Bravesjournal Meetup for a Braves Game — What Seats Would You Prefer?

So, for those of you who are interested in coming to a Braves game with your fellow Bravesjournalers — we’ll be in Atlanta for the July 26th-28th series against the Cardinals — we were looking for tickets, and there is a big question to ask: do we want cheap seats, expensive seats, or somewhere in between? There are 12 different options, but the real question is, do we want:

a) Cheapest available — $13 or $24
b) In the middle — $36-$48
c) Higher end — $52-$65

Which would you prefer?

75 thoughts on “Bravesjournal Meetup for a Braves Game — What Seats Would You Prefer?”

  1. Maholm is going to struggle against right-handed heavy lineups. I hope the Braves bats come to play today, otherwise it will be a sweep.

  2. From last thread:

    The bottom line, as expressed in @69, is that [Justin Upton’s] bat should (and will) more than make up for anything he does in the field. When he’s not hitting then everything is magnified, since that’s really his only job.

    Here’s how I think of Justin Upton: “the right handed Ryan Klesko”

  3. I can go with any of those three options, though for a meet-up and socialization type deal (where you are meeting new people and chatting during the game) I’d question the high end seats. Mid-range seats have great sight lines at Turner Field.

  4. I vote for cheap seats. But if we end up getting more expensive ones, I’m still in…

    Guess my overall preference is:
    1) Cheap
    2) mid-range
    3) high-falutin’

    I agree w/ Sam’s comments about Turner field’s mid-range seats being nice ones (in the 100s field level, or the 200s club level especially)

  5. Boy, the Padres are truly the kings of hits that they had basically nothing to do with.

  6. Huh… so this isn’t going very well. Kind of glad I’m at work and can’t watch on TV.

  7. Middle-range works for me, but whatever is fine.

    Anybody have pictures of someone with a box?

    How many Bravesjournalers do we expect?

  8. Freddie is quite the little rally killer these last two games.

    Won’t be able to make the meetup, but I do have a question for those who have sat in various locations throughout the park. I’m looking to splurge on some tickets for a September game. Assuming price is of no object, am I better off buying tickets directly behind home plate, but further back (say the “Hank Aaron” 100s section in row 15 or so) or along the line (e.g., section 109, the first one down the line from the Braves dugout) but closer to the front (rows 1-3)?

  9. mini-recap;

    Justin blooped a single in front of Quentin in LF with Heyward on 2nd and Simmons on 3rd and one out. (First RBI since 5/18).

    Then Freeman absolutely scorches a ground ball that headley somehow grabs as it’s halfway past him already and turns it into an inning ending DP.

  10. @23 Best seats I’ve sat in were row 1, right behind the visitor’s dugout. We were playing the Dodgers and my friends and I heckled Brad Penny a good portion of the game.

    I imagine sitting behind the Braves dugout would be amazing.

  11. Um, let’s try NOT getting swept by the Padres. How about doing that, Braves? It’s Volquez for cryin’ out lould.

  12. I said I wasn’t going to me able to come, but there’s still a chance I can. No ticket preferences.

  13. 25: Yeah, if I could get directly behind the dugout that would be great. Unfortunately, at least so far, it looks like those seats are the same as the seats at field level behind home plate: not for sale at or StubHub. So if I went behind the dugout, it would end up being relatively far back (like row 20 or something).

  14. #23
    There are plenty of terrific seats at The Ted.

    If the weather is either oppressively hot or drizzly (with rain-delay potential), I always like the Club Level along the 3rd base line (formerly known as the Lexus Level or Golden Moon Casino Level).

    You have access to AC indoors, plus indoor bathrooms & indoor concessions.

    (And when I go to the game with my girl, she kinda insists on that section.)

  15. I’ve always liked lower level outfield seats. Left field, because the sun sets on the third base side of the stadium so right field is in the sun for most of the game.

  16. Swung at ball four twice. Awesome. That’s what happens after a previous PA makes you believe you can hit anything.

  17. Looks like the Braves are in a hurry to get this game over with so they can fly back home…

  18. We’re steaming toward another Gearrin appearance. Much worse, this will get.

  19. For those benighted souls choosing to listen to Chip and Joe, there is amusement to take from the pain. Cabrera steals, leading to a disquisition about how valuable the steal is, even though the “sabermetrics crowd” is down on the steal as a weapon. Next batter homers before they can finish the conversation. Unfortunately, no one there to ask (a) how did that steal help? and (b) how many runs would have scored if he’d been caught stealing?

  20. @41

    1.36 WHIP, 4.82 ERA since his first three appearances (0.79 WHIP, 0.00 ERA). His performance since then is pretty much what he is, and not far off-line relative to his career numbers (1.38 WHIP, 4.22 ERA).

  21. One inning, three pitches. They’ve definitely been given the memo that the charter is belching fuel with every second it’s on the tarmac.

  22. Just bad luck today on those double plays. Hard hit balls in just the wrong place. Hitters are being a bit impatient considering Volquez has been occasionally wild.

  23. I’ve been listening to Don and Jim on MLB audio. At one point, Jim was starting to discuss the reasons for Gattis’s Twitter handle, @bulldogbeing, but the audio cut out because the inning was ending. Did anyone hear what they said?

  24. @48

    “Being” is for the spiritual being, connected to Gattis’ spiritual quest and all that stuff. “Bulldog” — they didn’t really get into the “dog,” (or maybe they did, and I was just focused on trying to move over four lanes in traffic to my exit) but “bull” was his nickname from his childhood. He was given it when he was six and would dig into the batter’s box repeatedly with his feet, much like a bull getting ready to be released from the gate.

  25. I’m a fan of the upper box behind home plate. They’re about $15 if you buy them correctly (StubHub or with a promo code, depending) and you get a panoramic view of the field and a good idea of what batted balls are doing in the air.

  26. I really adore Club Level seats for all the reasons mentioned in #32. If I can make it, that’s my preference, but I would sit anywhere.

  27. @28 agreed. Unlike last year, the braves have an obvious position where an upgrade would mean significant improvement. That’s why I’m not buying the talk that all the braves will look for at the trade deadline is relief help. Hoping they talk to the brewers and see if they could swing something for Ramirez. Although he gets expensive in his last contract year.

  28. I don’t want Simmons trying got a HR. I’d be afraid he’d roll one over. If he can get on base, though…let Jason have a chance…

  29. Maybe I should have specified that Simmons get on base without getting an out. My bad.

  30. Whether you believe in “clutch” hitting or not, today’s collective work was the opposite.

  31. Yeah… the baseball gods just kinda hate the Braves right now, I suppose. Oh well, it’s a long season.

  32. Actually, in the end, I’m really happy that the team has managed to come back from long deficits in late innings, twice in this series. It sucks that both rallies fell short, and it sucks that they both ended on a called third strike, but at least the team was battling till the 27th out. I hate getting swept, but West Coast road trips are always brutal. We’re still in first place. I’m okay with that.

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