ESPN Box Score

Aaron Harang gave us another two hits over six innings — in 12.2 innings to start his Braves career, Aaron Harang has allowed four hits and one run — and he didn’t come close to a win or a no-decision, as the Braves offense decided to wave the white flag on Henry Aaron’s big day. Jason Heyward had another 0-for-5 game, which just won’t cut it from the leadoff spot, but the offense basically didn’t do much of anything until Proven Closerâ„¢ Jose Valverde came out of the bullpen in the 9th and the Braves got two straight singles to open the inning.

The Mets’ first and deciding run scored in the third inning, by way of two walks, a productive flyball out, a stolen base, and a wild pitch. Harang ultimately walked four but struck out nine, and your guess is as good as mine.

It remained a 1-0 game until Harang came out of the game, and the Braves bullpen played the goat. First, Pickles Schlosser gave up a pop fly to left center — B.J. Upton should have caught it, but Justin Upton called for it and simply couldn’t get to it, and his ineptitude in the outfield is becoming more evident by the day. Two bloop singles followed, with a sacrifice bunt in between, and it became 3-0. Luis Avilan came in and his hamstring cramped as he tried to dodge a broken bat, so the 7th was ruinous for more than one reason. In the 8th, the Mets added another run off Ian Thomas and Pedro Beato, neither of whom is the answer.

But it didn’t really matter. It’s not like the Braves were in any mood to score.