Fish 4, Braves 9

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Streak’s back to one everybody!

This game was satisfying in a lot of ways. First off, Freddie Freeman homered for the first time in I think 2 years. And after a remarkably lack-luster performance yesterday, the team seemed to relish destroying the Marlins bullpen in the way the Marlins bullpen is meant to be destroyed. Also, there was Jason Heyward with four singles. Some were the BABIP-regression types we’ve thought he would start getting eventually and others were ropes that we all love to watch Heyward hit. Particularly amusing was the 7th inning in which the Marlins decided that proper depth for their outfield against Evan Gattis and Chris Johnson was “shallow”. These two proceeded to hit fly balls over the heads of said outfield, and the end result was a 4-run inning.

It was crucial that the Braves tack on these four because, after Freeman gave Mike Minor 4 runs to work with early, Minor had managed to give up four himself. While this is clearly disappointing against the Marlins, you can cut him some slack for the “single” he gave up to Koyie Hill who, despite having once had his fingers disattatched from his hand, managed to hit a pop up that no one could find. What is less excusable is the rope of a double Minor gave up on the next pitch to Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez which scored two. Call it a wash. Outside of that, he looked okay, generating a lot of swings-and-misses with his breaking pitches but giving up more than a couple hard hit balls, including some liners right at Johnson at 3rd. So not quite up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Minor but it was the Marlins, so we win anyways.

The Phillies come to town tomorrow. I’d say something mean about them, but I sometimes feel bad about insulting the elderly.

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  1. Amusing ballpark anecdote: I had really good seats on the end of a covered row on the LF line. It was of course, quite hot so folks were getting up all the time, even during the Braves AB’s. Naturally three attractive young ladies want to come down my row on a 3-1 count with two on and Alvarerez coming set. I hold up a hand and keep them in the aisle – “One second please – I believe this is a critical moment” – Freeman homers – gals look at me with a “well you can’t argue with that” expression, rest of section asks if I can do that again.

  2. HA!

    I see you guys did indeed take care of the game for me. Well done. Meanwhile, the girl and I are watching King Felix throw a three-hit shutout (so far, top 6).

    New streak! Great recap, Mavery!

  3. They’re the ooooold Phillies
    And they don’t know what to do …


    Look at spike with the priorities!

  4. @1: We got off their lawn last series. In Philadelphia.

    Now, Rosterbation, Post-Season edition! The big question is “are we really going to carry Paul Janish on the post-season roster?” I think, barring the Blue Jays parting with Mark DeRosa, is “yes.” He’s the only guy in the organization who can play SS if Simmons gets hurt. Here’s how you do that with a 25-man roster in the post-season:

    01. Brian McCann
    02. Evan Gattis
    03. Freddie Freeman
    04. Dan Uggla
    05. Chris Johnson
    06. Andrelton Simmons

    07. Justin Upton
    08. BJ Upton
    09. Jason Heyward

    10. Success!
    11. Reed Johnson
    12. Gerald Laird
    13. Paul Janish
    14. Joey Terdoslavich

    15. Mike Minor
    16. Julio Teheran
    17. Kris Medlen
    18. Alex Wood
    19. Brandon Beachy

    20. Craig Kimbrel
    21. Jordan Walden
    22. David Carpenter
    23. Luis Avilan
    24. Scott Downs

    Basically, you look at your potential opponent and decide of if your 25th man should be a LHP (Maholm) or a RHP (Varvaro, Ayala) and make a decision. You carry Terdoslavich and go with an 11 man pitching staff.

  5. @ajcbraves: And #Braves JUpton was bunting entirely on his own, trying to load bases for Freeman, he said.

  6. DeRosa was claimed by a sub .500 team, Braves can’t trade for him now can they?

    Edit: I’d love to have Polanco to replace Janish.

  7. I bet Ayala and Maholm will both be on the roster. Either Wood or Terdoslavich won’t be.

  8. Why on earth would you have Maholm on a 5 game LDS roster? He’ll never start. Wood functions as long man out of the pen and you can put Maholm on the roster if someone is hurt. I could maybe sort of see it for the LCS, but really, not even then.

  9. Oh, and it was gawdawful hot out there. I have no idea how anyone could have tolerated a full sun seat for 3+ hrs.

  10. The sky is the limit now that the outfield is hitting and the pitchers are pitching well. Even god awful Uggla contributes,

  11. Woulda been nice if he could have contributed by not losing a ball in the air with two outs — the very next batter was the pitcher, who hit a two-run double, and if Dan had caught that pop-up we would have been out of the inning. But at least Dan knows how to bust out the walking stick.

  12. I really don’t think we should harp too much on anyone – Braves or Marlins – who lost a ball in the sun field today. Those were brutal conditions to attempt to track a fly ball, any sort of fly ball. Especially for defenders on the RF side.

  13. @5 – We’re on the same page, there. But I don’t see us carrying 5 starters. If you want to get hypothetical, you could drop Wood off the roster, and add a second blank spot at the end.

    I’d plug the first of those two spots with a new backup infielder (or Tyler Pastornicky if we can’t land one) And the second spot, I’d put Wood back in there as the only long-man (If your starter gives up 5 in 3 innings, Wood makes a nice option, as you don’t want to burn the whole bullpen, but you don’t want to punt ANY playoff game.) Likewise if a game goes to extras, go through your best three relievers, then hand it to Wood to finish.

    And if those never happen, he’s a better situational reliever than Maholm would be.

  14. Plus, Wood has that lefty heat that translates to the ‘pen a lot better than anything Maholm can bring. I would think he’d be better against a right hand hitter than paul would, just because of that fastball.

  15. Bethancourt went 4-4 tonight with 2HR and has upped his season OPS to .764. Maybe he’s figuring it out. He’s now reached base 38 straight games, tying a MS Braves record.

  16. Yep, Bethancourt has really adjusted the past two months. It’s probably the most important story in the Braves’ minor league system this year.

    As for the postseason roster, I absolutely would not pick Maholm over Wood (or Terdoslavich). But my guess is that the Braves will keep him on the roster. In fact, don’t be shocked if he’s the third starter – unless Beachy shows he’s back. Medlen is likely to head to the pen for the NLDS, and they’ll never choose Wood to start.

  17. Honestly, I think Wood is making his case for #3 playoff starter. If Medlen doesn’t get back all the way right, I would not be at all surprised to seeing Wood start game 3 or 4 of the NLDS.

  18. There’s several more weeks of baseball for folks to make their case. Rosterbation is fun, but Maholm could go on another streak like he started the season and the conversation changes for everybody.

  19. I missed the game in which the Braves win streak ended, mostly because of Dish Network not carrying 45 games this year.

    Was following along on Game Day and knew the Marlins had a 1-0 lead and that it was the Braves’ turn to bat. Unfortunately it w as well into the inning before I remembered to check MLB Network, because they carry late-and-close stuff and the emphasis on the Braves’ streak made it more “important” than the other stuff. Turn it on, and immediately feel this sense of dread: two outs and Janish is batting; the streak was definitely over.

    All this is a way of saying: I really, really hope no postseason games boil down to a Janish at-bat. Teheran is a better pinch-hitting option.

  20. Apparently Maholm threw a bullpen today on Friday and is about to be sent on a rehab assignment. Could have another rotation question soon.

    If Sam’s potential postseason roster @5 remains accurate and there are no more injuries at that point, I would carry Pastornicky in the last spot. I don’t want to be in a situation where Paul Janish is at the plate and you can’t PH for him because there are no more backup infielders. It’s also worth noting that Reed Johnson is still on the DL, and who knows how long he will be there.

  21. If the postseason started today, I think Medlen has to be the #3 starter. Beachy only has 3 starts since coming back from surgery and Wood only has 5 major leagues starts. Of course, both of them will get more starts until Maholm bumps someone from the rotation in a week or 2 (barring injury).

  22. Greetings from Atlantic City…

    Nice to listen to that game rolling down the Garden State Parkway this afternoon. And, to make it a little bit better, Kimbrel hasn’t thrown a pitch since Wednesday.

    Spike: Buy a lottery ticket. The magic’s in your hands.

  23. @33 Come September Barves may use 6 man rotation to limit innings for Beachy, Wood, Teheran and Medlin.

  24. Over 30 starts there is only a one game difference (6 vs 5) in a five game and 6 game rotation.

  25. I would almost like to see one of those guys go to the pen and get some work down there to be ready for October.

  26. I feel like Janish should be instructed to bat like a pitcher: keep the bat on your shoulders unless you’re given the “bunt” sign or, if the defense is playing so far in that you might be able to hit a Baltimore chop, a “swing away” green light. On two strikes, he should choke up with the purpose of fouling balls off. Otherwise he should be on permanent “take.”

  27. In a tight game in October, where we have the lead, I am going to love seeing Janish at third.

  28. Aah, what are the odds our 25th guy comes up with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth of game 7, down a run?

    I mean, again?

  29. 40: Ah, yes. I was wondering who would play the role of Francisco Cabrera in the inevitable Braves-Pirates Game 7 this time. (Brian McCann is obviously Sid Bream.)

  30. Is anyone interested in doing a college football team-by-team preview? I always enjoyed reading those. I’d be willing to take on UGA if Alex R wouldn’t mind passing the baton.

  31. I’ll do Kentucky (now that we actually have a football coach).

    I predict both UK and UT will be 5-6 going into the last weekend and will be fighting for the Music City Bowl slot.

    Or we’ll both be 2-9 and stinging from the Vandy beatdown.

  32. @46 – Re. UK, 5-6 is wildly optimistic even for a homer like me. And I absolutely expect another Vandy beatdown in 2013. 2014 may be a different story.

  33. With respect to that writer (and using his own figures), a guy in Brian McCann’s circumstances making $12MM this year is absolutely, positively NOT coming back for $8MM a year next year. That’s ludicrous. The Yankees will offer him twice that, at least.

    If we want to keep BMac (and I still contend that we should, unless the bidding just gets way too rich or too lengthy in terms of the duration), I think we have to offer at least $15MM for a minimum of three years. I don’t know that he takes it (although I do sense he’ll be willing to sacrifice some money to stay with his hometown team). If I’m Wren I’m willing to go as high as $15MM/4 or $17MM/3. Maybe. Only he knows where the line must be drawn. But once drawn, it must be respected, firmly. No bidding wars for us in this case.

    EDIT: Oh, and while the team-option third year would be nice, that’s not gonna happen either. Best Brian would consider, I think, is a mutual option, and he might well want it to be the fourth year, not the third.

  34. We get McCann back for no less than:

    Three years at $14 million, with a possible four year option.

    That is the very bottom.

  35. If I’m McCann’s agent I really try to get a vesting 5th year option based on PA or some such. This is the last long term contract in all probability for him. You have to try and maximize it. I wouldn’t think he’d even consider a 3 year deal.

  36. @50 Yea, that seemed quite fanciful overall. I also don’t see why McCann would willingly take so short a deal knowing that most of his value will be concentrated early in any contract, even more so than most players given his position. It makes far more sense for him to leverage that value by insisting on inclusion of decline years in the package.

    Edit: What @52 said.

  37. The only thing that might keep McCann in Atlanta would be other teams not wanting to lose the draft picks.

  38. DJ @46 – didn’t mean to steal your thunder. If you’d like to submit how UK Football is going to Stoopify the SEC, I’m sure you’d do a better job.

  39. @49, Dan, I don’t know if you posted that link ironically or not, but…

    “If everything works out perfectly this offseason, the Braves would bring McCann back at a hometown discount of around $8 million per season. This win-win deal would only be for one or two years with an additional club option on the backend, but it would also be incentive-laden so McCann’s play could earn him bonuses for things such as All-Star appearances, Silver Slugger Awards and postseason honors.”

    That’s about the most ridiculous “analysis” I’ve ever read about a potential off-season free agent contract. So McCann will take a 50% pay cut just so he can lock himself up for the next “1 to 2 years”, with a club option, of course. And he emerges from this 2-3 years older and ready to be a free agent again, I presume.

  40. Molina got 5/73 plus a 2M buyout or 15M for a 6th year (age 30 and up years). His defense plus deciding to hit like McCann for the last 2 1/2 years probably got him a premium, but I don’t think it’s too far off of what McCann should be offered.

  41. I would give McCann a 4/57 and no more

    I think we need to lock up Freeman, Heyward, Minor and Kimbrel.

    CJ is trade bait, but that is another topic.

  42. Bmac will get 5-6 years from a team with a DH spot. We don’t have that luxury. I’d like to see Atlanta offer a 4/$60 deal. He’d basically be getting Uggla’s money in a couple of years.

  43. @60 Agree that CJ is a fascinating trade chip, but what happens to 3B next year if he’s dealt?

  44. To my own 59, I mean he will see an offer near that size from someone, not necessarily Atlanta

  45. Yahoo Contributor Network = amateur analysis. Like here, except not smart.

    Shotgun Bama preview. Roll Tide.

  46. 47—Tennessee is more likely to win three games than seven games, this year. That team is awful. (I’d put the over-under at 4.5)

    VU Preview, in full: We’re going to be New-Year’s-Day-bowl-game good, if our starting QB stays healthy.

  47. 67

    Our O ad D lines will be really good. That should help. I think we can be solid, if we can avoid major injuries.

  48. The Yahoo! Contributor Network strikes again. I’m not sure which is worse, that piece or the “But guys….Puig is awesome” piece by the Dodger fan during the All-Star Final Vote week.

  49. Well you guys read that Yahoo! stuff at your own risk. It’s a (might as well be) unpaid blogger network of folks who responded to a solicitation for writers. Lots of well meaning first timers there, with results that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  50. Also, as far as Tennessee goes, the fans are rightly excited (or at least optimistic) about Butch Jones’ recruiting so far, but they need to remember that none of that will affect this coming season in any way. He will, in fact, be left with a team that’s considerably worse than last year’s five-win team on paper. Now, I have confidence that Jones is a better coach than Dooley, so that’ll help, but it’s gonna be rough. Matching last year’s 5-7 record with a worse team might realistically be something of an accomplishment, while any bowl game will be an outlandish success IMO. Next year should be better. This year is going to suck.

  51. 71—Agree with every word of that, including the part about excitement over recruiting. But, as you say, Jalen Hurd won’t be suiting up until 2014.

  52. @71

    I think Butch would have won 9-10 with last year’s team. We obviously have less talent at some of the skill positions. Our defense can’t help but to be better and out O line is one of the best in the conference.

    I think we can win 7-8. Six wins is probably more reasonable. Anything less will be due to injuries or we got the wrong guy, again.

    There is more talent there than people think. I’m excited to see what he can do.

    We are going to run the ball a lot. Our QB isn’t as talented, but isn’t as stupid. Losing Hunter and CP 2K12 hurts.

    The defensive front seven should be good and our defensive backs will be much better (there is nowhere else to go)

    We are going to win the East in 2016

  53. So, uh, an infielder: the guys most likely to clear waivers are overpaid guys, right? Because you one wants to claim those guys and get stuck paying them, whereas if you let him clear, you have to compete for him, but can work it out to where the old team pays him.

    So who around the league fits that bill? Overpaid infielders in final year, or one year remaining, emphasis on shortstops and lefties?

  54. I love the spirit of @73. “We’re going to win the East, as soon as all the players playing college football depart college football and there are new ones.” That is, like, the best fan-of-a-downcycle-SEC-school statement possible.

    We’ve probably passed the point of being able to acquire anyone better than what’s in-house, but you never know who might fall through that waiver wire.

  55. @77 – Ten and five rights. He probably wouldn’t accept any trade, especially not to be bench player.

    The ONLY place I could see him going would have been Detroit, but even that I don’t see.

  56. @80, I was being facetious. Wren wouldn’t approve a trade for an 11M bench player either.

  57. The pickin’s are pretty slim, folks.

    Just perusing 25 man rosters (I didn’t dig in to 40 mans or guys who are on the DL. I also didn’t look at salaries and contract status) here are middle-infielders who may be viewed as non-essential by their current teams:

    “Wouldn’t get through waivers/probably unavailable”

    Erick Aybar (S)
    Alexei Ramirez
    Marco Scutaro
    Emilio Bonifacio (S)
    Dee Gordon (L)


    Brian Roberts
    Michael Young
    Jonathan Herrera (S)

    “Human Beings”

    Placido Polanco
    Omar Quintanilla (L)
    Juan Uribe
    Joaquin Arias
    Brendan Ryan
    Cesar Izturis (S)
    Jeff Keppinger
    Cody Ransom
    Greg Dobbs (L)
    Cliff Pennington (S)
    Donnie Murphy
    Ronny Cedeno

  58. When was the last time Roberts played SS? I think he was a SS for South Carolina 15 years ago.

  59. Keppinger’s a good fielder and almost always puts the ball in play. Very few strikeouts there.

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