Is it possible to recap a baseball game using an iPad on a beach while drinking beer at 10 in the morning? We shall see. Hit refresh occasionally to find out!

Okay. So here’s how it was.

Top of the first Tim Hudson looked good. Bottom of the first Jason Heyward and Fre-Fre look good. 2 runs against the Twins. All is well! Drinks!

Top 2. Uh oh. Timmy’s looking a bit episodic now. Crap. I have already begun writing Huddy’s career retrospective in my head. I have no patience or faith in faltering 37 year olds. It’s a cruel game. 2-1. Drinks!

Rain! Power outages at the stadium. I will assume this is the beginning of a Cylon invasion. Doubles! In a glass. Not on the field. The field is covered by a tarp.

Top 7. Still 2-1? And Hudson pitched six?! I’m stunned. Also, not precisely sober. Night swimming!

Bottom 9. How are we losing?! I don’t like losing!! Stop it. Stop this right this very minute or I will turn this car around right now!!!

Thank you BamBam.

Top 10. Kimbrel is looking better.

Bottom 10. I don’t have time for this. End them!

Thank you Fre-Fre.

The end.