Phillies 2, Braves 1

Aaron Harang had another quality start, pitching 6 scoreless innings. He ’s won his last 4 and really pitched well enough to win again tonite. Dare i say this…i’ve come to enjoy watching him pitch. My 9 year old has better velocity, but the Harangatang has movement, he locates and changes speeds. He also leads the team with 17 quality starts.

However, Cole Hamels was on his game tonite. He allowed only 4 hits across 7 innings, 1 run, no passes and 9 KOs. In the post game interviews, he mentioned that he rarely used his best pitch, a change up, because his fastball was working so well tonite.

Alas, there was no score into the 7th when Shae Simmons came on in relief. After giving up a hit to Grady Sizemore, Shae served up nasty 2-2 slider that Rollins fouled off. I was sure, at that moment, that he was going to KO Rollins, but then he threw a sinker that didn’t sink and Rollins hammered it into the wind and over the fence. 2 – 0 Phillies. Grrrrr!

The Braves put a rally together in the bottom of the 7th. After Freeman was robbed of a hit on a terrific play by Chase Utley. Upton doubled, Heyward flied out. Chris Johnson doubled and plated Upton. Tommy LaStella left us hanging with a strikeout to end the flame.

B.J. Upton made it interesting in the 8th with an infield single, but then got caught stealing to end the inning.

David Carpenter pitched the top of the 9th and Jonathan Papelbon came in to finish it out for the Phillies.

Our 3 game win streak was stopped and we are now tied for first with the Nationals.

BTW: Evan Gattis is expected to return next week against Miami. Luis Avilan was optioned to Gwinnett.

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  1. Regarding the last thread: since he went to go work for Major League Baseball, Peter Gammons has not seemed to be nearly as well-sourced as he was when he worked for ESPN or for the Boston Globe. He’s also 69 years old. I am guessing that his days of hustling are behind him.

  2. Colby Lewis, in my eyes, looks like the biggest pansy in Major League Baseball.

    If you want to employ the shift, you also can’t add a 10th fielder known as the Unwritten Law. Make a pitch, loser.

  3. The Lewis thing is pure comedy. Even his teammates must be chuckling about that whine.

  4. I guess Johnson was saving all of his power for the second half. I am okay with that if he keeps this up.

  5. I have come to expect a double from La Stella when bases are loaded. This kid is just a joy to watch. I am going to go nuts the first time he drops a bomb.

  6. With the addition of Shreve and S. Simmons, the subtraction of Uggla, and the likelihood of Gattis joining tomorrow, this team is ready for another run!

  7. Typical Peraza and Wren: Peraza leads off game with a single, steals 2nd right away, and Wren doubles him home.1 out later, Wren steals 3rd base but is left stranded by a GIDP.

  8. Nothing wrong with being 69 – Billy Joe Shaver’s 74 and kicking ass like always – but Gammons is already in the Hall of Fame, he’s employed by the organization he ostensibly covers as a journalist, and he’s at an age where most people think about retiring and doing something else. Hitting the pavement and doing shoe-leather reporting doesn’t seem to be his top priority right now.

  9. @27
    Essentially said the same thing on twitter. That’s a “stamp back to Gwinnett” at-bat.

  10. Honestly, I want to see what the kid Gosselin has. From my understanding, he would serve as a super utility guy just as well as Pastornicky in that he can play a number of positions.

  11. @30

    Judging from the getting picked off Saturday night, I am not even sure he is a pinch runner. Schafer is the only pinch runner we need on this team. I want to see someone like Gosselin or anyone else get a chance. Pastornicky has had his fair share of chance over the last few years. It is time for someone else.


    I’d like to say thanks to the Phils, too, but this might be a sign of change. I would say that most of our players today have showed the ability to have patient. If this is true, we could be looking at a great second half.

  12. David Hale recovered nicely last inning. He’s been gold this year. Beating up on the Phillies is kind of fun.

  13. The illusion of David Carpenter is seemingly done. Seems like we should start calling him Groovy.

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