…and then in the bottom of the second we were all like droopy sad face because defense, or more precisely the lack thereof, and then in the top of three we were all like smiley happy face because hitting, and then in the bottom of three we were sad again. But then in the fifth we were all like “yay?” because at this point the see-saw is getting a little nauseous, but then the fifth happened again in the sixth, and then again in the seventh, and the don’t let them score runs thing happened all the way through the ninth and we won! Yay! Winning!!

Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s pen managed to hold on and all was right and proper with the universe again, and for all the sturm und drang over the last few forever and a days, there’s even odds that this team goes into the All-Star break with a 6-game or higher lead in the division.

Julio Teheran was meh, except he wasn’t really and would have gotten through seven with only 2 runs scoring if the Braves had played defense in the second.

Justin Upton put April swings on the ball for the first time in forever.

BJ Upton and his brother had a good game at the same time for, quite literally, the first time all season.

In other news, the Marlins still have a giant day-glo Dalek sculpture in their left field stands, and Freddie is still leading the Dodgers’ Jeff Francoeur by a pig’s nose. (See what I did there?!)

Go vote for hugs, y’all.