Watching the home team while travelling is a lot easier these days due to MLB.TV, but it’s still confusing to me. First off, I’m in New Orleans, and they apparently have some sort of different time zone thingy here, so exiting the meet and greet conference at 7:00 to catch the 7:10 start time will get you a big old bag of fourth inning. Stupid clocks. And then someone called and said one of our prospects needed to see the French Quarter, and that was that.

This recap is brought to you by video highlights and play by play tracking on the internets, I’m afraid.

The Braves wasted little time getting started. Andrelton Simmons singled in the first, and Evan Gattis, hitting cleanup while Freddie Freeman is on the DL, drove him in with a 2 out, 2 run moon shot.

They gave one of them back in the second on a two base error by Melvin in CF, but then Kris Medlen settled in and shut the Marlins down through seven. The Braves tacked on a necessary insurance run, because EOF decided to not be a shutdown reliever in the eighth. Kimbrel didn’t have any problems in the ninth.

The story lines out of this game were Medlen’s effective start and Gattis in the 4-hole. It was good to see he of the flat-brim hat get back on track and dominate hitters for seven innings, but that comes with the caveat that he was dominating the Marlins. Who suck. The White Bear continues to rake in his starts, and with Freeman hurt and the rest of the non-Justin Upton spots in the lineup creaking a bit, it’s hard to justify not having his stick in the lineup. Which is why Fredi announced after the game that until Freeman comes back, he’s going to go with Gattis as the primary catcher, rather than the 50/50 split he was working between Gattis and Gerald Laird previously.

My apologies for the late recap and lack of detail. I’ll do better next time when I’m not stuck in Louisiana…