…Medlen starts, both Uptons go, both Johnsons too, Gattis sits…Kris pitched well, Wainwright better…but Molina was the difference compared to our weak line up…the guy can barely walk and has the class to laugh at himself after a late base running blunder but Jeez he can hit…we look awfully thin at the plate but we knew that I guess…grin and bear it? let’s try and limit the damage tomorrow but it doesn’t look hopeful.


beat me in St. Looey?  phooey                                 
see how much we care                                           
don’t tell me you’re hitting better
any place but there
here you dance the hoochee kooche
at the Ted you’ll be our pootsie
only two more in St. Looey, screw ‘e
normal wear and tear.                                                                    Judy


1- FF apart our hitters look lost against Wainwright and his hook …          Kris equally efficient without the killer pitch.

2- BJ, 1 for 26! hit..Joe calls for he and Uggla to get it together..Molina/Jay bk to bk doubles..ugh..gorgeous catch, AS…     CARDS 1-0

3- meek surrender 1/2/3…we look overmatched..   Medlen gets them same way…any inevitably there might be about the outcome not down to him..

4- 1/2/3.. seems Mac hasn’t hit a ball hard to LF for weeks, everything pulled…         we get Molina!   1/2/3.

5-  1/2/3 Wainwright 11 in a row, BJ did reach warning track..       Cardinals 1/2/3..FF fine play, Medlen not the problem, 12 in a row!

6- Kris l/off single, bunted over..FF 2 out rbi after JuP ejection… Gattis in LF.. l/off wlk, Dbl Play!  Homer, Holliday who started 0/2…     CARDS 2/1

7- Wainwright 101 pitches, Braves go 1/2/3..  Molina! 2nd double, 1st and 3rd, no out, Downs pitching..Wainwright SFly..      CARDS 3/1

8- Braves 1/2/3 painful…  Molina again shows everyone how to hit..if not run.

9- Wainwright goes for complete game. CJ puts tying run on, 1 out..Mac strikes out, Andrelton flies out..             FINAL    CARDS 3/1