Roll them over in the clover…BRAVES 2 GNATS 1…Hail mellow, good bet…

Zimmerman/Hale…it doesn’t sound too good… courage!

we’ve beat them once or twice
and  found it rather nice
roll them over in the clover, do it again
roll them over
in the clover
roll them over, knock them down and do it again.

1.  he’s not there?  He is, but may be buggy, let’s hope…1,2,3  for us but Jason got good wood, fine catch by uknowwho…their line up – Rendon worries me, Ramos missing a plus…Hale bright start, 93, with 2 K’s, gives up hard single to Werth…ALR makes the third out c/w Bosox Bush…

2.  CJ ground out, JUP K, Dan solid first pitch single, EOB flailing K… Harper 1 out single, screws up on the bases thereafter, 2 out..AS great play on Desmond ground ball but Freddy  can’t scoop it..Loboton grounds out to the pitcher…Hale must be pleased so far, looks decent…

3.  Andrelton flies out CF, Jason hit on the soccer we’d be fearing metatarsal, dirty word there, months out…happily no sign of that as BJ’s    ground ball forces him at second…




switched to my old (free) standby…

4…still scoreless…FF lead off single…CJ, Justin, Dan all K… Hey, we’re still not behind…
ALR 1 out walk..Zimmerman doubles over Justin’s head, LR thrown out at the plate!  Hale gets Harper for third out..
5.. EL OSO BONCO, L/OFF HOMER, LOVELY!!  Simmons single, thrown out stealing…BRAVES PITCHER’S BUNTING IS PATHETIC, A DISGRACE…Jason just misses a 2 run homer …   BRAVES 1 GNATS 0

brouhaha…Desmond double to lhcorner, ball lodges,  Justin arms in the air, Desmond all the way around…appeal…we win, ruled a lead off double…Rule 705F.. What rule is this – Desmond picked off on the bases! Hale tiring, walks Loboton…Gnats p/hitting Nate McLeod for Zimmerman…he flies out, 2 down…great snag by Freddy for 3rd out on vicious Spahn liner…

6   Stammen pitching… CJ 1 out double… can’t bring him round… Hale gone, great job…Pickles gives up l/off single to Rendon…passed ball…Werth walks…2 0n , no  outs.. Uggla misplays dp ball, Zimmerman ties score with SFly…Harper grounds out…    BRAVES 1   GNATS  1

7  Gattis, Simmonds, Doumit go 1,2,3…  Walden pitches, makes Desmond look silly…Loboton 1 out double, come back Ramos!  Espinosa p/hits, flies out…Walden replaced by Avilan who gets Spahn…

8  Heyward walks…terrible at bat by BJ…Freeman singles, Jason to 3rd…CJ, Sac Fly! JuP strikes out…  Someone tell me just how many times the Upton brothers have struck out today…  Carpenter give s up l/off single then walks Werth on 4… strikes out LRoche…strikes out Zimmerman…here’s Harper…wonderful come back by Carpenter – after tying and go ahead runs on with no outs struck out the next 3!!      BRAVES  2  GNATS  1

9  Barret, just up, strikes out Uggla looking…Gattis looking…Barrett apparently the presumptive closer for the Gnats…Simmonds, again, flies out deep for third out…   KIMBREL…Desmond K, Loboton K, Frandsen pop up…sill no slider but WTF…   Braves Win!!

this is number one

and the wins have just begun

rolled them over in the clover, put them down

rolled them over

hot league stover

rolled them over, tied them up and showed the town.







84 thoughts on “Roll them over in the clover…BRAVES 2 GNATS 1…Hail mellow, good bet…”

  1. Really nice win. Looked like a loss “on-paper”. Looked like a loss for most of the game really. But we’re pitching our collective asses off to start the season. Kimbrel is gonna be worth every penny if we play nothing but 2-1 games.

    Sooner or later the offense is going to wake up. I’ve already got Upton fatigue though.

  2. Has anybody nicknamed Kimbrel "The Redneck Rivera" yet? Because I would very much like to do that now.— Jason Isbell (@JasonIsbell) April 4, 2014

  3. Oh, he doesn’t need any advice from me. He’s doing pretty well these days.

    Teheran vs. Strasburg tomorrow night: More strikeouts on the horizon. Let’s hope we get a couple HRs as well.

  4. Boy its nice to get off to a good start, winning 2/3 from the Nats would be awesome.
    An Upton showing they belong on the field would be cool too.

  5. Has there ever been a professional team that has done so little in their entire existence (good regular season in 2012), but still had so many swearing up-and-down how great they are, as the Washington Nationals today?

  6. This is exactly how I was expecting the season to go, with us starting Teheran, Wood, Harang, and Hale for our first 4 games. 5 runs in 4 games – the least runs allowed in Braves’ history over the 1st 4 games of the season. I know probably half the people on this blog predicted the same thing – right??? (-;

  7. Sharp defense (in addition to keeping the ball in the park) has been one the keys thus far.

  8. @11

    Right, certainly wouldn’t have predicted that. There are 15-20 starts that Teheran, Minor, Santana, Floyd, and Wood are not going to make, and we now have 2 of them leading directly to wins. If we win 7 or 8 of the those games, we’re going to be in great shape.

  9. in baseball our sabermetricians
    adept at assuming positions
    where the means meet the end
    will not likely extend
    the same to attending physicians.

  10. a gerontologist decrees
    the Phillies, if you check their knees
    much signs of wear and tear
    what really do we care
    there’s Papelbon, just pitch him please.

  11. we all feel sorry for the Mets
    he’s still in jail so Sandy frets
    a scam or two, then play
    with money sent your way
    that well now dry, let’s cheer the Jets.

  12. if we’re allowed to pick one Fish
    consensus says that Cuban dish
    that Brian so adored
    he may live by the sword
    but baby we can only wish.

  13. the GM and the Draft…

    still haunted by visions of Trout
    he’s called the appropriate scout
    just how could we miss him?
    you always would diss him
    while Harper you cruelly did out.

  14. @15
    You might not care but I’d be willing to bet that Fredi did and instead of pushing Ervin to be ready April 9th, is re-thinking his return date.

  15. By the way, according to Fredi Gonzalez, Justin Upton did the exact right thing with Desmond’s ball:

    The umpires ruled that the ball had lodged in the padding and awarded Desmond two bases according to Rule 7.05(f). Gonzalez said he’ll make sure his outfielders know in future situations to hold their hands up and not try to retrieve the ball if it’s stuck in or beneath a fence or under a bench.

  16. @9, the Nats are a good team with a bunch of good players. And 2012 wasn’t a “good regular season”; they were the winningest team in Major League Baseball and won 98 games, something the Braves haven’t done since 2003.

    They still have a lot to prove, but they have a lot of talent on that team, and we underestimate them at our peril.

  17. Most pundits don’t think they will be able to keep it up, but the Marlins, who many noted before the season have some dangerous young talent, are making some early noise.

  18. Emphasis on some. They’re what they always are: a low-payroll young team with a couple of monsters and a bunch of anonymous guys making the minimum. They could definitely play spoiler and they’ll beat some good teams, but they’re not a good team themselves.

  19. 29: Certainly does seem that way… although against Strasburg, less shame about striking out. The man is nasty.

  20. It’s going to get real awkward real soon when our two-hole hitter is hitting .100 three weeks into the season. That’s going to put Fredi in a tough situation.

    By April 20th, we’re going to have the Schafer Watch. I wonder if Schafer will have more ABs this season than BJ.

  21. Don’t like Doumit as a catcher so far, he moves way too much back there and sucks at framing. That pitch sequence to roach was terrible as well.

  22. With the way our offense has been over the first four games, a two-run lead feels insurmountable. I can’t wait until all of our collective (more than likely non-BJ) hitters all go into a hot streak and score tons of runs over a few games.

  23. Julio! Dude can swing the bat a little. Right back in it. Let’s get that pitch count up a little more.

  24. Love Zimmerman. He always seems to come through for the Braves when they need it most. Even had the decency to spike that ball into the stands so Upton scored even though he lost track of the play.

  25. Man, this is fun to watch…save for the fact I’ve got the whiny National announcers. Is there a worse bunch out there excluding Chip Caray?

  26. Knocking Strasburg out of the box is always a good thing. Even if he’s on my fantasy team, and I forgot to replace him because I can be a dumbass sometimes.

  27. We just own the Nats. No idea why, but we do. When BJ and Dan are getting hits off you, you’re doomed.

  28. Throw strikes, Julio! I know it’s strange for us to score runs, but you’ve gotta learn to deal with success.

  29. @44 I Don’t think the Nats announcers are so bad. I always watch the other broadcast, because I’m so sick of Simpson/Carray. The Yankees radio team is THE worst team I’ve ever heard, which sucks because the Yankees are the only team I can get on the radio where I live.

  30. My TV just told me BJ had a double, single, and outfield assist.

    I took it back to Best Buy. Clearly defective.

  31. do you suppose those HFT guys made a killing in vegas on strausberg’s implosion immediately following zimmerman’s heave?

  32. Tags from SI’s article on this game:

  33. @77

    Yeah, the story from Friday was about how the Nats lost, too. Media cannot handle when reality diverges from the established storyline. Think of all that work they’d have to do creating a new storyline!

  34. Looks like Harper’s angling to be our manager: “‘Last year’s over,’ Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper said. ‘Close the book as best you can. They’re a great team, great organization, and sometimes you’ve got to tip your cap.'”

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