Braves 3, Mets 1

Sometimes this team wins like elephants. Last night, for example, was a stampede of pachydermia across the remainder of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s American baseball career. Other times, like tonight, they’re more reptilian. Crocodiles. Just lurking. Waiting. Nothing but a pair of cold dead orbs above the placid surface of the black water. Eying the poor, stupid herd-beast at the water’s edge. Frigid. Patient. Killing stare.

The deer-like fools thinks they’re going to get away with a cool drink of water and BAM! El Oso Blanco resurgens! Deep fly to deep left. WHAM! The Reason with to the same spot, ten rows deeper. And at that point, it’s just a matter of the bullpen death roll and the sad, wayward beestie’s last helpless bleats.

Good things from tonight?

Kris Medlen, 7 IP, 9 K, 1 earned.
Bossman Junior with 2 more hits.
The Bear back in the bigs, 3 for 3 with a big fly.
Jason Heyward cleared to resume baseball activities.

In other news, I spent the first 7 innings streaming Banshee off of Cinemax. Because Amish gangsters, that’s why. Who wants to watch the boring stalking part when you can just flip over to see the kill shot?

112 thoughts on “Braves 3, Mets 1”

  1. Post #40 from the last thread is pretty cool. It’s nice to see Kimbrel get that kind of recognition in the game.

  2. SN transcript from yesterday:

    Tyler Smith (Atlanta, GA)
    Is Fredi Gonzalez the most underrated manager in baseball? The Braves have the best record in the game despite a MASSIVE amount of injuries to key players and poor seasons from two lineup regulars.

    David Schoenfield (1:27 PM)
    Hard to say. I know Braves fans didn’t like him a couple years ago. I liked Atlanta at the start of the season in part because of their depth. Throw in that the NL East has been terrible and that’s helped as well. Underrated? Maybe, but it seems more like something I’d give credit to the front office than the manager.

  3. I agree with Schoenfield. I think Wren may be the most underrated GM in the game. By all indications, Fredi is an above average skipper at this point, and Roger McDowell appears to be one of the best pitching coaches in the game. But the roster has been quite deep and amazingly resilient considering the injuries, and a lot of that has to do with the roster architect. Wren’s been brilliant.

  4. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s thought that. The free agent duds don’t look great, but it’s amazing the Braves have been able to withstand two players as unproductive in most ways as Uggla and BJ and still performed near or at the top of the league. It can’t be easy putting together such depth on Liberty Media’s budget (and that crappy TV deal). I’m impressed.

  5. Nice to see The White Bear come out of his cave.

    Caught ChiSox/Yanks in The Bronx tonight.

    Saw Chicago’s Chris Sale (think Alex Wood, but skinnier) dominate until he gave out in the bottom of the 8th. The Sox dropped the ball all over the field, but he entered the bottom of the 8th with a 4-1 lead.

    He left with a 4-3 lead, but the next 3 relievers gave up 4 consecutive hits & the game was lost. Rivera did his thing in the 9th, and that was that.

    If you think the Mets are bad, let me introduce you to the White Sox.

  6. Nobody is going to remember or care if BJ and Uggla hit .200 in 2013 if we win in the playoffs and they get their share of clutch hits. I’m beginning to think that this must come to pass in order to win the whole thing. I know we’ve pretty much won without them all year, but for some reason I keep coming back to those two and thinking they are they keys.

  7. If BJ and/or Uggla come up with the big hit(s) that help the Braves win the World Series this year, I won’t complain if they go 0 for the rest of their respective contracts. They automatically get a grace period for the rest of their time here.

  8. happy birthday to our special guy…

    wait till his bat goes to the next level, its getting there…
    he will rediscover right field
    he will continue swinging at the first pitch(see Gattis, EOB)
    he will pop up occasionally just to please Bethany
    he will be a 300 hitter with power…God knows what WAR

    he’s bright, he thinks
    he’s humble
    he is a very special young man and a marvelous baseball player

    10 year contract please @ whatever it takes

    want to tell me why i’m wrong?

  9. @12—Simba, bringing everyone together since 2012. “It’s a beautiful thing when the highlights and the statistics tell us the same thing, because then we don’t have to yell at each other. “

  10. @12, Reading that, seems that Simba’s a shoo-in for Neyer’s Gold Glove vote? What are the odds he wins the GG?

  11. 2013 Wish List: Gold Gloves for Andrelton and Freddie, a batting title for CJ, and a World Series championship for the Braves. Kimbrel gets a Cy Young?

  12. There is no way in, around, nor under hell that Kimbrel takes the CYA from Clayton Kershaw this year. Kimbrel’s awesome. Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball.

  13. @22

    Yeah, Kimbrel had a better argument and a better year last year. This year, he’s having a slightly worse year, but Kershaw’s better than anybody was last year. There’s no way it’s not Kershaw’s. Hell, if I had a vote, I’d even vote for Kershaw.

    However, it would be an equal travesty if Simmons didn’t win the Gold Glove. Like, he’d better win the Gold Glove or they might as well not even give out the award anymore.


    Because 10-year contracts at “whatever it takes” are never a good idea?

  14. What are the benefits of buying out Simmons’ arb years if the “10 years at whatever it takes” contract doesn’t give them some discount in the post-arb years?

  15. @24, locking in a salary at 2013 levels that you know will increase significantly every year between now and 2023?

  16. On the radio last night, Don said one guy he was sure would have a better career than it turned out was Langerhans. Upon looking it up, turns out he went all the way back to Indy League baseball this year before catching on with Toronto’s AAA affiliate. At 33. I’d never tell anyone to stop doing anything, but that’s some dedication.

  17. sam…

    agreed, it should…

    i just want to show him how much he is appreciated and valued, long term…the nearest penny is immaterial and i’m much less familiar with the intricacies of that than you are…just don’t let’s make it all totally money related…

    spike @28…


  18. Whoa there was a soccer post last night! Totally missed this… Nice write up on Bale blazon. I will say that it’s disingenuous to say that Tottenham received nothing for him. They knew this was happening all summer and had already reinvested the money in like 7 new players by the time he was actually sold. All told I think they actually spent like 20 million pounds more than they sold Bale for so they should be in decent shape once everyone gets settled in.

    The biggest problem with club soccer is that it’s an oligarchy at the top. Any time there is a quality player coming through the ranks at a lesser club inevitably he’ll be snatched up by the biggest clubs because they play in the Champions League and can pay higher wages so players always aspire to this upward movement. Pretty much the only way to break into this club is to have your team be bought by an uber rich Russian or oil shiek who will sling money around like they don’t give a fuck. This is annoying if you’re a fan of a team not already in the highest echelon because it’s really really hard to break in unless you’re already there… The best example of a team that did this is Bourissia Dortmund in Germany who make pennies compared to what Real Madrid and Bayern Munich pull in but made the Champions League Final last year and nearly won it because they’re just an outstandingly well run club. I’m a fan of Liverpool who are owned by the Red Sox owners who aren’t super rich but a solid businessmen and my hope is that they’re turning Liverpool into the Dortmund of England.

    Anyway, I just felt like the previous post should be somewhat commented on as it was very well written. Continue on everyone!

  19. Loe is a single away from giving up a cycle here in the first. Not really what you want to see from your starter.

  20. I’m not sure what’s worse: Loe’s pitching or the dopey look on his face when he’s watching one of his meatballs sent back toward downtown.

  21. Glossary entry? A Loe Blow- When the Braves sign or call up a crap pitcher to start a game so the regular starters get extra rest, in which the obvious result of a loss occurs.

  22. And the Braves finish the 1st inning an impressive 0 – 4 w/ RISP… I mean, it’s likely to be irrelevant due to Loe’s awfulness, but still, really? 0 – 4 in a single inning?

  23. The Kameron Loe Experience reminds me a bit of Tony Graziani’s brief cameo as Falcons starting QB about 15 years ago. Any success is coincidental and purely a result of the law of averages dictating that not every throw can turn out poorly, no matter how devoid of pro-quality skill the subject happens to be.

  24. Got this piece of gold from the MLB Gameday scout: Kameron Loe is still attacking Lucas Duda with the sinker even though Duda hit one for a double last time up.

  25. And the result of the insistence upon the slider is as predictable as the time of low tide — or should I say, “Loe” tide? (insert rimshot and audience groans here)

    Based on background noise, I think Hudson’s getting mocked by his teammates a bit during his interview, but I prefer to think the Statler and Waldorfs in the dugout are heckling Loe, who, frankly, has earned it.

    Huddy: “I think we have a chance to win every night, no matter who comes up in the rotation.”

    Note the word choice: “night,” not “day.”

  26. I think Loe just wants to give Braves Country the chance to hear Hudson talk for a long time. I feel like this interview has already been long, and we still don’t have any outs.

  27. Glad I’m at work and can’t be tempted to watch this… I guess you could call it a game?

    Through 3 innings, Loe has allowed every player in the Mets lineup (including Gee) with the exception of Eric Young to reach base by hit or walk.

  28. Simpson and Murph calling BJ out on his mental lapses in CF. Have no idea what kind of route he was taking there. He was racing towards left to catch it, but the ball landed a few feet behind him. It was totally not Gattis’ ball, and if BJ had thought it was he would have backed him up, not stood in front of him. Very odd.

  29. @38/46/48 Seriously. I understand the value of having Loe start today, but I’m not encouraged by the apparent mental holiday the rest of the team has decided to take. It doesn’t bode well for the weeks that are about to elapse post-division-wrap-up. This is one of those very rare times when it seems a stern speech from the manager on the importance of staying focused is warranted.

    (And it goes without saying that Melvin the Younger has not earned one millimeter of rope. As Joe was just saying, his mental lapses seem to be getting worse, not better. $75 MILLION, Melvin.)

  30. Every fan who paid to watch this ought to be offered a refund or a ticket to a postseason game.

  31. That’s one knock I do have on Fredi. Last night during his press conference he said something about how winning series was the most important thing, and since we’ve done that were running out the bench tomorrow. When the manager dismisses the importance of a game, the players notice.

  32. None of these games matter. All that matters is October. The players know this deep down. I’m sure they are trying, but it’s just not the same intensity. If there was something we could do in September that would improve our October chances, then I’m all for it. Maybe the most important something is to rest our starters. Maybe not. I have no idea. I don’t think winning or losing against the Mets is going to make one bit of difference to our chances against the Cards/Pirates/Dodgers.

    And nothing can be done about BJ sucking. I’ve made it through to the acceptance phase.

  33. The weird thing is that we had that great chance in the first inning to tie this game and failed to do so. After that, we just seemed to roll over. The fact that Hudson got through a ten minute interview without having anything thrown on him tells me that these guys aren’t really awake yet. I’ll only get worried, though, if this feeling prevails through the next four weeks.

  34. @56

    I don’t think there’s any reason to think this feeling will prevail. This feeling wasn’t here yesterday. This is simply a getaway day game that everybody’s bagging.

  35. Not anybody should be surprised that Loe blows and that the Braves are losing this one. I know about “these games don’t matter” but still it totally annoys me that the Braves are giving a game away.

    And Loe is ugly.

  36. I don’t mind this today. It is good to give Simmons, Julio and Regression some rest.

    The B Bombers have played okay this year.

  37. Well I think playing at home where the team is 51-19 vs. the road where they are 34-34 matters somewhat in October. That being said I don’t mind the scrub roster as we’ve won with them a few times this year if memory serves.

  38. Both Loe and Garcia somehow just don’t look right in a Braves uniform. Had the same feeling when Troy Glaus was around. Hm.

  39. It happens. The only thing that’s surprising is that Terdoslavich isn’t starting for Freeman. Once you decide to pitch Loe, it’s a loss. He’s truly awful, and it beggars belief that he still gets a paycheck to play baseball at the highest level.

    On another note, I didn’t realize how good a centerfield Juan Lagares plays. He looks like a keeper to these eyes.

  40. So I just got back from lunch and saw you guys were all so negative, so I figured we were getting no-hit. But Janish has a hit! So why is everyone so down? We’re just getting the Janish hitting machine ready for the playoffs. #OneGoalInEverySeptemberGame

  41. @58 This game (and the remainder of the season) matters in the very real sense that the Braves’ record relative to the other NL teams will determine playoff home-field advantage… obviously, one extra game at home in a series shouldn’t make a huge difference, but then again we’re talking about a team that’s been amazing at home and roughly .500 on the road.

  42. @57 I totally agree. I don’t think this feeling will last, and I actually don’t blame them for feeling like this today.

    @62 I’d add Livan Hernandez to that list. He never looked right in a Braves uni.

  43. I hope it is safe to say that this is the last we’ll see of Mr. Loe. On another note: These games do count. The Braves haven’t clinched anything yet. They need to maintain a competitive edge and continue to try to win through the end of the season. Doing otherwise leads to lazy, sloppy play that will carry over to the playoffs.

  44. I think it really speaks volumes about how bad the Mets are. Loe went into the 5th inning, and the Braves are still in this game.

    What if the Braves actually win this game? ROFL…

  45. Teams have been bagging getaway day games since the beginning of time, and they’ll continue doing so. It doesn’t mean anything, and it isn’t going to lead to anything. And it’s not like they’re not trying to win the game altogether. They put together a rally there, and they’re still within striking distance. And giving Teheran a rest is way more important than winning this game. Stop wringing your hands like this could actually mean something. The worst this’ll be is one lost day, and the Phillies could beat the Nats tonight, giving this game absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

  46. @68 timo, as much as I appreciated what he did for us last August, I never thought that Ben Sheets looked right in a Braves uni, either.

  47. Well, I think for a team that’s 51-19 at home, these games count for plenty. There’s an excellent chance that at the end of play tonight we’ll only be a game up on LA and 3 on the Pirates. It’s far from decided.

  48. I don’t think I’ve done this before, so I want you to know that I say this with great enthusiasm:


  49. @72, you’re somewhat disingenuously missing the point (or my point, anyway). I’m not crying over one loss; we’ve been winning at an impressive clip for well over a month. What I don’t want to see is any sign that anyone on this team is taking anything for granted, especially not either of our two enormous free agent-signing albatrosses who are both, in September, still hitting under .200. You don’t get a pass when you suck that bad for that long. That’s not hand-wringing; it’s simply expecting dudes who aren’t coming within a light-year of delivering proper value on their paydays to keep their heads in the game and not run routes to spots ten feet in front of where the ball lands. I think that’s eminently fair.

  50. Brogna, Anderson, and Mondesi are my all-time Schuerholzian Great White Hopes. For all the credit he gets (deserved in the main) he pulled some whoppers.

  51. I can’t tell why, but it seems like Dillon Gee kills us. Here are his career stats against us, coming into today: 3.12 ERA, 66 1/3 IP, 1.16 WHIP.

    At Turner Field: 2.45 ERA, 29 1/3 IP, 1.16 WHIP.

    Small sample size maybe, but he just seems to have our number.

  52. For those who were speculating that Gee vs. Loe was the fewest letters ever for two starting pitchers, you are correct. It is not, however, the fewest letters for any two pitchers in the same game. On August 4, 2009, Fu-te Ni came in to pitch in relief for the Tigers in a game in which Chris Ray pitched for the Orioles, setting the all-time record of 5 letters. (Ni is the only 2 letter pitcher in the history of baseball, so 5 is the best you can do.)

  53. I’m sticking with Pretzels Getzien, but I grant I lose points for nicknamery. spike, you lose major points for nonexistence.

  54. If this were Bobby’s team, I’m sure Garcia would get the nod over the youngsters Minor, Teheran, and Medlen.

  55. @88

    In all seriousness, he needs to be rested the next four days so he can permanently assume the role of “Keep-Teheran-and-Minor’s-Arms-From-Leaving-Their-Sockets Guy.”

  56. On the radio, Jim Powell is going through a roll call of various players in the Braves minor league system. Maybe I missed something, but there’s been no mention of Cory Gearrin whatsoever. Spooky.

  57. @97

    He never pitched again after being optioned to Gwinnett back in July or whenever that was. They eventually shut him down for the year with some sort of shoulder problem, I think.

  58. I’ll go Julian Tavarez.

    We keep mentioning the two free agent signings, Uggla and BJ but it should be noted Uggla was not a FA, we traded for him and extended him with one year left on his contract.

  59. All these names who made brief cameos and looked odd in Braves jerseys and not one mention of Ken Caminiti or Bobby Bonilla.

  60. If we’re going with inappropriate Braves, I’ll go with Tony LaRussa, not that we knew it at the time.

  61. @31
    gaz, thanks…

    you should know…as an Arsenal fan i reserve the right to be disingenuous at all times about Tottenham..
    but my spies tell me there’s a least one hot Spurs fan on this board and, disingenuously, he has incorporated their name in his.

  62. @62
    Troy Glaus..

    still remember that play…he was playing third in a tense situation, runners all over the place..
    fielded a ground ball, ignored the easy out at first, went for 2, got it, triumph!

  63. The smart play for Glaus was to go home with it. I recall that run would’ve tied the game. He went to 2nd and surprised everyone.

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