24 thoughts on “JUpton giveth…”

  1. Yup, Justin turned the wrong way on the ball, sorta recovered & still just missed it. If he turns correctly, he probably catches the thing & game over.

    But yesterday’s game had a lotta ifs.

  2. They said yesterday on the radio during our game that the gNats would not have an off day before they came to Atlanta so I think they are playing today?

  3. Unless he gets hurt he’ll reach that easily. He may hit .220 in the process though.

  4. I didn’t go to the game, but the post-game fireworks were the main subject of the morning drive radio shows on July 5.

    As a note, Rick Camp remains in the top 20 career leader for the Atlanta Braves as follows:
    Games 414, 4th all-time; Wins 56, 11th all-time; Losses 49, 12th all-time; Saves 57, 7th all-time; and innings pitched, 942.1, 12th all-time;

    From an even longer Braves franchise perspective, 1876-today which includes Boston and Milwaukee) he’s still a top 50 performer.
    Games 8th all-time; Wins 39th all-time; Losses 49th all-time; saves 7th all-time; and innings pitched 43rd all-time.

    The games figure gets a bit squirrely because Camp was reliever for about 1/2 of his career. Using a relief pitcher didn’t start until the 20’s & 30’s and didn’t come into vogue until the ’50’s. Saves are a ‘modern’ invention.
    Also, in my opinion, the wins and losses reflect a peculiar trait of the Braves franchise. Historically the Braves have been either of championship caliber, or very bad. Mediocrity has not been a common feature of this franchise!

  5. No, IIRC, he struck out to end the game.

    It’s easy to forget that, after Camp hit the HR, he gave up 5 runs in the top of the 19th. The Braves rallied again, but, just like the previous inning, they had nobody left on the bench to pinch hit.

    What made the HR so shocking was that Camp was a terrible hitter.

  6. Well, Camp hit a HR once, so that’s gotta put him ahead of Hanson. But, to me, both seemed pretty hopeless.

    So… the numbers say Camp was 074/109/114 & 14 Sacs & 85 Ks in 197 PA.

    Hanson: 059/083/059 & 32 Sacs in 225 PA & 92 Ks, that includes 0 XBHs.

  7. The wind was a factor last night. Schafer and at least one Rockie fielder dropped pop flies that seemed routine. I don’t blame Justin one bit.

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