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  1. Seriously? Polvo? A nice little math rock bit, and probably top 10 for the Chapel Hill scene of the 90s, but better than Superchunk? Puh. Lease. Only band in the same tier as ‘Chunk is Archers.

  2. Talking about the 90’s? Polvo all the way. Superchunk has turned in a nice Fountains of Wayne career, I’ll give them that.

    Edit: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so dismissive. Crossed Wires is one of my favorite songs of the decade.

  3. Listened to Superdrag’s Regretfully Yours a lot, back in the day.

    @3, I can still listen to Crossed Wires.

  4. Heresy. Polvo never crafted a song that could hold par with anything off of Foolish or Here’s Where The Strings Come In. The run from No Pocky For Kitty through Strings is HOF caliber work. Anyone compares Superchunk to Fountains of Wayne probably needed killin’.

  5. This summer? Could be 15 minutes. Could be three days. Atlanta is in monsoon territory this summer.

  6. I really wish I could participate in this one – but the 90’s was when I embarked on a serious study of the music of postwar America (all styles). I heard little of 90’s popular music and even less of unpopular music of the time.

  7. That I do remember – enough to wish you hadn’t awakened that repressed memory. You literally could not get away from that damn record for 6 months.

    //They seemed like the British Rush to me – all of the high falutin’ themes but without spaceships or trees fighting to lighten the mood.

  8. Sorry man. It’s wasn’t that way for me back in the 90’s. Then again, I’m weird. And I thought the Fountains Of Wayne comparison was a compliment. It’s not like I compared them to Weezer. Besides, great pop punk bands are a dime a dozen. At the time Polvo sounded like Sonic Youth meets Beefheart with a little Shostakovich thrown in. It was different.

  9. I’m not trying to be dismissive of Polvo. They were a really good band and put on a hell of a live show. But the creme de la creme of that scene was Superchunk. They *defined* Chapel Hill indie punk. And the standard bearers after them were Archers of Loaf.

    You can, of course, disagree. But I may cut you for it.

  10. SCOTS was the best 90’s band from the Triangle and I don’t even need to hear the others to know it.

  11. Damn skippy. Although closest to my heart are those early Flat Duo Jets records. White Stripes, my ass.

  12. Indeed. You know I met Jim at the High Hat back in the day too? He did my forearm tattoos for free in exchange for me telling folks he did them at every show.

  13. Very happy about Palookaville. Can’t deal with the idea of Gran Moff Tarkin on Leno. Just can’t. Head won’t wrap that.

  14. MLB really has to take the decision for when to start away from the teams and give it to the umpires. It wasn’t raining at all for pretty much an hour and they refused to start the game, worrying that it might start again. Then, a shower that they’d have played through if they were already playing comes along just as they’re about to start an hour after they should have. Patently absurd. Unless a giant squall is descending on you imminently, stop acting like you know what the weather’s about to do and start the damned game.

  15. Those first two strikes to Brown were sinful. A slow curve that started in the Phillies dugout and landed low and away in McCann’s mitt. Then a fastball to the same spot. Teheran is something else.

    And now a sweeping curve that Brown totally swings through. Strike three, sit down.

  16. Former ball players, almost universally, refuse to acknowledge that players get old, and as they do so, they get worse.

    I get being in denial about your OWN decline. You almost have to be to keep playing.

    But how much baseball do you need to watch to understand that Ryan Howard will not be “typical Ryan Howard” ever again?

  17. Apropos of nothing, I was a little surprised (and then again maybe not really seeing how he pitches) that yesterday was Strasburg’s first complete game.

  18. Well, Uggla has well outlasted his usefulness anymore. His huscle and “gamer” attitude is lost when you go 4 for your last 55 and play defense like you are trying to field hand grenades

    Edit- at least Uggla has the hustle angle. BJ doesn’t even have that

  19. K, that was pretty pathetic, especially on a night when one run may be enough in a rain-shortened game.

    EDIT: What jjschiller said.

  20. Seriously, Melvin?

    EDIT: On review, B.J. could have caught that ball; he just didn’t. And now the pitcher provides the aforementioned one run. Crap.

  21. I mean, he ran a mile to get there. But he got there, and he just missed the ball.

    EDIT: But this time, at least he didn’t tear an abdominal muscle while missing the ball.

  22. @41 Yeah, Melvin could have caught it if he didn’t have it on cruise control 2/3 of the route to the ball

  23. I think it would be funny if the Braves did commercials that didn’t emphasize how GOOD Braves players were at things (Like the Chipper BP/Skeet shooting thing) and instead lampooned how BAD they are at things.

    They could do BJ Upton waking up and coming to the park… He could be mostly dressed, and sit on the corner of a bed, and try to slip his foot in to his shoe, and miss, and then miss again, and miss again. Then he picks up the shoe and brings IT to the FOOT, and misses. But then he gets it on the second try, and nods, satisfied.

    He could then walk out to his car, and try to get the key in to the door lock, and just stab holy hell out of his car door, until fade.

  24. No one’s going to look like Usain Bolt on this track tonight…

    Pre-edit: see also Heyward doubling on a bleeder up the middle

  25. They could do another one with Jason Heyward. He’s out at dinner with a pretty girl. He pulls her chair out, so she can sit down, and he stubs his toe against it, and jumps up and down in pain, and he tells her “I don’t think I can go, I’m gonna have to come out.” So they have to cancel dinner. They go straight to the movie theatre, and they get popcorn, and he pushes the hot butter dispenser, and gets some on the back of his hand, and winces, and shakes his hand, and says “I don’t think I can go. I’m gonna have to come out.” So they skip to watching a movie on the couch instead. They’re snuggled up close, his foot wrapped and elevated, his hand, wrapped and elevated, and their laughing, eating jelly beans. Then, suddenly, he’s joking. Cut straight to him on a gurney in an ambulance, she’s holding his GOOD hand and asks if he wants to reschedule for next week, and he says “Well, we’ll see what they say, but I’m hoping to be able to go tomorrow!”

  26. Then they could do another with Dan Uggla where he drowns in a swimming pool. There’s no joke there. He’s just good for absolutely nothing.

    EDIT: Okay, maybe that’s in poor taste.

    Maybe they could just do one with Dan where he’s trying to live his life, and Braves players who don’t suck just keep jumping in front of him and doing things for him. Open the door for him before he can reach for it, pay for his hot dog before he can get his wallet out, etc.

  27. Man, I’d hate to see what kind of shade you’d throw at a team that wasn’t playing .610 ball and winning its division by 14.5 games…

  28. Well Id rather be up 15 at games end. Phil’s have lost their last 11 on the road and Hamels is 4-13 on the season. We should win this game, but our two highest paid players can’t hit or play defense. Until the Braves magic number is 0, I’ll probably be complaining about something.

  29. Yes. We smiled and laughed plenty during the Waffle House Streak. We’re entitled to a little good-natured grousing to pass the time.

  30. We’re on a team-centric baseball blog. Grousing is at least half of what we do.

    I’m serious, I’ve been wondering this for a little while now. What is more obnoxious: when Bravesjournalers vent their frustrations by moping and disparaging the team in the final innings of a bad loss, or when Bravesjournalers vent their frustrations by disparaging Bravesjournalers for moping and disparaging the team in the final innings of a loss?

    I think it’s about context, personally. If you’re Tad, and you only show up to post when we lose, that’s pretty obnoxious. But at the same time, if your only comment in an entire thread is “Gosh, you’d never know we were 15 games up,” or “Never change, Bravesjournal,” that’s pretty obnoxious too. It’s a real toughie, that one.

  31. @56 – Hey, maybe lay off Tommy Hanson there. Even if he is in triple-a, it’s better than YOU could do, huh?

  32. @57 final innings of a bad loss

    Or in this case, the 6th inning of a 1-0 ball game. Some “context” you missed.

    There’s grousing and then there’s grousing. If you think the team with the best record and the most comeback wins is out of this game to the point that grousing should be common and expected at this point, I don’t know what to tell you.

    Not that I had any problem with your comments to this point. Frankly I thought the commercial ideas were funny. Just saying, is all.

  33. @59 – I’m not grousing. I’m making jokes. I don’t think we’re out of this game, and I’m not acting like I think we’re out of this game.

    EDIT: In lieu of your edit, I’ll retract my combative remarks.

    I was just using the opportunity to bring up a thing that’s been on my mind.

    In the middle of a particularly bad inning, or at the end of a particularly bad game, there’s a couple things you can count on: 1) That alot of the present Bravesjournalers will bitch and moan. 2.) That some infrequent Bravesjournalers will show up JUST to bitch and moan and 3.) That other Bravesjournalers will show up JUST to complain about the complainers.

  34. @60 Recheck my post, I anticipated the misinterpretation and so added a sentence to clarify that I didn’t think you were grousing. I just thought your ruminations were missing some key information, or context, as you called it.

    It is really neither here nor there, and no offense intended.

  35. He probably left some in the bullpen, since they had him warm up and then sit for 45 minutes. That 85 or so pitches is probably closer to 100.

  36. Well if Justin can find a way to get on base twice here, then a Freeman homer could tie it.

  37. They could do one where Justin Upton is walking to the park, and he’s standing at a corner, and the Walk light turns green, and he just stands there, and right as it turns red, he starts to go, and has to stop. And then… other.. things.. where he just watches things go by.

    AAH I got it. He could get to the bus stop, and the bus could arrive, and open the door, and he just stands there and looks at it, and the driver shrugs and shuts the door. And right as the bus drives off, he steps off the curb in to a mud puddle.

  38. I guess Justin wasn’t expecting that tricky fastball right down the middle. He started walking toward the dugout before he was called out.

  39. I fear this is the dreaded “tip your cap” game. It’s not like we’ve been blowing a whole bunch of chances. Just one, pretty much. Hamels has just been owning us. We have to get Hamels’ pitch count up and get him out of the game or our chances are slim.

  40. I spoke too soon @82. I forgot about “he who cannot be regressed.” (Saying it like that just reminded me of “Children of the Corn”)

  41. He hasn’t passed away has he? Just critical is what I read.

    Edit: nevermind, just read on twitter where he has passed away. I’m not sure how this could work, but ballparks shouldnt have places where someone can fall 30+ feet.

  42. It’s not the ballparks’ faults that guys get tanked and can’t control themselves. Personal responsibility. Don’t get tanked and fall off things. I hate to sound insensitive but blaming a stadium for this is unfair.

  43. Caught the last inning at the Irish Pub on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, but was quickly notified about the tragedy by a random fellow with a Braves road cap. Ugh.

    FWIW, I’m partial to the ‘Chunk on the indie-punk side & was a big Archers fan, too, but more than their music, IMO, the ‘Chunk’s biggest legacy is Merge Records, which gave us acts like Neutral Milk Hotel.

  44. For all Braves fans, this is expected: Hanson has been so bad that he has just been optioned to Triple-A.

  45. Dear Fredi,
    The time has come for B.J. to watch the rest of the 2013 season from the dugout.
    Braves Country

  46. Superchunk is fine, but I’ve always been more of a Supergrass guy. (Superdrag is okay too. Also, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve really truly tried to get into the Archers — bought the deluxe edition of Vee Vee and everything — and it just didn’t do it for me.)

  47. @88, has there been any report of alcohol being the issue yet? It’s maybe a 4 foot fence and it was wet out – I could easily see an accident happening

  48. You can’t just assume that the guy was wasted. I’m not just putting the blame on turner field. Seems like a lot of parks have places where people are bending over railings for foul balls/HR’s. Just seems like these railings should be higher than waist level. Sometimes you can’t help stupidity, but accidents occur and those could possibly be avoided.

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