GARETH BALE – how the other half lives, and trades… GAME THREAD


the lovely Lady of Shallot

is she for sale or is she not?

well, certainly my friend

but then that might depend

how many euros have you got?



One hundred and thirty three million, no trades…there hardly ever are any – a club negotiates with another club for one of their players…if they reach agreement on a cash sum then the player himself negotiates ‘personal terms…that done he’s off, whatever contract he has with the first club is out the window – Bale had signed a new 4 year deal with Tottenham last year, detritus… he’s now a Real Madrid player…for the next 4 years…maybe

now, you can only do this during what is termed the transfer window – there’ a short one at Christmas, mid season, but the big one is in the summer off season and ended at midnight last night…the whole of Europe was agog , saturation 24 hour tv coverage, rumor, innuendo, big big bucks…

putting this in a U.S.context, as much as it is possible – say we want Mike Trout…we don’t wait for the Angels to announce he is/may be for sale, will listen to offers etc…when the window opens we contact the Angels and make our-cash- offer…the news gets out, other clubs start to ferret about and one or more may place their bids…as the trade deadline approaches a few hours away the Angels must decide what offer if any to take…assuming there is one the deal is struck, announced, subject only to a medical and those personal terms…a good deal of cash will change hands but rarely is another player involved(Bowie Kuhn eat your heart out). Effectively the player can scupper the deal – if he doesn’t want to move he can say so or more often simply request outlandish personal terms..

However, more interestingly, the player can in reality, initiate the deal, make it happen, disturb the status quo…he waits for the transfer window to open and then makes it known he wants off to Club X, his childhood dream…that’s what Bale did…having said that he sensibly disappeared from view and let the two clubs concerned battle it out over the oncoming 2/3 months…it took them all but a few hours to agree…

thus a 25 year old Welsh boy stood in the Bernabeau in Madrid yesterday in front of his adoring new fans, said a few obligatory words in Spanish, kissed his new uniform badge, juggled a football between foot and head as is the custom, while his agent(yes, we Have Senor Boras too) announce he would be paid close to half a million dollars a week (everything regarding soccer wages is quoted by the week – so the working man can better relate)..a country that’s been on its financial knees for four years now allows a system where its two elite soccer institutions can go into deep debt with its equally screwed up banks- and long term, please…meanwhile Tottenham fans in North London plod abjectly to work, they have nothing in exchange…

one final Ripley…the said Government even colluded to make these deals a lot sweeter for the incoming alien by creating a different, lower, tax rate for them…ever wonder how Barcelona got Messi? It was only the outrage of Angela Merkel that stopped this – she refused any more EU loans while it remained…this is an example of however deeply you may think sport is enmeshed in the American culture – and it obviously is – it cannot begin to approach the passion, the intensity and thus the downright tomfoolery that goes on in World Soccer up to and including Government level – which means European soccer with a dash of the tango added..

Glorious excess.

it all ended a few hours’s a light hearted look… who shall we buy?

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  1. MLB announces post-season schedule dates:

    As long as we maintain a home-field advantage in the NLDS:
    Game 1, Thursday, Oct. 3
    Game 2, Friday, Oct. 4
    Game 5, Wednesday, Oct. 9

    NLCS would run Oct. 11-19

    BTW, NL WC game is Oct. 1, while AL WC game is Oct. 2.

  2. The interesting thing about Ububba’s comparison to the ’90 Reds is that, while the Kraken is clearly Randy Myers, David Carpenter is basically our Rob Dibble, and I guess Luis Avilan is our Norm Charlton.

    We have this incredibly dominant bullpen, but it’s fairly anonymous, other than Jordan Walden. Depending on how long Walden will be out, we’ve got at least five guys who can throw in the mid- to upper 90s: Kimbrel, Avilan, Varvaro, Carpenter, and Walden, with Ayala and Downs doing mop-up. But how many of them would you call “Nasty”?

    I trust these guys, but I’m just sort of fairly astounded. Maybe I’d compare to the 2002 Angels, another totally lights-out but fairly anonymous bullpen — other than Percival, most baseball fans couldn’t have picked Scot Shields or Brendan Donnelly out of a police lineup before the season started.

  3. Did anyone here know about that 12 second rule for pitcher’s delivery pitches with the bases empty? I had no clue. Talk about a rule that is never enforced.

  4. Chip keeps living in his delusional world where the only people annoyed by marathon games are reporters with deadlines.

    Edit: Yeah, the rule comes up once in a while whenever people contemplate other ways of speeding up the game.

  5. el oso hasn’t made an out…

    he said something very interesting in his pregame interview – i assume every pitch is my pitch until it shows me otherwise…i’m paraphrasing

    so hopefully no more 0/2 counts after two curves…they were commonplace towards the end…the curves better be well located

  6. Medlen would probably appreciate a few runs. I know a five spot would make me feel better.

  7. Yeah, even if they lose this game (to the Mets!), I’m feeling great about Medlen’s 8 K, 0 BB line to this point.

  8. Big AB for B.J. Upton coming up here … if he gets a hit, he’ll be at exactly .200.

  9. I’ve never seen a batter hit foul balls off himself like Jordan Schafer. The back of his left knee? How does that happen?

  10. Grrr…what a pointless and irritating walk that was!

    EDIT: Incidentally, I think I would’ve let Medlen pitch this inning since he’d have been up with a two-run lead and the bases empty, anyway. I guess maybe we’re in innings-saving mode.

  11. Problems with our two Jordans: Schafer was grimacing when he legged out that grounder and TV showed Fredi guiding him into the clubhouse. And according to the dugout reporter, Walden’s bullpen session was cut short after five pitches; they’re still not sure what’s the matter with him.

  12. Yesterday Bowman and DOB were reporting it would be another 5-7 days for Walden. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll do much else for us this season (although if he could come back for the postseason, that would be good).

  13. This team spoils us. Wins feel so nice. Especially against IWOTM (and especially considering that we’ve played so poorly against them this year).

  14. you know, as much as Simmons is a bit of a cipher at the plate, having the best defensive shortstop in the world who can also hit 13HR – at 23 – is pretty encouraging.

  15. D. Eckersly tonight after Koji Uehara cut through the last 3 Detroit hitters in the 9th: “He’s amazing…. He’s the Kimbrel of the American League.”

  16. spike.. ain’t seen nothing yet…

    Andrelton will be a 300 hitter next year with 30+ doubles and 20+ HR..

    he will always have that power to left field…he will rediscover right

    his swing/miss ratio is absurdly low, he’s a supreme contact hitter…

    he learns so fast

    so he pops up a bit…swings at the first pitch(like Gattis tonight)well i never…let’s pile on


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