Natinals 2, Braves 6

So what had happened was, I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Because, superhero movies are awesome. We went to a matinee, because movie tickets cost more than a year of college if you don’t. Movie let out around 5:30 so we walked down the street there in “Town Brookhaven(*)” to a tapas and tequila place and met some more folks. Then we drank and talked about the movie, and it was all “Cap was like BAM, POW, KABLOOEY!” and “Black Widow was all like WHAP, WHAMMO, KICKYOURFACEIN!” and somewhere in all of this, before the end of the game but after at least two beers and one or two margaritas on the rocks, I realized the game was going on and checked the app for updates. And in the middle of a conversation about a 95 year old superhero relic of America’s past fighting a resurgent Nazi-ish organization in Washington, DC, pivoting on the control of three flying S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarriers that would never have to land once airborne, I saw that BJ Upton was having a good game and thought “there’s only so far that I can suspend disbelief.”

Then I ordered more tequila. Sorry. I’m like that sometimes.

Julio Teheran wasn’t on, and left one in the zone for Adam LaRoche to run into in the first. But then, probably as shocked as anyone aside from LaRoche himself that Adam LaRoche just went third deck on him, he settled in and muddled through. Insert Don Sutton talking about how great pitchers know how to get by on days when they don’t have their best stuff here.

The Braves, as they are want to do, were up in Stephen Strasburg’s grill early and often, but didn’t break through until a throwing error by Ryan Zimmerman(**) in the fourth; an event that requires no suspension of disbelief at all; let the Braves back into it. At that point, with two down but runs in on the error, Strasburg did what he does best; melted down. Julio Teheran is a good hitting pitcher, but seriously, Stephen Strasburg is supposed to retire the damned pitcher there. But he didn’t, giving up a single and tying up the game. An inning later and Operation Fragile Glass was out of the game entirely having given up six runs, though only three of them “earned.” (There was another error, this one a throwing error by Harper from LF, in the fifth.) At that point, the storyline of the game was mostly set, and well summarized by Bowman at

With victories in the first two games of this weekend’s three-game set, the Braves have won 15 of the 21 games played against the Nationals dating back to the beginning of the 2013 season. Teheran has been credited with three of those victories, and Strasburg has lasted fewer than five innings in three of his past four starts against Atlanta.

Fredi let Teheran muddle through seven full, even though it took him 111 pitches to do it, then went to Ian Thomas to turn down the covers in the 8th. Jordan Walden tucked them in for the night in the 9th. The four run lead managed to both give Kraken a night off in the early going and rub the fact that we find better relievers than their entire pen lounging around the minors in the Mets’ faces. Double win!

Atlanta goes for the sweep today at 1:35 PM. Alex Wood for us. Taylor Jordan gets his first start of the year for Hydra.

No, seriously. BJ Upton was the hero last night. That part really happened.

(*)Just because you build an outdoor mall complex where the old run-down college apartments used to be doesn’t make you a town, Brookhaven.

(**)Of note, on that throwing error Zimmerman seems to have munged up his shoulder again, and is being scheduled for another MRI. At this point, the guy’s shoulder is about as operational as Tommy Hanson’s. Don’t be shocked to see Anthony Rendon at 3B and Danny Espinosa at 2B for a while. Ryan Zimmerman is, at this point, a first baseman.

22 thoughts on “Natinals 2, Braves 6”

  1. JC’ed…

    Looks like Harper’s angling to be our manager: “‘Last year’s over,’ Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper said. ‘Close the book as best you can. They’re a great team, great organization, and sometimes you’ve got to tip your cap.’”

  2. It’s good to know that at least something went right yesterday!

    Great game by Atlanta! BJ Upton and Dan Uggla have both produced at least one solid game this year! Hey, Upton even threw a guy out at the plate! It was a good enough throw that some MLB.TV flunky labeled it with the vaunted “Must C” tag.

    In other news, a sad but fond farewell to this year’s Florida basketball team. What a great bunch of guys to root for! It was a very uncharacteristic game, and I’m not surprised to learn that Wilbekin wasn’t 100%, but I don’t mind it at all. It was a fun team to watch for the whole season, and they were definitely more than just a welcome distraction from the preceding football season. I hope UConn can beat Kentucky in the championship game, but I’m predicting that Cats will blow them out. UConn could hardly handle Patrick Young on the block and Casey Prather slashing. They’ll get destroyed by Kentucky’s larger and more dynamic frontcourt. And Napier/Boatright give up like 4+ inches to Kentucky’s twins. GL with that UConn.

  3. Re: Zimmerman

    You’d think they’d take it as a golden opportunity to pull LaDouche from the line-up.

  4. Re: Zimmerman

    You’d think they’d take it as a golden opportunity to pull LaDouche from the line-up.

  5. Edward, please choose an account to post from and use that one exclusively.

  6. BJ looking to make up for yesterday’s positive production, is not satisfied with making just one out and decides to make two.

  7. Re: Zimmerman

    You’d think they’d take it as a golden opportunity to pull LaDouche from the line-up.

    nah, just messing around

  8. Repeat after me, Dan:

    I am not Andrelton.
    I am not Andrelton.
    I am not Andrelton.

  9. The Pierce Brosnan account was really key during the 007 conversation.

    Anyhow, do deletion requests get considered?

    Re: Today’s Game.

    Stupid ground balls.

  10. Great job by Justin to put the ball in play with a hitters count… A family trait lately

    Way to go Uggs!

  11. Would have been nice to get both of those runs, but just tying the game up late gets those “here we go again” thoughts spun up in the Nat’s dugout.

  12. So Heyward = BJ at the moment…

    dangit Jason, why can’t you be consistent like Freddie

  13. J-Hey’s now in a 0-17 slide. We sure do have some majorly streaky hitters, don’t we? I just hope that his neck really was okay enough for him to be in there today.

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