ESPN Box Score

Streak’s back to one everybody!

This game was satisfying in a lot of ways. First off, Freddie Freeman homered for the first time in I think 2 years. And after a remarkably lack-luster performance yesterday, the team seemed to relish destroying the Marlins bullpen in the way the Marlins bullpen is meant to be destroyed. Also, there was Jason Heyward with four singles. Some were the BABIP-regression types we’ve thought he would start getting eventually and others were ropes that we all love to watch Heyward hit. Particularly amusing was the 7th inning in which the Marlins decided that proper depth for their outfield against Evan Gattis and Chris Johnson was “shallow”. These two proceeded to hit fly balls over the heads of said outfield, and the end result was a 4-run inning.

It was crucial that the Braves tack on these four because, after Freeman gave Mike Minor 4 runs to work with early, Minor had managed to give up four himself. While this is clearly disappointing against the Marlins, you can cut him some slack for the “single” he gave up to Koyie Hill who, despite having once had his fingers disattatched from his hand, managed to hit a pop up that no one could find. What is less excusable is the rope of a double Minor gave up on the next pitch to Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez which scored two. Call it a wash. Outside of that, he looked okay, generating a lot of swings-and-misses with his breaking pitches but giving up more than a couple hard hit balls, including some liners right at Johnson at 3rd. So not quite up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Minor but it was the Marlins, so we win anyways.

The Phillies come to town tomorrow. I’d say something mean about them, but I sometimes feel bad about insulting the elderly.