Mets 4 “Barves” 3

For those of you who don’t believe in the Easter Bunny,  it is pretty obvious he came and visited the Barves last night with all the eggs that were laid today.

The Barves “defense” committed three errors and the “hitters” left nine men on base. Not a great recipe for victory. In most games this might have been a blow out, except we were playing the Mets. So it took them 14 innings to send the Barves to their charter back to Atlanta.

David Hale had a very good outing going six and striking out five. Really, all six pitcher the Braves trotted out were solid. Gus ‘Pickles’ Schlosser went 3 2/3 and was obviously taking one for the team. He gave up the winning run in the 14th after a walk and some stellar “defense” in front of him. He did collect his first big league hit though.

In a tie game in the seventh the Braves had runners at the corners with no one out. BJ Upton popped up to short. Then Freddie Freeman (who is in negotiations with Chipper Jones about buying his minority ownership role in the Mets) ended the Barves chance at the sweep. Chipper may hold on to his ownership role a few more weeks.

Great road trip though. The Marlins are coming to town and are terrible. I imagine they will give us fits.

(For a good laugh, click on the Easter Bunny link above)


19 thoughts on “Mets 4 “Barves” 3”

  1. Good Heavens, that link is hilarious. I’m still gasping from laughing so hard.

    The Braves didn’t do David Hale any favors today. Pickles, though, deserved what he got. You walk the leadoff man in the bottom of the 14th, then throw a wild pitch, you deserve taking the L.

    That being said though, it was by far his best outing.

  2. Speaking of giving the guy a break, Alex, Sutton is wonderful. Powell doesn’t have to do anything to make him look good! (And vice versa.)

    One of the best announcing moments I’ve ever heard came last year when he told a story about overhearing Vin Scully over all the fans’ loud transistor radios while they listened to him at Dodger Stadium. Scully said his arm looked done, so he signaled his manager to come take him out of the ballgame. Complete with impressions of Vin (Powell joined in for that part, and then did some Uecker). What makes the story even better is that I bet every word of it was a lie.

  3. Fantasy note: I’m feeling pretty good after a 7-2 win over the Gobblers. The Eephuses are turning their young season around. Who’s next?

  4. @AAR-

    Uggla also just let one straight through his legs. The ball took a tough bounce, but you’ve gotta knock that down and keep the runner at 2nd at the very least.

  5. How many times will Carlos Gomez have to act like a complete lunatic before the conversation shifts from “unwritten rules” snark to…well, what a complete lunatic Carlos Gomez is?

  6. @7 it’s not April that’s the concern so much, it’s May…check this..
    6 vs Sf
    6 vs Stl
    4 vs Mil
    4 vs Bos
    3 vs Col

    that’s 23/29 games vs post season contenders. Might be time to start spying seats on the “we’re Dooooooomed” bandwagon if you’re into the buy low sell high kind of thing.

  7. IMHO, Colorado is not a postseason contender. I still don’t believe in Milwaukee, but who knows — maybe this is the year that they go nuts and everything breaks right. The Giants are very beatable, depending on who’s on the mound. The Cards and Sox are tough. But neither one is invincible.

  8. Whew, glad I decided to skip yesterday’s game. Here’s to Mr. Pickles for taking that one for the team (and keeping Walden & Kimbrel in the bullpen).

    And I’m sure his teammates really appreciate being drawn into all these on-field scraps.

    BTW, that Easter Bunny bit is either a future David Sedaris novella or a past life of John Wayne Gacy.

  9. The Cards just split a four game series 2-2 against a Nats club we are 5-1 against. They’re beatable.

  10. 13: I guess that’s the optimistic take. My pessimistic take was, “Shit, the Nats split that series with half their team on the DL? They’re not going away.”

  11. @9-

    Yeah. The Police Of The Fun Police (or Fun Police Police or Fun Police Inception or whatever) seem to have a very strict code that baseball players/fans have to follow:

    1) Carlos Gomez is allowed to act like a complete buffoon.
    2) Any reaction to Carlos Gomez acting like a complete buffoon is bad.
    3) Carlos Gomez’ reaction to reactions to him acting like a complete buffoon is good.

    So, from yesterday: His bat flip was OK. The Pirates yelling at him was not. Him taking off his helmet and looking for someone to hit with it…that was still OK. No Fun Police! Brian McCann Bad!

  12. @14, half the Nats team is not on the DL. Zimmerman, Fister, and Ramos are on the DL, and Span was out for part of it. They have all of the rest of their starting pitchers and position players and all of their bullpen. They like to moan about all the injuries they’ve suffered, but frankly, they haven’t been bitten by the injury bug nearly as hard as they like to think. They need to look at the Rangers’ roster and quiet down.

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