While we work our way through this muddled week of games that don’t count really but really they still do, refresh the mind and stir the senses with these two happenings outside of that parochial circle – one took place last night in a NYC ESPN studio so is already on tape, the other, weather permitting, will start in San Francisco at 4pm this Wednesday afternoon ET, NBC Sports Channel.

The last first…Americas Cup, the incredible flying machines…if our World Series was constructed to be the best of 17 matches- first one to 9 wins – and the Braves were at one point down 8-1 then we might all give up, right?  The USA team were that a week or so ago but then went and won seven in a row culminating in a double header yesterday. So today it’s one final race for all the bananas with the Kiwis reeling – now it would be their comeback for the ages if they could reverse their nightmare loss of momentum.

There’s one other reason to watch – aesthetics. These boats are twin hulled catamarans 6 stories high with all the hi tech that Larry Ellison and all his money can cram into them. As they accelerate they rise out of the water on their foils , can do 35 mph upwind and 50 something down (wind permitting).  They round the markers  at 40 sometimes one hull miles out of the water, 10 guys working furiously to avoid the capsize.  It is a strangely beautiful and stirring sight.

Yes, this is a baseball blog so last night the man some love to hate,  KO, was doing his late night one hour gig and lo and behold there was Richard Lewis for a 12 minute spot and for those of us so inclined this combination was orgasmic even before it got started.  It did not disappoint.  Lewis in full manic mode could not wait to get Olberman out of his comfort zone which as we all know is a wide one.  For you haters check out his immediate quasi panic as Lewis wound up. It was wonderful television with two men who share a long friendship and a passion for sports with a sense of humor that’s part Cleese, part Freud.  Lewis had much contact with Mantle over many years, both were drunks, and some of the stories are sad, some very funny, several new to me. Lovely stuff, precious.

Now back to what remains of this strange week for the Braves.