still worry about lingering head injury issues. Hopefully they will be monitoring him closely for a while.

  3. Seems like CJ and Laird went to see the kid in the hospital. Couldn’t get some “Grade A” Braves in there to see him? Maybe I’m being too harsh.

  4. It may injure my brain to reconcile kind and considerate Carlos Gomez with preening jerkwad Carlos Gomez. It’s almost as if more than one thing can be true. How threatening.

  5. Carlos Gomez apparently Googled “how to talk to rich people” after making it with the Brewers, so he could talk to rich people.

  6. Lawnmower: Wow, that’s some severely “well-studied” alt-rock.

    Song 2 sounds like Pavement’s Steve Malkmus fronting Nirvana before deciding mid-tune that it really wants to be The Breeders.

    Song 4 sounds like it could be the subject of a cease-&-desist order from The Dead Milkmen.

    Between Lawnmower & Yuck, half the fun is picking out the most obvious “influences.” At least, they’re “borrowing” from great bands. (Sure was easier when Led Zeppelin was doing it.)

  7. ububba, you going to be in town to check out the “museum acts” at the 40 Watt this Friday?

  8. I thought it was Nirvana that decided mid-tune that it really wanted to be the Breeders.

  9. Nirvana wanted to be the Pixies. The Breeders wanted to be Nirvana only with Kim Deal fronting.

  10. #17
    And The Ventures.

    No, I’ll be in Detroit this wknd. But I saw that 40 Watt bill & it looks like fun. I always liked Is/Ought Gap (and just about any band Bryan Cook was in, to be honest). They always did a great version of “Personality Crisis.”

    One of the weirder 40 Watt nights I ever spent was a dead-ass Monday for an Is/Ought Gap show with about 17 people in the audience, including Hank Williams, Jr.

    And no, Bocephus did not take in the whole set.

  11. As soon as Joe said “this team has been struggling to score runs without a home run over the past few games…” I said “Great, now Reynolds is going to hit a grand slam.” I hate being right.

  12. Haven’t you all watched enough baseball to know that it’s almost never over after one inning?

  13. We’ve watched enough *Braves* baseball to be rather unconfident about this team’s ability to score four runs in nine innings.

  14. Considering that we have scored at least six runs just twice in the past 27 games, I think we’re at the walk-the-dog point.

  15. Fredi gave up on this game too, seeing as how he let Santana hit for himself in the 5th.

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