Aaron Harang? vs. Bartolo Colon??!?!!? game thread

Watching Bartolo Colon with a bat in his hands is one of the indelible pleasures of the 2014 season. It looks like this:

We make fun of the Mets a lot around here, which is as natural as breathing. But just think: if there were no New York Mets in the world, then we would have no opportunity to watch Bartolo Colon swing a bat. That reminds me of this particular scene:

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  1. Tonight we celebrate the fortieth anniversery of the setting of a record that will never be broken.

    And it was set by perhaps the only man worthy of being called a true hero. A story of good and evil, redemption and growth, and a clear example of how to live and lead in the years following the struggle.

    It is the one sports story that I believe is worth the re-telling. When my son was twelve, he and I stood in Cooperstown where we spent two solid hours discussing the good and the bad of that night and those times. He couldn’t get his arms around the intensity of the hatred directed at this strong and patient man.

    Can’t believe I won’t be there (health issues), but will be glued to the broadcast. Forty years. Simply can’t believe it.

  2. I thought Colon looked pretty good in that at-bat. Good timing and balance on the toe-tap, nice short swing, solid contact right out front, just caught it a tad low on the barrel. His sprint to first is a different matter.

  3. To the surprise of no one, the presentation of Hank’s UGA-style jersey got the loudest cheers.

  4. Watching Bupton swing through three slop fastballs right down the middle never gets easier, just more and more tiring.

  5. Watching Heyward and BJ swing thru fastballs makes me wonder if they make much contact during bp. Those two swing thru pedestrian fastballs constantly

  6. That was just terrible pitch selection. Keep bouncing curve balls farther in front of the plate until u finally throw the wild pitch. Great work

  7. I know he swung through three pitches, but I was encourage by BJ keeping his head on it.

    This could be his third good game in a row. I promise not to complain until June.

  8. I really don’t want to see any more first-pitch swings from anybody not surnamed Freeman or Johnson.

  9. Yeah, the poor Mets bullpen won’t come into play as Colon throws about 10 pitches per inning. First pitch swings without squaring anything up

  10. I wonder where this game ranks in terms of the heaviest combined weight of the two starting pitchers? Got to be pretty high.

  11. The pessimism is kicking in. For a team averaging 2.5 runs an outing … sigh, ballgame.

  12. This went from “we could still win this one” to “probably not going to happen tonight” really quickly.

  13. …and then we lose Avilan. Great. This might answer the question of how we make room for Santana on the roster for his start tomorrow.

  14. The things I tell myself when we fall behind:

    1-0: “Well, we needed one to win anyway.”

    2-0: “Well, it took 2 to win it ’til now anyway.”

    3-0: “Well, we weren’t going to score tonight anyway.”

  15. They haven’t hit a ball square since Freeman’s double in the first inning.

    Edit- thanks Andrelton for changing that

  16. And thank you, Andrelton, for ensuring that just 62.5 percent of our everyday lineup is at .600 or lower OPS.

  17. Well, most of that 62.5% isn’t this bad, so hopefully sooner and not later, things will turn around.

  18. And the runner there was obviously safe on the replay…why that took 10 minutes is beyond me.

  19. Replay is turning out to be exactly what I thought – an unnecessary delay in a game that too many (myself excluded) think is too slow in order to correct a statistically insignificant number of plays. Is it nice when your team gets a bonus on a reversed call ? Sure, but does the marginal benefit exceed the marginal cost ? Not to my eye.

    And this game has been disappointing to say the least. We got a bonus start from Harang and can’t do anything against league average (at best) fastballs. We’re not dooooommmmed (yet) but our lineup has to somehow learn to put the ball in play (messirs Freeman and Johnson excluded).

    Favorite stat heard in the pregrame show – take away the Hammer’s 755 HR and he still has 3000 hits. I knew this, but it still amazes me each time I hear it.

    No one on earth classier than Hank Aaron.

  20. Harang has given us two stellar starts. This offense is a serious problem.

    Frankly, I don’t mind the delays in game caused by replay. It pisses me off when wrong calls stand and it makes me happy when right calls prevail even when they go against my team. It is elementally unfair when a bad call stands.

  21. I guess when you are scoring less than 2 runs a game you need to be thankful that you are about to be 4-3 rather than 1-6.

    Rather than mixing in our terrible hitters throughout the lineup I think I’d rather see Simmons hit 2nd and just forfeit 3 innings per game with Uggla/BJ/Pitcher at the bottom of the lineup. Might be better chances for big innings in those other 6 innings.

  22. Might be time to give Heyward a day off and let Success lead off and play right field. Heyward is as lost at the plate as I ever remember

  23. Too much of this lineup is the batting equivalent of the Delta Tau Chi pledge class, where 2 C’s, 2 D’s and an F put Pinto atop the list.

  24. Fredi just pinch hit with Gerald Laird. With the bases loaded. In the bottom of the ninth.

  25. Damn. We had a lot of balls that looked like they just barely missed the sweet spot of the barrel.

  26. As Mac would say, the Braves just love to tease us with hope that they would never fulfill.

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