Yankees 3, Braves 0

New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 11, 2012 – ESPN.

You know, you expect to get some runs off a guy with an ERA around five. Ivan Nova gets tons of run support, which is why he was 7-2 going in, but you get shut out by him for seven innings and it’s kind of embarrassing.

Randall Delgado, meanwhile, allowed just three runs in five innings but was incredibly fortunate to do so, as he walked six and allowed five hits, including a homer and two doubles. New York got a run in the first, a solo homer from our old friend Raul Ibanez in the second, and a run on a wild pitch in the third. Pretty good relief (two shutout innings from Cory Gearrin and perfect innings from Chad Durbin and Jonny Venters) kept it close.

But the Braves were limited to five hits, and never got the tying run to the plate after it reached 3-0. The last fifteen Braves — after Chipper singled leading off the fifth — were retired in order.

Oh, and CC Sabathia versus Mike Minor tonight. No, that’s not a mismatch at all.

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  1. @ Last thread….

    253—I remember Mike Gonzalez feeling no discomfort when he suddenly lost velocity.

    I remember that also.

    A consistant loss of velocity would be bad. A few MPH could be based on stadium’s radar gun.

    When he’s throwing 92-93 in the first couple of innings and 87-88 in the last, thats alarming.

  2. Gearrin was incredibly lucky to complete his 2 innings unscathed, but I’m glad he’s finally up again. His 2011 stint was stained with 2 take one for the team outings. His numbers prior to that were good with an ERA in the mid-3s and 21Ks in 16 innings and a 1.00 WHIP. There’s nothing to suggest that he couldn’t be a very effective middle relief option when used right. The problem lies within his usage as the other RH options in the bullpen, with the exception of Durbin, arent pitching well right now. If used as a ROOGY, like Moylan, Gearrin could be very successful.

    Man, I miss Vizcaino.

  3. Mac,
    Do you think it’s time to remove the “Anyone but Durbin” tagline? He has actually been one of our most effective relievers for almost a month. If Minor stinks up the joint tonight, I would be inclined to change it to something like “No more Minor!”.

  4. @1 A consistent loss of velocity would be bad. A few MPH could be based on stadium’s radar gun.

    – In other news, the Braves’ stadium radar gun has been given a couple extra days off.

  5. From previous thread…

    Yeah, yesterday was about as bad as sports days get.

    Re: Yanks
    I’ve seen Ivan Nova pitch some really good games, but most of them were last year. If his breaking ball is working (and that doesn’t always happen), he can be tough. He’s one of those guys who often blazes through the order, then runs into trouble the second time around. McCann scorched some balls last night, but no luck.

    Maybe we can make C.C. work tonight. We’re going to have to…

    Re: Cup Final Game 6
    It wasn’t so much that the Devils lost—let’s face it, there’s a reason only 3 NHL teams have ever come back from 0-3 deficits—it’s the way last night’s game went down. Anybody who watched knows what I’m talking about.

    But… a terrific season nonetheless. Down 3 games to 2 vs Florida in the first round, then winning Games 6 & 7 in OT was pretty thrilling. Then beating big regional rivals like the Flyers and the Rangers (especially) brought some memorable moments (not to mention bragging rights).

    I love all kinds of sports, but there’s nothing like a deep Stanley Cup run for your team, and to be in the arena for those games is to tap into an energy level that’s really unlike anything in sports. Thanks for the ride, Devs.

    Now back to baseball…

  6. I just saw an ad in the left margin for a New York Yankees cologne. Whaaaat?
    I knew that Jeter had his own cologne. I don’t “get” that, but I understand that a number of celebrities lend their name to one.
    But a team?

    I thought it would be fun to generate some guesses as to what it smells like.


  7. DOB needs a new headline writer:

    “Braves trade for Dempster, other front-line pitcher looks unlikely”

    I took that to mean the Braves completed a trade for Dempster, but are unlikely to pursue another front-line pitcher.

  8. #11
    There are ads for it all over the NYC subway cars.

    At this point, the Yankees are getting to be like Gene Simmons (who once marketed a KISS casket)—no opportunity, no matter how appalling, goes unexplored. The ticket prices for the better seats in the new stadium stand as proof of that.

    The respect for their fans (and their brand) is long gone.

  9. Mark Bowman ‏@mlbbowman
    Beachy seemed to be in a good mood after just completing a bullpen session. Heading down to get an update.

  10. It took me a while to figure out how that headline could not mean we just acquired Dempster.

  11. @ajcbraves #Braves manager Fredi G told Heyward, “This is not a platoon situation, but it’s hard to ignore those numbers.” (Diaz 5-for-9 vs. Sabathia)

    Smalllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sammmmmmmmmmmmmple.

  12. @20 – Agreed it’s a small sample size, but considering what I’m expecting from the rest of the team against Sabathia, I would say playing Diaz is worth a shot!

  13. Heywards defense in RF is worth having him out there everyday. He sat on sunday against Romero, now today against CC, and there is an off day thursday. He’s just started swinging the bat well and I dont see how this helps him.

  14. Diaz was 2 for 5 with a double and a run scored on Sunday. Heyward may have done better then, but I can’t complain about Diaz’s performance. It may not help Heyward to sit again, but in a game like this, a hit from Diaz could make the difference. I would give him a slightly better chance of doing well than Heyward for tonight’s game, so I have no problem with starting him.

  15. I’ll take 5-for-9, plus Diaz’s career 328/369/506 vs LHPs (911 PAs). He ain’t what he used to be, but that’s why we have him.

    Heyward, who’s 221/311/355 vs LHP (395 PAs), sits against an all-star LHP? Big deal.

    Maybe he faces Garcia or Wade or Soriano later in the game & gets a big hit.

    The lineup isn’t what worries me tonight.

  16. What if Diaz is just out reach of a fly ball that costs us the game? Mike Minor is on the mound, we need the best OF defense as possible tonight.

  17. @26 – I think it’s defensible to play either person. As csg says, the lineup is not the problem. I’ve complained about Fredi’s lineup in the past (especially last year), but playing Diaz tonight (whether he goes 4-4 while catching everything Heyward would, or 0-5 missing 3 plays that Heyward would make) is a reasonable move by Fredi imo.

  18. @26 – I think it’s defensible to play either person

    You’re Braves Journaling wrong.

  19. Defensively I’m not sure that Heyward vs Diaz matters too much, unless you think that Heyward is more likely to take away HRs that are 20 rows deep.

    On offense I hope to see more Braves get as far as 2B tonight so that they can play grab-ass with Jeter and Chip can wax poetic.

  20. You know, you expect to get some runs off a guy with an ERA around five.

    Caray: “His name is Nova, but he’s pitching like a Corvette.”

  21. I think we’ve got another one of those impostors pitching tonight. I say we keep this one.

  22. I think we’ve got another one of those impostors pitching tonight. I say we keep this one.

    Don’t worry, the real Minor has escaped his confinement and is on his way to Turner Field. He’ll be here by the fifth inning.

  23. One more question about this impostor business. The article mentions Andy Ashby talking to the guy. Who the hell invited Andy Ashby?!? Might as well bring Sterling Hitchcock in to throw the first pitch.

  24. Hey, did you guys realize that we’re playing against Derek Jeter in this series?!?!? I mean WOW!

  25. Drinking games that will get you killed: take a shot every time you hear Chip gush about Jeter.

  26. Great job, Mike. Now, continue in that style rather than what you’ve done for most of the season.

  27. Meanwhile, the Braves’ best reliever sits in the bullpen waiting to see if he can come in with no one on and a three or four-run lead.

  28. way to go Gonzalez .. why dont you just sit there and let him blow the game you idiot

  29. @98 But but bbbbut…you can’t bring in your “closer” before the 9th! Who will pitch the 9th?!?

  30. Yeah, let him keep pitching. It’s not like a tie game can get worse. Honestly, get Fredi’s attention by smashing his iPhone.

  31. Jonny just wanted to get in the record books as giving up the record-tying grand slam to A-Rod.

  32. This and the last Blue Jays game makes it feel as if a big downward period is coming.

  33. well here we go again … Gonzalez has to be the worst in game mgr I have ever seen .. please Bobby come back !!!

  34. Well, time to flip to the KC game, where something called a ‘Luis Mendoza’ has a no-hitter through 6.

  35. So is Livan impersonating Venters now or was Venters impersonating him a couple of days ago?

  36. @110 … anybody to pitch the 9th with a 4 run lead .. Kimbrel should have been in there on AROD period … what kind of excuse will Gonzalez throw to the media after this !!!

  37. So we bring in the guy who pitched two innings yesterday? Honestly, what does it take to bring in Kimbrel before the 9th?

  38. I’m sorry, did I take a hot tub time machine back to the ’90’s?

    I didn’t?

    Then why are we getting fucked by the Yankees?!?!

  39. Always fun to lose with your best relief pitching twiddling his thumbs in the bullpen.

  40. So, Jonny Venters comes in, gives up a single and a walk to load the bases, and then a grand slam to tie, and it’s Fredi Gonzalez who’s to blame?

    You people are fucking jokes sometimes.

  41. The funniest part was getting Lisp and Gearrin up in the pen as Venters got into trouble. Even the most illogical Fredi supporters have to be at least wondering now if we’ve hitched our horse to the wrong wagon.

  42. Two of the past three games have seen the Braves cough up a four-run lead in record time in one inning. In both games, Fredi just kind of sat around and watched and let one guy blow everything.

  43. 145- In that case, Venters needs to be in Gwinnett or on the DL tomorrow- his pitching has deteriorated to the point that he doesn’t need to be in Atlanta. Is it injury or suckage?

  44. Also, Sam, can we agree that bringing in the guy who just pitched two innings yesterday isn’t the best choice in a tie game?

  45. Just abysmal managing. See what happens when I start to say nice things about that dolt?

  46. Bringing in Venters is fine. Letting him pitch to ARod after showing that he has absolutely nothing, and when you have one of the most dominant right-handed pitchers I’ve ever seen sitting idle in the pen, is just so stupid that it defies all attempts at comprehension.

  47. 157- No, he’s figuring that since pitching like he did tonight accomplished nothing, he’ll never make that mistake again.

  48. You dont worry about the 9th in that situation … you got bases loaded and RH in AROD hitting who cant catch up to Kimbrel fastball .. and he just sits on his hands … Fredi is a terrible Mgr .. and we wont have to put up with him next year hopefully.

  49. No excuses for Fredi. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and admit your manager is dumb. Got get em tomorrow.

  50. Maybe Fredi was afraid of making a mistake like Dusty Baker did the other night by bringing in Chapman to face the Tigers in the eighth? Chapman got hit hard, but at least Baker had the right idea of trying to put out the fire early.

    Granderson reminds me of the character Burton Guster (aka “Gus”) on Psych.

  51. #162–Totally agree….the worst of it was the Kimbrel never he got up….

  52. @169, Fredi’s probably afraid of that and of being criticized more for overusing Kimbrel, which lots of baseball “experts” accused him of all throughout the offseason. Fredi probably feels like he’s damned if it he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  53. I’m also going to blame Minor b/c he should have told Fredi to fuck off when he came and got him.

  54. Are we mistaken in believing that Kimbrel is even available? He seemed fine in his last outing.

  55. #180

    Right. If Kimbrel’s okay, then Fredi has no excuse for not using him in that situation.

  56. Welcome back, Rafael. Now you owe us some meatballs.

    181- You have a point. I’m not condemning Gearrin; I’m condemning Fredi for running him out there the day after he threw two innings and lots of pitches, which was itself his first major league game this season, in a tie game.

  57. What killed Gearrin last year was the second game of back-to-back appearances. So, of course, Fredi brings him into a tie game in the 8th inning after a two-inning appearance in the previous game.

  58. Tune in tomorrow, as the Braves take on the Yankees, their own limitations, and Fredi’s boundless stupidity.

  59. Looking on the bright side we pretty much all penciled this one as a loss when we saw the pitching matchup, so it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  60. Minor should be allowed to take a couple baseballs, call Venters and Fredi out and fucking bean them both.

  61. Perhaps Minor or Delgado go to the bullpen when Medlen’s ready.

    Speaking of which, Medlen’s line tonight:
    6 IP 3 ER 1 HR 4 BB 4 K


  62. Lost in all the stupidity is the fact that our offense has gone missing. Guess we’re in the process of some mean-reversion with our record with Chipper in the lineup.

  63. If Jonny and EOF can’t find themselves, we have no hope for this season.

    Honestly, I think we should keep Medlen in the bullpen, but who knows….maybe we will need him in the rotation because everybody is hurting…

  64. The offense wasn’t so bad. They got four runs off CC-that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    The real problem is that Fredi didn’t use Durbin. Durbin is the second best pitcher in the bullpen now. :) Anyway, he couldn’t have been worse than VEnters.

  65. Yeah, why didn’t Gonzalez use the team’s second-best relief pitcher: Chad ‘lights out’ Durbin?

    (Seriously, where was Kimbrel?)

  66. There is an ad for “Yankees Fragrance” on the left side of this page.

    As if this series wasn’t depressing enough…

  67. I dont like the fact that Fredi used Venters down 3-0 in the first game. It gave AROD and a few of those guys a good look at Venters. Using him yesterday was the right call, he just needs to start having a couple of guys ready to go and warming up at the same time. Gearrin sucks and the Braves need to go get a reliable RH’d arm for the pen.

  68. This was part of the post game quotes.

    Part of discussion will be whether to use Medlen as starter or reliever?

    “Let’s discuss that tomorrow. We haven’t even discussed that. Yeah, he could … whatever.”

  69. @145
    Fredi said postgame that he thought they needed to get a couple of outs before handing the ball to Kimbrel. It just didn’t happen.
    Fredi made a choice and didn’t rip Ventners in public after it went bad. I appreciate that.
    But that big gun was there (Kimbrel)and, using only the info we outside the clubhouse know, how does Jonny pitch to A-Rod?

    As a fan, if Fredi sent out our best guy to battle their best guy and we lose, then insert hat-tip quote here.
    If not, as a fan, I’ll call him a bum and root for him tomorrow.

  70. Man, the last few days have been awful as a Braves fan. I just overheard my secretary talking about how she and her husband went to the Braves game last night – I was prepared to feel bad for her having to watch the Braves blow the game, but apparently they’re Yankees fans, like about half of the people at yesterday’s game.

    Watching your bullpen rescue defeat from the jaws of certain victory is really painful, especially when it happens twice in three games. That said, while I might not have made the exact moves Fredi did (probably would’ve gone w/ Martinez on Sunday, and brought in a righty to face ARod last night), his choices were defensible, and certainly not egregious. Sometimes your pen will suck and/or blow – especially against good offensive teams like the Jays and Yankees. It’s tempting to blame everything on Fredi, but sometimes bad results are simply the result of bad pitching / bad luck.

    The Braves were very fortunate bullpen-wise last year, but it doesn’t seem to be carrying over to this season – frankly, that’s a hallmark of bullpen pitching; there’s a lot of variability of results for relievers year to year. The good teams adjust to conditions and rebuild their bullpen hierarchy on the fly; the Braves should be able to do the same if necessary.

    Hopefully the Braves can bounce back vs. Kuroda tonight. The offense actually got on base plenty of times last night – 12 hits + walks – but couldn’t break the game open. Freddie’s due to start hitting again soon, isn’t he?

  71. I’m not upset about using Venters, but if Minor was going to be pulled no matter what as soon as he allowed a baserunner, then I’d rather see Venters start the inning with a clean slate. Letting Venters pitch to ARod was ridiculous. Not getting Kimbrel ready in the pen while Venters struggled was ridiculous. Letting Gearrin pitch to a lefty (or at all) in a tie game was ridiculous. Enough said. Flush it and move on.

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